Ar 15 Lego

Ar 15 Lego

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Douglas "air-Gauged" Premium Barrel - 25 Caliber 1-10 Twist #7 Stainless Barrel

Every barrel is precision, instrument-inspected for absolute straightness and, air gauged for maximum uniformity to yield the greatest accuracy possible. Land and groove tolerance from breech to muzzle can vary only .0001". Only a barrel that meets these demanding criteria wears the XX Premium stamp. Mfg: Douglas SPECS: Stainless or 4140 chrome moly steel, #7 contour, 27½" (69cm) long. Muzzle end marked for tightest taper. Not chambered or threaded. X-Long Unfinished blank 30" long.Check price and Read more Detail At Douglas

Sierra Bullets Blitzking 20 Caliber (0.204
Sierra Bullets Blitzking 20 Caliber (0.204") Flat Base Bullets - 20 Caliber (0.204") 32gr Flat Base 500/Box

Sierra BlitzKing Bullets BlitzKing bullets are designed for explosive expansion in varmints and small game with accuracy characteristics similar to the MatchKing target bullets. BlitzKing bullet tips are made of a proprietary acetyl resin compound, and the copper jackets are thin for enhanced accuracy and explosive expansion. Lighter 22 caliber BlitzKings can be fired at muzzle velocities of up to 4400 fps. The lightest 6mm BlitzKing bullets can be fired at velocities of up to 4000 fps. Mfg: Sierra Bullets, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Sierra Bullets, Inc.

Tech Sights Ruger 10/22 Tsr100 Gi-Style Sight Set - Ruger 10/22 Flip-Up Tsr100 Gi-Style Sight Set Black
Tech Sights Ruger 10/22 Tsr100 Gi-Style Sight Set - Ruger 10/22 Flip-Up Tsr100 Gi-Style Sight Set Black

Replacement sight sets give your 10/22 a longer sight radius for improved accuracy potential, plus the same sight picture as an AR-15/M16 with military-issue sights. Installation requires no gunsmithing, no drilling/tapping, and no permanent alterations to the rifle. Rear sight mounts using the factory-provided holes for a scope base. All-steel front sight assembly has a standard detent-locking M16 post surrounded by protective ears that guard it from damage and misalignment. User may substitute any aftermarket post that replaces the standard A2. TSR100 set's rear sight is adjustable for windage and features close-range and long-range flip-up apertures similar to the M16A2 sigh Mfg: Tech Sights, Llc. SPECS: Front Sight - steel, blued, matte finish, .53" (13.4mm) wide, .90" (23mm) high. Rear Sight - aluminum, black finish. 2.9" (7.4cm) long, .94" (24mm) tall. Sold as front/rear sight sets. Includes mounting screws.Check price and Read more Detail At Tech Sights, Llc.

A.R.M.S.,Inc Tactical Ring Cap
A.R.M.S.,Inc Tactical Ring Cap

The A.R.M.S. Tactical Ring Cap is used with the #21, #22 and #35 Ring Saddles. Where standard use of a cap only holds a scope in position, this accessory expands its use by accepting modular enhancements of various conventional optics, simply by allowing the removal of the standard cap and installation of the tactical cap, using the same socket head screws. It features a rugged, stable construction and non-reflective black finish. Mfg: A.R.M.S.,Inc Specs: Fits #21,22, and 35 Ring Saddles, Black finishCheck price and Read more Detail At A.R.M.S.,Inc

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