6 Slide 1911

6 Slide 1911

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Brownells "fits-All" Shotgun Magazine Plug - 12 Shotgun Magazine Plugs

Ever spent the better part of an afternoon "manufacturing" a new magazine plug for a customer? It's a trial-and-error process that keeps the customer happy but makes you poor. With our new universal Fits-All Plug, all that's required is a simple snap at the correct notch to fit all popular shotguns. For those oddball guns with non-standard length magazines, simply notch the Fits-All with a shop knife at the length required and snap! It's that easy! Complete instructions and convenient Snap-To-Fit Chart included. Made of unbelievably tough polypropylene with an oversize head to position it correctly in all magazines - Won't slide or rattle. Bright, safety-orange color is e Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 10-9/16" (26.8cm) long. 9/16" (14.3mm) diameter head. 3/8" (9.5mm) ribbed body.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Smith & Wesson M686 357 Mag Usa Series - M686 357 Mag 6
Smith & Wesson M686 357 Mag Usa Series - M686 357 Mag 6" 6 Rnd Ss Usa Series

Smith & Wesson is bringing back some of its iconic guns with its new USA Series of guns, and one of the standouts in the company's new lineup is the S&W 686 revolver, which is built with many of the same features found in the collectible guns of yesteryear. Each Smith & Wesson USA Series 686 revolver is chambered in .357 Mag. and features a six-round cylinder, along with a stainless-steel barrel and frame. The guns are outfitted with a red ramp front sight and an adjustable rear sight. Just like the originals, these guns feature a clean double-action/single-action operating system and a 6-inch barrel. Mfg: Smith & WessonCheck price and Read more Detail At Smith & Wesson

Tcs O-Ring Cleaning Jags - 10 Gauge Cleaning Jag
Tcs O-Ring Cleaning Jags - 10 Gauge Cleaning Jag

Solid aluminum jags with rubber O-rings are ideal for cleaning the bore of your gun without worrying about damaging the rifling. O-rings press patch firmly into bore surface for efficient cleaning action on powder, lead, copper, and plastic fouling. For use with patches, steel wool, and bronze wool. Shotgun and Black Powder jags are color coded; Rifle/Handgun jags are numbered for easy identification. In order to use TCS Manufacturing jags, you must use round patches that are .015" thick. Mfg: Tcs SPECS: Aluminum or brass with rubber O-rings. Male threads, 8-32 tpi, except .50 BP is 10-32 tpi male. Shotgun - Anodized, red (12 gauge), blue (20 gauge), and green (28 gauge). 5⁄16" -27 tpi male. Rifle/Handgun - Polished finish except .50 cal. Black Powder (BP) is anodized yellow.Check price and Read more Detail At Tcs

Brownells Fine Cotton Ar-15 Timeline T-Shirts - Fine Cotton Ar-15 Timeline T-Shirt Large Brown
Brownells Fine Cotton Ar-15 Timeline T-Shirts - Fine Cotton Ar-15 Timeline T-Shirt Large Brown

Yes, we love the AR-15 here at Brownells. That's why we introduced our Retro line of reproduction rifles - and why we're offering you comfort and style all wrapped in this AR-loving T-shirt! The front of this shirt has our "Retro Rifle" logo, while the back displays outlines of the most popular AR-15 configurations from across the years. Available in sizes Small all the way up to 3X-Large Top-quality 100% ring spun cotton Pre-shrunk so no surprises after the first wash Side-seam Cut-N-Sew construction We teamed up with another big name in the AR World, Magpul, to develop these shirts. We've always appreciated the excellent q Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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