Colt 1911 Trigger Spring

Colt 1911 Trigger Spring

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Troy Industries Ar-15/M16 End Plate Sling Mounts - M4 Oem Sling Mount, Black
Troy Industries Ar-15/M16 End Plate Sling Mounts - M4 Oem Sling Mount, Black

Replaces factory receiver end plate and provides three secure, ambidextrous attachment points for the push-button QD sling swivel. Made of hardened aluminum with extra metal at the stress points to ensure this mount won't fail during hard use. Rounded edges resist snagging on sling or other gear. Hardcoat anodized for extra strength and wear resistance, with a matte black finish that matches most factory buffer tubes. Heavy-duty stainless steel swivel accepts slings up to 1¼" wide and allows a full 360° of rotation. Mfg: Troy Industries, Inc. SPECS: Mount - Aluminum, hardcoat anodized, matte black. Swivel - Stainless steel, matte black finish. Accepts slings up to 1¼" (3.2cm) wide. M4 fits M4-style carbines with adjustable buttstock.Check price and Read more Detail At Troy Industries, Inc.

E.R. Shaw Ruger 10/22 Target Barrels - 10/22 Target Barrel, Blued
E.R. Shaw Ruger 10/22 Target Barrels - 10/22 Target Barrel, Blued

Heavy contour, premium-grade "Bentz" chambered .22 LR barrel provides an immediate improvement in accuracy over your original factory barrel. Close-tolerance Bentz chamber combines the accuracy of a match grade chamber with the reliable cycling of a standard factory chamber. Extra-heavy, untapered .920" O.D. provides maximum stability for greater shot-to-shot consistency. Use with standard or match grade ammunition; not for use with CCI Stinger ammunition. Minor fitting to stock may be required. Chrome-moly models have polished blue finish and are available in an 18" length with dished crown or a 16 ½" length with ½"-28 tpi threaded muzzle for Mfg: E.R. Shaw SPECS: 4140 chrome-moly steel, blued, polished finish, or 416 stainless steel (SS), natural matte finish. .920" (2.34cm) O.D. 18" long (45.7cm). Blued barrel w/threaded muzzle 16½" (42cm) long. ½"-28 tpi thread.Check price and Read more Detail At E.R. Shaw

Gunline Barrel Bedding Tool - 3/4
Gunline Barrel Bedding Tool - 3/4" Replacement Cutter Pak

Perfect, chatter-free cut, shaves out excess wood, leaves barrel channel smooth and ready for barrel without gouging, rasping or final sanding. Cushioned-cutter design keeps hardened steel cutter discs at correct angle to remove wood without "digging in" regardless of amount of pressure. A favorite with pros. Mfg: Gunline SPECS: 10" (25.4cm) overall. Cut length approximate 1¼" (3.2cm). 7/8" and 1" diameter replacement cutters are sold 9 per pak, all other sizes are sold 11 per pak. Bbl. Bedding Tool Set includes ½", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16" and ¾" bedding tools complete with handles and cutterCheck price and Read more Detail At Gunline

Williams Gun Sight Rifle  5/16
Williams Gun Sight Rifle 5/16" Wgos Rear Sight - Rifle Adjustable Fiber Optic 5/16" Wgos Rear Sight Green

U-notch, rear sight sets use the highly accurate, 3-dot pattern with two green, fiber optic dots at the rear for sharp contrast and quick sight acquisition in all light conditions. No drilling or tapping required for most rifle models. Dovetailed front and rear sights may require minor fitting. Rear slide/blade combo fits all standard size, Williams, adjustable, rear guide, open sight bases. Converts traditional, rear iron sights into Fire Sights. Aluminum blade contains a single, U-shaped, green, fiber optic rod for 2-dot accuracy. Use with existing, factory, front sight or with fiber optic, Williams Rifle Sight Bead found elsewhere. Use with Slide/Ghost Ring. Mfg: Williams Gun Sight SPECS: Aluminum, black anodized. 3⁄16" (4.8mm), 1⁄4" (6.4mm), and 5⁄16" (7.9mm) high.Check price and Read more Detail At Williams Gun Sight

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