Ar 15 Parts Denver

Ar 15 Parts Denver

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Knights Armament Ar-15 Ras Handguard Free Float - Ras Handguard 'Too Long' Free Float Picatinny Black
Knights Armament Ar-15 Ras Handguard Free Float - Ras Handguard 'Too Long' Free Float Picatinny Black

With a reputation that proceeds itself the Knights Armament RAS handguard line is well known for its rugged and dependable free float design. Specification unique to each handguard are as follows: 100-027-603 PN 20208 For carbine length gas systems Approximate length: 6.19" Approximate weight: 0.93lbs 100-027-604 PN 20211 Dubbed the 'Too Long' this handguard is 13/16" longer than the carbine length handguard and requires the use of a low-profile gas block Approximate length: 7.61" Approximate weight: 1.06lbs 100-027-605 PN 20214 For mid-length gas systems Approximate l Mfg: Knights ArmamentCheck price and Read more Detail At Knights Armament

Challenge Targets Rifle/Pistol 12
Challenge Targets Rifle/Pistol 12" Square Target Static Stand - Rifle/Pistol 12 Square Target Static Stand

The Challenge Targets 12" Square Reflex Mount and Static Stand is a safe, durable, and easy to use target, with each successful hit producing a loud ring and visual reaction. The target is ideal for handgun, rifle, and shotgun training and competition. Rated for all handguns and rifles with velocities up to 3,000 fps Built to withstand all standard FMJ ammunition (no armor piercing or steel core ammo) Minimum distance: Handguns = 7 yards | Rifles = 100 yards Industrial grade compression springs produce maximum reverberation and visual feedback Target is designed to safely deflect bullet fragments into the ground (adjustable forward angle: Mfg: Challenge TargetsCheck price and Read more Detail At Challenge Targets

Hogue Single Action Grips - Ruger Grip, Pau
Hogue Single Action Grips - Ruger Grip, Pau

Add a little romance to your favorite single action with high quality grips cut from exotic materials. Precision machined from the finest hard woods and synthetics to look better and wear longer than the originals. Because of variations in grip frames, grip panels will require minor fitting. Mfg: Hogue SPECS: Material abbreviations are as follows: PAU - Pau Ferro, CO - Cocobolo, BM - Black Micarta, WM - White Micarta. Ruger fits New Model Blackhawk, New Model Single Six , and old,large frame Vaquero.Check price and Read more Detail At Hogue

C & H Research Standard Stock Recoil Suppressor - Standard Stock 5
C & H Research Standard Stock Recoil Suppressor - Standard Stock 5" A Recoil Suppressor

Helps counteract the painful effects of recoil using mercury, one of the heaviest, densest, liquid elements. Compact, permanently sealed, steel case is made from bar stock; the only moving part is the liquid mercury so there's no wear, no chance of leaks. Mercury's viscosity varies only 1% from 0 F. to 90 F. which means the recoil-fighting performance is consistent in almost all weather conditions. Stock models fit in the rifle or shotgun stocks and are drilled and tapped 1/4"-28 tpi for easy installation and removal. Mercury Recoil Sizes Mfg: C & H Research SPECS: Machined, stainless steel tubes. Stock 4" A - .875" dia., 11 oz. (312 g) wt. Stock 4" B - 3/4" (19mm). Stock 4.25" - 11/16" (17mm) dia.. Stock - 5" A - .750" (19mm) dia., 11 oz. wt. Stock 5" B - 7/8" (22mm) dia. Chamber - 5" long x .75Check price and Read more Detail At C & H Research

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