Cod4 Mp5 Guide

Cod4 Mp5 Guide

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Talley Anti-Cant Indicator - 1
Talley Anti-Cant Indicator - 1" Anti-Cant Indicator

The Talley Anti-Cant Indicator replaces the top half of Talley Lightweight Rings to ensure a straight scope mount. Finish: Black Tube Size: 1" or 30mm The Anti-Cant Indicator provides piece of mind that your rifle is aligned properly for your next long shot. Mfg: TalleyCheck price and Read more Detail At Talley

Brownells Hot Water Cleaning Tank Pipe Burner - 3/4
Brownells Hot Water Cleaning Tank Pipe Burner - 3/4" I.D. Hw/Ht Mixer, With Shutter

For Dicro-Clean 909 cleaning solutions or hot water rinse tanks, you don't need as much burner capacity as our bluing tank pipe burner delivers. So, to save you gas, and some setup costs, we had these special Hot Water Cleaning Tank Burners designed. They have one row of specially sized and positioned holes in a " pipe. Includes a mixer head and the gas cock with either LP or Natural Gas orifice. (Don't use on the bluing tank; they won't make enough heat.) Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 42" (106.7cm) overall length. Weighs 4" lbs. (2.0kg) " (6.3mm) NPT pipe thread on gas cock. Requires 11" (27.9cm) w.c. gas pressure for LP; 4"-6" w.c. for Natural Gas. 25,600 BTU.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Hogue Semi-Auto Pistol Grips - Ru/Fg Fits Sig P239
Hogue Semi-Auto Pistol Grips - Ru/Fg Fits Sig P239

Hand-filling grips help absorb recoil by spreading the shock over a wider area of the hand. Finger groove models for semi-autos tighten the grip upward, into the triggerguard for better recoil control. All wood grips are cut from imported, select grades of hardwood. Molded rubber grips cushion recoil. Non-slip, pebble finish. 1911 Auto checkered grips are Double Diamond pattern. Mfg: Hogue SPECS: Model designations abbreviated as follows. Checkered (CH); Finger Grooves (FG); Goncalo Alves (GA); Pau Ferro (PF); Rubber (RU); Slabs (SL); Smooth (SM).Check price and Read more Detail At Hogue

Hornady Case Care Kit & Supplies - Case Lube Pad & Loading Tray
Hornady Case Care Kit & Supplies - Case Lube Pad & Loading Tray

Hornady's complete Case Care Kit gets you set up to prep cases for reloading and saves you money over purchasing the items separately. Includes environmentallysafe Hornady Case Sizing Lube, case prep tool handle, case mouth chamfering/ deburring tool, large/small primer pocket cleaner heads, and a case lube pad with built-in case holder/loading tray in the top of the lid that holds 50 rounds. Also includes three case neck cleaning brushes for .243/6mm, .338 through .35, and .44/.45 calibers. Prep the cases with the tools and brushes, apply lube to the pad, and roll the cases over the pad to lubricate them before running through the sizing die. Lube Pad/Loading Tray and Sizing L Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

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