Cmmg Inc And Barrel Parts For Ar15 M16 M4 Bravo Company Usa

Cmmg Inc And Barrel Parts For Ar15 M16 M4 Bravo Company Usa

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Gunwerks 6mm Creedmoor Brass - 6mm Creedmoor Brass 100/Box
Gunwerks 6mm Creedmoor Brass - 6mm Creedmoor Brass 100/Box

Ammunition quality is always dependent on a number of variables, and one of the most-important qualities is the consistency of brass cases designed for reloading. Gunwerks has the perfect option in its lot of 6mm Creedmoor brass for handloaders. Each piece of 6mm Creedmoor brass from Gunwerks is held to extreme tolerances, ensuring that thicker case walls and primer pockets are optimized for use in numerous reloads without compromising the cartridge, ensuring that users can get the most out of their brass. Sold in 100-round quantities Ships in zippered pouch Minimal neck runout Clear case-head design to observe pressure signs Since each piece of reload Mfg: Gunwerks LlcCheck price and Read more Detail At Gunwerks Llc

Mgm Targets Pepper Popper Target W/
Mgm Targets Pepper Popper Target W/"stab & Shoot" Configuration

Hardened 500 Brinell steel construction Heavy-duty white finish is easy to see Spiked base designed to be stabbed into the ground Convenient flat top Lightweight and easy to transport Includes manufacturer's warrantyThe Pepper Popper with Stab and Shoot Base from MGM Targets was specifically designed for special forces units This durable target is perfect for all terrain, easy to place on a range and a snap to retrieve. In fact, just stab it in the ground and shoot! It even has a handy flat top so it can be hammered into the ground if necessary. This target is made of hardened 500 Brinell steel with a durable white finish that makes it easy to see. It is li Mfg: Mgm Targets SPECS: 500 Brinell steel construction, White finish, Steel spiked base, Manufacturer's warranty.Check price and Read more Detail At Mgm Targets

Brownells Alignment & Push Punches - .151
Brownells Alignment & Push Punches - .151" Diameter Brass

For the professional and home gunsmith alike these punches take much of the frustration out of aligning parts and assemblies. And they provide faster and easier disassembly, too. Furnished with a large, easy-to-grasp, handle that gives excellent control for aligning holes and starting pins. Slightly undersized shank provides a close fit that won't bind in the hole. A slight taper, 3⁄4" from the end is especially useful when fitting parts that require repeated assembly and disassembly. Four sizes fit the majority of pins found on the AR-15, 1911 Auto, Remington 870 and Ruger Revolvers. Won't roll off bench. Alignment/Push Punch Set includes one each of the punches liste Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Handle - Plastic. Shank - Unhardened steel drill rod, or 360 alloy brass . 3¼" (8.2cm) long. OAL - 4¾" (12.1cm) long. Alignment/Push Punch Set - Contains (4) brass and (4) steel punches, (1) brass and (1) steel of each diameter: .092" (2.3mm), .120" (3mm)Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Clymer Rimless Rifle Chambering Reamers - Rougher Style Reamer Fits .30-06 Springfield
Clymer Rimless Rifle Chambering Reamers - Rougher Style Reamer Fits .30-06 Springfield

Made by Clymer, a truly dedicated group of gun people, from best quality, M-7 High-Speed Steel. These are precision tools for the professional gunsmith and will give a lifetime of service when properly cared for. Fully guaranteed. Roughers are .010" smaller in diameter than the final size, do not cut the throat area and should be used to save wear on the Finish Reamer when many chambers are to be cut. If only a few chambers will be cut, a Finish Reamer is all you need. Superb quality reamers made to SAAMI specifications. Mfg: Clymer SPECS: RIFLE REAMERS - 6, right-hand cutting, straight flutes. Solid pilot, integral throat. Stocked in Rougher and Finisher. 7/16" round shank with 3/8" square drive. ¼" round shank on .22 RF. ORDERING: Advise: 1) Stock #. 2) Cartridge Caliber and Name.Check price and Read more Detail At Clymer

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