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Cva Shotgun

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Brownells 1911 Slide Fitting Bars - .112
Brownells 1911 Slide Fitting Bars - .112" (2.8448mm) Single Slide

Surface ground and hardened tool steel bars in ten thicknesses - Recommended by agency armorers and top pistolsmiths as the most accurate way to remove vertical slide "play" from the 1911 Auto, its variations and copies. May be slower than the quick-and-dirty methods, but gives an infinitely more accurate and professional job. Basic procedure as follows: Measure gun's slide rail thickness; place closest-sized Slide Fitting Bar in frame "way"; tap frame rail with light hammer to close the "ways" space down to match the slide rail thickness. Complete instructions included. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 4" (10.2cm) L x 1" (2.5cm) W. stainless steel, heat treated. + .0000"/ .0005" (.0127mm) tolerances. Set includes 10 slide fitting bars, and a hardwood divider tray, all in a tough, polypropylene bench storage box.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Mark Lee Express Blue #1 - 16 Oz. Express Blue #1
Mark Lee Express Blue #1 - 16 Oz. Express Blue #1

No damp cabinets or long rusting periods required to get top-quality, good-looking blues. Heat gun or part to 150°-200° F. with propane torch; swab on solution, immerse in boiling water for 5 minutes and card with soft wire wheel or fine steel wool. Repeat the application of solution and boiling until color wanted is achieved, then neutralize. Complete instructions included. Mfg: Mark Lee SPECS: 4 oz. (118.2ml) and 16 oz. (473ml) net contents bottles. Detailed instructions.Check price and Read more Detail At Mark Lee

Andys Leather Ching Specialty Slings - Ching Specialty Sling, 1.25
Andys Leather Ching Specialty Slings - Ching Specialty Sling, 1.25", Black

Traditional leather slings are hand made from high-quality bridle leather that's been tumbled for days with special oils and waxes for maximum flexibility and toughness in the field or at the bench. Features 38 punched holes for a variety of different length adjustments, and includes a solid brass buckle that locks tight for a secure hold that can't slip. Brass screw fasteners keep sling loops closed for a level of security you can depend on. Available in 1" and 1¼" widths. Ching Specialty model is a 3-point sling developed by Eric Ching in cooperation with the Gunsite training school and is perfect for target shooting, competition and dangerous game hunt Mfg: Andys Leather SPECS: Leather, black, with brass hardware. 44" (112cm) long x 1" (2.5cm) or 1¼" (3.2cm) wide. Ching Specialty also available in chestnut brown, includes center strap, 9" (23cm) long. Sling swivels not included.Check price and Read more Detail At Andys Leather

Nowlin 45acp Stainless Steel 1911 Gunsmith Barrel 4.25
Nowlin 45acp Stainless Steel 1911 Gunsmith Barrel 4.25" Non-Ramped - 45acp Stainless Steel 1911 Gunsmith Barrel 4.25" Non-Ramp

Triple heat treated, highest quality, super match-grade barrels deliver maximum accuracy. Groove and bore tolerances held to an amazing .0002" by electro-discharge cathode machining (ECM). Unique, pre-cut design of the top lugs requires only minor fitting to achieve maximum lug engagement. Rifling is ultra-smooth, uniform, and precise. Smoother bore boosts velocity with all barrel lengths. Angled edge on the driving band increases gas seal for reduced fouling with all types of bullets, plus longer barrel life. Short chambered, requires reaming to achieve correct headspace. Mfg: NowlinCheck price and Read more Detail At Nowlin

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