9mm Perfecta Ammo Price

9mm Perfecta Ammo Price

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Kick-Eez Recoil Pad - Medium 1-1/8
Kick-Eez Recoil Pad - Medium 1-1/8" Dual Action All Purpose Pad, Black

These pads don't just slow recoil down, they actually cut the kick dramatically by absorbing it! Made from soft, springy, Sorbothane, they end next-day-hurt, tame large caliber flinch and allow recoil-sensitive shooters to shoot in comfort. Won't ever bottom out. Grind and shape like regular pads, just don't allow heat to build up. 200 Series Dual Action Sporting Clays pad has two layers of Sorbothane for extra protection. The first layer reacts quickly to absorb initial recoil, while the second layer dissipates the remaining energy to maximize absorption. Heel is canted approximately 45° for easy shouldering from the "low gun" position. 300 Series All Purpo Mfg: Kick-Eez SPECS: Sorbothane visco-elastic polymer, Black or Brown. Large - 2.03" (5.1cm) x 5.65" (14.3cm). Medium - 1.93" (4.9cm) x 5.33" (13.5cm). DA = Dual Action. Dimensions shown in chart are nominal and can vary due to ambient temperature and humidity conditions present at the tiCheck price and Read more Detail At Kick-Eez

Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Target - 1
Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Target - 1", 2", 3" Bullseye, 12 Pack

No need for spotting scopes or binoculars. When the bullet hits, the black is replaced by a bright halo of fluorescent, chartreuse color that makes the hit instantly visible to the naked eye. Convenient, peel-n-stick, self-adhesive backing. 8" Crosshair Round target with fluorescent orange "crosshair" pattern, shows bullet holes as splashes of bright fluorescent orange on impact. Available in paks of 6 or 50 targets. Includes repair pasters. 8" Laser Reflective Round bullseye target with stick-on reflective target centers that provide maximum contrast of aiming dot from laser sight or laser boresighter. Turns fluorescent chartreuse on bullet impact. 1 Mfg: Birchwood Casey SPECS: Vinyl targets, adhesive back.Check price and Read more Detail At Birchwood Casey

L.P.A. Sights Colt Adjustable Rear Sight - Colt 70/80/90 Black Serrated Adjustable Rear Sight
L.P.A. Sights Colt Adjustable Rear Sight - Colt 70/80/90 Black Serrated Adjustable Rear Sight

The single adjustable rear sight which easily fits the most popular auto pistols without replacement of the factory front sight. By replacing the factory rear sight with a tpu, adjustable in windage and elevation with hardened click screws, you will convert your semi-auto into a modern firearm ready for target and practical shooting. Features: Works with the factory front sight. Fits the existing dovetail slot without milling work. Machined from solid steel using state-of-the-art cnc milling. Tapered dovetail for a better locking in the slide (install from left to right). Allen wrench and adjustment screw driver included in the package. Mfg: L.P.A. SightsCheck price and Read more Detail At L.P.A. Sights

Xlr Industries Element 3.0 Chassis - Savage 110 Short Action Chassis, Black
Xlr Industries Element 3.0 Chassis - Savage 110 Short Action Chassis, Black

The new Element 3.0 chassis is what XLR Inudstries consider to be the ultimate culmination of function, flexibility, and price. Whether your needs call for a hunting, target, or precision rifle, the Element 3.0 can cover all your bases. The all-aluminum construction allows utmost strength and simplicity with a weight of 35 ounces for complete package. The universal nature of this chassis allows the user to configure the chassis setup to over 8 lbs if desired. The Included TR-2 Buttstock allows the user to adjust length of pull, recoil pad height & cant, and cheek rest height. Includes: Aluminum chassis Aluminum TR-2 Buttstock Ergo Tacitcal Deluxe Grip Actio Mfg: Xlr IndustriesCheck price and Read more Detail At Xlr Industries

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