Cyma 560rd Mp5 Double Magazine

Cyma 560rd Mp5 Double Magazine

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Manson Precision Rimless Rifle Cartridges - Rimless Rifle Cartridge, .260 Remington Finisher
Manson Precision Rimless Rifle Cartridges - Rimless Rifle Cartridge, .260 Remington Finisher

Engineered and ground by one of the most respected names in firearms reamers, Dave Manson. Superb quality reamers made to SAAMI specifications, ground from M7 steel to cut precise chambers capable of outstanding accuracy. Finish Chambering Reamers feature integral throater and solid, fixed pilots. Throating Reamers let you customize a chambering job for non-standard bullets or additional freebore length. Available as finish reamers unless listed otherwise. Mfg: Manson Precision SPECS: M7 High speed steel, in-the-white. Solid pilot, six, straight flutes, right-hand cut. Rimfire reamers have 1⁄4" (6.3mm) diameter round shank. Centerfire reamers have 3⁄8" (9.5mm) square drive shank. .50 BMG has a 1⁄2" round shank. Pistol reamers available withCheck price and Read more Detail At Manson Precision

Nightforce Standard Duty Rings 30mm - 30mm Medium (1.00
Nightforce Standard Duty Rings 30mm - 30mm Medium (1.00") Standard Duty Rings

Nightforce Standard Duty Rings provide an ideal combination of durability and value, ensuring that rifle owners looking to mount a quality optic can find a matching pair of scope rings that maintain zero and secure an optic. Available in .90", 1.00", 1.25" and 1.50" inch heights for 30mm tubes, the straightforward two-screw design of the Nightforce Standard Duty Rings require less front-to-back mounting space, ideal where installation choices are limited. Designed for use on Picatinny bases Machined from aluminum Features matte-black finish The Nightforce Standard Duty Rings include a positive locking jaw design and machined recoil Mfg: NightforceCheck price and Read more Detail At Nightforce

Bkl Technologies 200 Seroes 1
Bkl Technologies 200 Seroes 1" Scope Rings - 1" Cantilever Mount 4" Long Black

Aircraft-grade aluminum scope rings feature self-adjusting clamping legs that fit 3⁄8" or European 11mm dovetail mounts found on many bolt-action rimfire rifles. Each leg moves equally as the clamping screws are tightened to keep the scope centered on the rail. Clamping screws also fit into pre-drilled holes to equally spread the legs to easily slip over oversized rails. 200 Series fits 1" scopes and 300 Series fits 30mm scopes. Available as a one-piece cantilever mount with a 2.4" offset, a pair of scope rings, or as a pair of one standard and one offset ring with a 1.3" offset. Ring pairs available as either single, or double top strap. Single-strap rings measure Mfg: Bkl TechnologiesCheck price and Read more Detail At Bkl Technologies

Marble Arms Rifle  Ramp Mounted 3/32
Marble Arms Rifle Ramp Mounted 3/32" 41-Mr Front Sight - .410" Ramp Mounted 3/32" 41-Mr Front Sight Steel White

Precision-made sights for rifles, both with and without ramp bases. The blade is gracefully contoured, sloping toward the front. Made of steel and nicely blued to look good on any gun. RAMP MOUNTED FRONT SIGHT: "MR" features a straight-sided base for guns having a ramp base on the barrel. All "MR" sights have a .340" (8.6mm) wide base. Ramped front sights are available with three beads, Pope's Island Gold, flat faced gold available in 3/32" (2.4mm) diameter. Ivory, flat faced white polymer in 3/32" (2.4mm) diameter. RAMP MOUNTED - .340 wide base. Mfg: Marble Arms SPECS: Steel, blue, polished finish. .620" (15mm) long. ORDERING: Select the sight height required using the Marbles and/or Williams charts and determine which Sight Style, Bead Type and Width is needed from the info above. Using the chart beside this copy, find the correct Marbles Sight andCheck price and Read more Detail At Marble Arms

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