Can You Own An Ar15

Can You Own An Ar15

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Hornady Gmx 6mm (0.243
Hornady Gmx 6mm (0.243") Bullets - 6mm (0.243") 80gr Gmx 50/Box

By combining the technologies of the GMX and FTX bullet design, the MonoFlex bullet gives lever gun shooters another option. Constructed of a copper alloy, MonoFlex bullets offer hunters a solid that won't separate, and when recovered, retains 95% of its original weight. Copper alloy differs from solid copper in that it is harder, tougher and does not foul or increase pressure the way solid copper bullets do. Upon impact, the patented Flex Tip design initiates immediate expansion, even at the lower velocities often encountered in mid to long range lever gun shooting situations. Its deep penetration and high weight retention combine to produce yet another Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Mgm Targets Complete Flash Target
Mgm Targets Complete Flash Target

500 Brinell steel construction withstands all standard rounds Heavy-duty white finish for extra visibility Orange plastic bumps up after each successful shot 10-inch circle with 5-inch head below Fluorescent orange polycarbonate plastic piece denotes a good hit Stable steel base needs no anchorage Includes manufacturer's warrantyLeave the runner at home. The Complete Flash Target from MGM Targets eliminates the need for long range target resetting. This target features a standard 10-inch circle target with a 5-inch head below a horizontal steel shaft and a bright orange polycarbonate plastic piece hiding behind. After each successful shot the swinging Mfg: Mgm Targets SPECS: 500 Brinell steel construction, White finish, 10-inch target, 5-inch head, Orange plastic piece, Steel base, Manufacturer's warranty.Check price and Read more Detail At Mgm Targets

Brownells 90° Muzzle Facing Cutter & Brass Pilot - 90° Cutter & Brass Pilot Fits .22 Rf Muzzle (.215
Brownells 90° Muzzle Facing Cutter & Brass Pilot - 90° Cutter & Brass Pilot Fits .22 Rf Muzzle (.215")

Hardened steel, 90° facing cutter squares a muzzle after shortening; or use to repair dings and damage. Includes the cutter, a handle and one pilot, all in a polypropylene box. Interchangeable pilot keeps cutter properly aligned. Purchase extra pilots to use one cutter for many different calibers. Pilots for other calibers available separately. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Facing Cutter X"X Hardened steel. 3¼" (8.2cm) long (except .165" cutter, 2-3/8" (6cm) long). 1" (2.5cm) or .750" (19mm) diameter as required. Handle X"X Aluminum. 3½" (8.9cm) long. 3 oz. (85 g). Pilot - Brass. 1¼" (3.2cm) long. Packaged in a polypropylene box.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Slip 2000 Extreme Weapons Lube 30 - Extreme Weapons Lube 30, 1oz
Slip 2000 Extreme Weapons Lube 30 - Extreme Weapons Lube 30, 1oz

EWL-30 has the same properties as the original EWL but with an additional carrying agent that makes a thicker, heavier weight (30) lubricant. Non-toxic, highly-effective gun care products are specially formulated to provide superior firearms cleaning and protection without using harsh, smelly chemicals. Extreme Weapons Lube has all the same great features of Gun Lube in addition to being specifically formulated to prevent heat build-up in heavy, automatic weapons. Removes carbon, copper, plastic, powder and lead fouling while leaving behind a protective film that eliminates friction. Protects against rust and corrosion from saltwater, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, mild mineral aci Mfg: Slip 2000Check price and Read more Detail At Slip 2000

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