Colt Official Police Grips

Colt Official Police Grips

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Weaver Tactical Scope Rings - 1
Weaver Tactical Scope Rings - 1" Tactical Rings, High

Oversized rings provide extra contact area for ultra-secure mounting of large optics on hard-recoiling, long-range rifles such as sniper rifles. Fits all Weaver-style bases. Six no-strip, no-slip Torx screws hold down the ring cap to ensure the scope keeps its position even under heavy recoil. Oversize hex nuts allow quick removal or attachment of optics in dynamic situations. Mfg: Weaver SPECS: Aluminum, hardcoat anodized, matte black. Height measured from top of base to underside of scope body. 1" High - .400" high. Accepts scopes with objectives up to 44mm dia. 1" Extra High - .525" high. Accepts objectives up to 50mm dia. 30mm High - .495" high. Accepts oCheck price and Read more Detail At Weaver

Brownells High-Speed Steel Cutting Kits For Lathes - 5/16
Brownells High-Speed Steel Cutting Kits For Lathes - 5/16" Cut-Off Kit - 5/16" Cutoff Groover Kit

Tooling kits include hardened steel toolholders and high speed steel inserts for turning, threading, profiling, and cut-off work. Inserts are T-15 High Speed Steel (HSS) hardened to Rc 65-67, then finish ground on all sides. They deliver excellent slow speed performance, precision interrupted cuts, and a smooth finish on stainless steel, Inconel, Monel, exotic metals, and plastics. Square shank toolholders and boring bars are CNC machined from 4140/4142 steel bar stock, hardened to Rc 48-50, and then black oxide coated to resist corrosion. Includes one 5⁄16" square shank bar, 3" long, plus one T-15 high speed steel .062" x 3" cut-off blade. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Bar - 5⁄16" shank, 3" OAL. Insert - T-15 HSS, .062" x 3". Includes 7⁄64" wrench.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Bore Tech Shotgun Jags - Bore Tech Shotgun Jags, 12 Ga
Bore Tech Shotgun Jags - Bore Tech Shotgun Jags, 12 Ga

These unique patch jags work extremely well for cleaning debris from your shotgun. Each jag has a hard nylon tip that is surrounded by flexible fingers that push the patch against the walls of the barrel for optimum cleaning performance. Fits all standard shotgun cleaning rods. Outstanding product! Male threaded - 5/16-27. Mfg: Bore TechCheck price and Read more Detail At Bore Tech

Young Brothers Stamp Works Inc Steel Alphabet Letters & Figures - 3/32
Young Brothers Stamp Works Inc Steel Alphabet Letters & Figures - 3/32" - 3/32" Steel Number 4

Hand cut and taper-ground to make "factory perfect" impressions when marking custom rifle barrels and other metal objects you want to professionally identify. Made from only the finest quality steel, selected for its proven ability to stand the gaff, then heat-treated to three distinct hardnesses. The character end is hardened to Rc 62 to prevent chipping. Hammer end is crowned and hardened to prevent mushrooming and the center is hardened to transmit the hammer blow.Sharply cut Gothic characters ensure a deep, clear impression. Smooth, ground taper improves appearance and eliminates cracks that sometimes develop in a rough taper. Each stamp is individually inspected and marked Mfg: Young Brothers Stamp Works Inc SPECS: Steel Stamps stocked in 1/16" (1.6mm) and 3/32" (2.4mm) sizes. The characters are cut into the end of a steel bar measuring ¼" (6.4mm) square x 2-3/8" (6.0cm) long. Purchase as sets or by the individual piece.Check price and Read more Detail At Young Brothers Stamp Works Inc

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