9mm S W Revolver

9mm S W Revolver

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Imr Powders Red Smokeless Shotshell Powder - 8 Lb. Red Smokeless Powder
Imr Powders Red Smokeless Shotshell Powder - 8 Lb. Red Smokeless Powder

IMR Red was designed to be an efficient, clean-burning, 12-Gauge target powder. IMR Red also performs nicely in various lead pistol target loads, such as match competition loads and Cowboy reduced loads. Mfg: Imr PowdersCheck price and Read more Detail At Imr Powders

Harford Engraving Services Ar-15/M16 Engraved Ejection Port Covers - Ar-15
Harford Engraving Services Ar-15/M16 Engraved Ejection Port Covers - Ar-15 "get Some"

Ejection port covers are engraved with colorful slogans to personalize your AR in a unique way. The engraving is on the inside of the cover, so when it's closed, your gun retains its stock appearance. These are top-quality, all-steel covers made to the correct dimensions for proper fit and function on any mil-spec upper receiver. Mfg: Harford Engraving Services SPECS: 1045/1055 cold-rolled carbon steel, Parkerized, black. Comes with detent and detent spring installed; hinge pin, spring, snap ring required (sold separately). AR-15 fits standard .223/5.56mm AR-15/M16 upper receivers. Not for use on Rock River Arms 9mm or Uramex .22 LR.Check price and Read more Detail At Harford Engraving Services

Hornady Match Grade Bushing - .257
Hornady Match Grade Bushing - .257" Diameter Match Bushing

The Hornady match Grade Dies feature interchangeable neck sizing bushings that are self centering. The bushings allow the user to size the case neck to the bullet tension you desire. This eliminates the chance of over-sizing your case necks and overworking the brass. Bushings are available in .002 inch increments. The Match Grade Full Length Die will size the case body, bump the shoulder and size the case neck with the selected bushing. The Match Grade Neck Die sizes the neck with the installed bushing and bumps the shoulder only (no body sizing). Both versions feature a self centering decap spindle with an o-ring spindle tensioner, and the elliptical expander ball with headed decap p Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Brownells Heavy-Duty Patches - Hd 2-1/2
Brownells Heavy-Duty Patches - Hd 2-1/2" .35 Cal. Rifle/20 Ga.

No more doubling up on patches when you tackle those really dirty bores. Made from a double-thick, soft-napped, 100% cotton, Canton flannel to hold more solvent and absorb more fouling without using twice as many patches. Same size selection, shipping weight and premium quality as our standard Bulk Cleaning Patches. Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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