Action Spring Plug Original

Action Spring Plug Original

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Sinclair Stainless Steel Pilots - 22 Caliber Pilot Stop
Sinclair Stainless Steel Pilots - 22 Caliber Pilot Stop

We manufacture pilots for our flash hole tool and our Neck Thickness/Variance Gauge. Our pilots are precision machined from stainless steel on CNC turning centers to properly fit new, unfired case necks. Available for rifle and pistol cartridges from 22 thru 45 caliber. Not for use on .50 BMG. 50 BMG flash hole diameter is larger. Mfg: Sinclair InternationalCheck price and Read more Detail At Sinclair International

Hornady Ntx 17 Caliber (0.172
Hornady Ntx 17 Caliber (0.172") Bullets - 17 Caliber (0.172") 15.5gr Ntx 100/Box

The Hornady NTX is the "California Compatible" bullet that won't sacrifice performance. The NTX bullets are similar to the V-Max in that they're comprised of a conventional cup and bullet core. However, the NTX cores are assembled from tungsten, copper, tin and iron. These materials are then formed under thousands of pounds of pressure. When the bullet strikes the desired target, the powdered metal core fragments with explosive results; much like we've all come to expect with V-Max bullets. These premium polymer tipped bullets offer the same shape and profile as the V-Max so there's minimal change in the ballistics. Expect the same ultra flat traj Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Mayhew Steel Single Pin Punches - 1/8
Mayhew Steel Single Pin Punches - 1/8" (3.2mm) 4 3/4" (12.1cm) Long

No pin punch can be guaranteed against breakage, all the gunsmith can do is buy the very best available. When used with Starting Punches (see elsewhere), these will give you excellent service. Points will not bind in even deepest holes. Mfg: Mayhew Steel SPECS: Tool steel. Knurled body.Check price and Read more Detail At Mayhew Steel

Genco Centerfire Rifle Dummy Rounds - 250 Savage Dummies 5/Box
Genco Centerfire Rifle Dummy Rounds - 250 Savage Dummies 5/Box

Manufactured to exact specifications, including diameter and length dimensions, weight and balance of factory loaded ammo, these DUMMIES have the proper functioning characteristics to reliably check magazine feeding, action timing, extraction and ejection of all guns. The only professionally accepted and safe way to check gun functioning; live ammo should never be used except in actual test-firing on the range - after you have checked the gun with DUMMIES. The very reasonable cost per DUMMY is an added incentive to use them regularly. The blackened case makes them distinct, and instantly recognizable as DUMMIES, which makes them ideal - and safe - to use as a sales aid. Especially useful Mfg: Genco Inc. SPECS: Catch Up Pak contains 1 each of the following calibers: .17 MACH 2 .17 HMR .45 GAP .480 Ruger .220 Swift .223 WSSM Winchester Super Short Magnum .25 WSSM Winchester Super Short Magnum .270 WSM Winchester Short Magnum .300 RemCheck price and Read more Detail At Genco Inc.

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