Air Rifle Hunting New York

Air Rifle Hunting New York

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Ufp Technologies Neck Turning Kit Case
Ufp Technologies Neck Turning Kit Case

Neck turning is a case prep operation that we and many of our customers find beneficial to top notch accuracy and easy to do with our tools. Keeping all these tools in one, easy to reach place can be another question all together. Our Neck Turning Tool Case solves the problem of rummaging through your drawers to find the tools necessary for neck turning. This case has storage cut outs perfectly shaped for our NT-1000 and NT-4000 neck turning tools and all of our neck turning accessories. There is a space for either the NT-1000 or NT-4000 neck turning tools, spaces for twelve neck turning or expanding mandrels, a Sinclair expander die body, universal neck turning handle, power caseholder d Mfg: Ufp TechnologiesCheck price and Read more Detail At Ufp Technologies

Angstadt Arms Udp-9 9mm 6
Angstadt Arms Udp-9 9mm 6" Pistol W/Brace Sba3 - Udp-9 9mm Pistol 6" W/Brace Sba3

Pistol-caliber firearms that share elements with modern sporting rifles are becoming more popular within the firearm world in recent years due to a number of factors, not the least of which are the low-recoil and affordability of many modern-day pistol rounds. The Agnstadt Arms UDP-9 Pistol offers the controls and feel of an AR-style pistol with the affordability of 9mm rounds. Built with an upper and lower receiver machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum, the Agnstadt Arms UDP-9 Pistol is purpose-built for reliable feeding and ejection of 9mm rounds. The gun feeds from Glock pistol magazines and provides consumers with last-round bolt hold-open. Blowback operation Barrel Mfg: Angstadt Arms, LlcCheck price and Read more Detail At Angstadt Arms, Llc

Marble Arms Browning 1895 Improved Peep Standard Post - Browning 1895 Tang  Improved Peep Standard Post Black
Marble Arms Browning 1895 Improved Peep Standard Post - Browning 1895 Tang Improved Peep Standard Post Black

Gives the single-shot or lever gun shooter the period looks of a traditional, tang-mounted peep sight plus new adjustability features that allow fast changes from short- to long-range settings. Great for the cowboy shooter who wants to use the same gun in cowboy competition and long-range side matches, or as an alternative to vernier-type sights on single-shot rifles used in BPCR and other long-range competitions. Each sight comes with a post that is the correct height to regulate the same as the original factory iron sights. Click adjustable for windage and elevation; each click is approximately ¼" of adjustment at 100 yards. For larger elevation changes, you can easily swap Mfg: Marble Arms SPECS: Steel, blued. Drilling and tapping may be required for installation on older guns. Sight kit includes base, Low (L) or Standard (S) height post, ½" O.D. aperture disc with .055" peep, and Allen wrench.Check price and Read more Detail At Marble Arms

Warne Mfg. Company Maxima Quick Detach Rings - Maxima Qd Rings 1 Inch High Matte
Warne Mfg. Company Maxima Quick Detach Rings - Maxima Qd Rings 1 Inch High Matte

Maxima Quick Detach Rings are the most durable and versatile quick detachable mounting system available. Each ring is precision CNC machined from sintered steel technology, a process that allows intricate steel parts to be formed and then fired retaining the strength properties of steel while adding the necessary ductility that scope mounts require for perfect grip contact around the circumference of the scope. The Maxima QD rings sport the unique Warne indexable lever system which allows the user to remove the optics from the rifle then reattach it without the loss of zero, as well as allowing the location of the lever to be indexed once the rings are affixed to the bases. After Mfg: Warne Mfg. Company SPECS: Steel, powder-coated black or nickel plated. All available in polished (Reg.), Matte finish or Silver, matte finish. Height measured from top of base to inside bottom of ring. Available in Low, .250" (6.35mm), Medium, .375" (9.5mm), High, .525" (13.3mm).Check price and Read more Detail At Warne Mfg. Company

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