Common Civilian Assault Rifles

Common Civilian Assault Rifles

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Winchester Pistol Brass - 357 Sig Brass 100/Bag
Winchester Pistol Brass - 357 Sig Brass 100/Bag

Factory-new brass comes unprimed and is always sold from the same lot. Available in either 50- or 100-count bags. Winchester is the only U.S. ammo manufacturer that makes its own cases starting from raw materials through to the finished product. Their precise engineering and tight tolerances help ensure you get high-quality brass that chambers positively. This clean, unprimed brass withstands the stresses of multiple load-fire-reload cycles, and the brass in each bag comes from the same production lot for optimal consistency in your finished ammo. Mfg: WinchesterCheck price and Read more Detail At Winchester

Sierra Bullets Pro-Hunter 35 Caliber (0.348
Sierra Bullets Pro-Hunter 35 Caliber (0.348") Round Nose Bullets - 35 Caliber (0.358") 200gr Round Nose 50/Box

Sierra Pro-Hunter Bullets use individual photos for web. Copy: The traditional, flat base design of the Pro-Hunter has been skillfully blended with Sierra's world-famous accuracy. Our custom-tapered Pro-Hunter jacket design helps assure maximum expansion, optimum weight retention and deep penetration for game-stopping, one-shot performance. Mfg: Sierra Bullets, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Sierra Bullets, Inc.

Fusion Firearms 1911 6
Fusion Firearms 1911 6" Slide/Top-End Assembly-Carbon, Black - 1911 6" Government 9mm Slide/Top-End Assembly Carbon Black

1911 Slide / Top end assembly. Fusion Diamond Series, 6 Inch Long-Slide, 1911 Colt style, Slide / Top-End chambered in 10mm or 9mm. Comes completely assembled with recoil system and tested. Features thick combat rear serrations and LPA TRT fully adjustable rear sight and red fiber optic front sight. Diamond Series slides are precision CNC machined from solid 4140 Bar-Stock and heat treated. These top ends are completely assembled and finished, they have also been test fired on a slave frame for function. The assembly comes complete with: Slide, Barrel, Barrel Bushing, Link, Link Pin, Extractor, Firing Pin, Firing Pin Spring, Stop Plate, Recoil System, and Sights. All completely installed, Mfg: Fusion FirearmsCheck price and Read more Detail At Fusion Firearms

Sinclair Scope Ring Lapping Kits - Sinclair Lapping Tool Combo Kit(1
Sinclair Scope Ring Lapping Kits - Sinclair Lapping Tool Combo Kit(1" And 30mm)

Unfortunately, all bases, rings, and actions are not manufactured in perfect alignment with each other. Whether you have a one-piece or two-piece base, the odds are against you that your rings will be in perfect alignment. Why chance putting your scope in a bind, whether it is a $200 scope or a $1000+ scope? The Sinclair Scope Ring Lapping Tools are designed to correct the misalignment of scope rings. The Sinclair Scope Ring Lapping Tool is used to align the rings first and then to remove just enough metal from the scope ring bearing surface to fine tune the alignment. Misaligned rings actually cause your scope's main tube to bend, causing distortion and requiring you to use Mfg: Sinclair InternationalCheck price and Read more Detail At Sinclair International

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