Akita Shotgun Stock

Akita Shotgun Stock

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Forster Hand Held Outside Neck Turner Pilots - #323 Neck Turner Pilot For 0.323
Forster Hand Held Outside Neck Turner Pilots - #323 Neck Turner Pilot For 0.323" Bullets

Forster's easy-to-use hand-held neck turning tool helps you take the next step toward cartridge-to-cartridge consistency. It features a carbide cutter with a micrometer- style adjustment knob for precise material removal to give cases consistent wall thickness that improves bullet-to-bore alignment. The aluminum holder retains the case firmly with a simple turn of the knob; holds up to .592" base diameter. Large case holder available for cases from .593" to .812" base diameter. Requires a pilot that's specific to the case mouth diameter; sold separately, see table below. Pilots are precision-ground .002" to .0025" smaller than the bullet diameter. Mfg: ForsterCheck price and Read more Detail At Forster

Hornady Interlock 338 Caliber (0.338
Hornady Interlock 338 Caliber (0.338") Soft Point Bullets - 338 Caliber (0.338") 250gr Soft Point 100/Box

INTERLOCK 338 CALIBER (0.338") SOFT POINT BULLETS Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Tac-Shield 1.75
Tac-Shield 1.75" Double Wall Cobra Riggers Belts - 1.75 Cobra Riggers Belt, Double Walled Coyote Large

The Cobra Riggers 1.75" Belt. The double lever Cobra Buckle is rated at 2,000 lbs. The double wall 7,000 lb. webbing provides the strength needed while offering a comfortable soft edge design that doesn't dig into your sides. The forged steel V-Ring buckles are load tested at 2,500 lbs. giving the user peace of mind during emergency situations. Belts are designed with strong hook and loop for fast and secure sizing adjustment with a trim finish. TAC SHIELD belts are proven in the battlefields around the globe by American Warfighters and are available from many leading Tactical Sport and Military Retailers across the country. All products are backed with a Li Mfg: Tac-ShieldCheck price and Read more Detail At Tac-Shield

Lyman Brass Smith Case Trim Xpress - #21 Trim Xpress Bushing
Lyman Brass Smith Case Trim Xpress - #21 Trim Xpress Bushing

When it comes to case trimmers, it seems that there's never an option that provides handloaders with the best of both worlds. Either they're incredibly accurate and take loads of time to use or they're fast and easy but don't provide a precise case trim. What's a precision reloader to do? Simple: Pick up the Lyman Case Trim Xpress. Unlike other case trimmers on the market, the Lyman Case Trim Xpress is designed to provide precise, repeatable trimmings on your cases, and the unit will do it fast and easily! The reason is that the Case Trim Xpress uses bushings that contact the shoulder of the case neck, so all a reloader has to do is push the case into the trimmer Mfg: LymanCheck price and Read more Detail At Lyman

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