300 Dollar Bolt Action Rifle For Sale

300 Dollar Bolt Action Rifle For Sale

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Brownells Cleaning Rod Rack
Brownells Cleaning Rod Rack

Sturdy, aluminum rack provides convenient storage that eliminates clutter plus protects your expensive rods from damage. Holds six rifle, pistol or shotgun rods, all neatly organized and ready for use. Drilled for mounting on a wall, end of your bench, or anywhere you have space available. Place them end to end for more rods, the slot spacing stays even for a neat look. Accepts Dewey, Bore-Tech, Prosmith and other rods with rotating or loop handles. Safety lip keeps rods from accidentally sliding out. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Aluminum, green, powder coat finish. 12" (30.4cm) long, 1" (3.8cm) deep. 1" high. Holds (6) rods. Includes wall anchors and screws.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Optivisor - No. 10 Optivisor
Optivisor - No. 10 Optivisor

DIAL ADJUSTABLE CONTINUOUS HEADBAND - Specially formed to fit. A simple twist of the adjusting dial changes head size. Sealed-in mechanism is self-locking and trouble-free. Gives better balance and even more comfort. IT TILTS - Adjustable pivots make the OptiVISOR unique - and the most handy magnifier yet. It's up, out of the way of normal vision when not in use, and there at your fingertips when you need it for magnified pinpoint clarity back at the job. CONFORMING HEADBAND - Of electrically nonconductive ABS material. Designed to fit and locate the scope in a natural, comfortable position. Total weight just 4 oz. So light you hardly know it's there. GENUINE LEATHE Mfg: Optivisor SPECS: No. 2, 1½X at 20" (51.0cm); No. 3, 1¾X at 14" (35.6cm); No. 5, 2½X at 8" (20.3cm); No. 7, 2¾X at 6" (15.2cm); No. 10, 3½X at 4" (10.2cm).Check price and Read more Detail At Optivisor

Bravo Company Ar-15 Bcmgunfighter Kmr Alpha Keymod Free Float Handguards - Kmr Alpha Keymod Handguard 17
Bravo Company Ar-15 Bcmgunfighter Kmr Alpha Keymod Free Float Handguards - Kmr Alpha Keymod Handguard 17" Black

Bravo Company's machined aluminum BCM KMR Alpha Handguard free-floats the barrel for better accuracy potential while it provides plenty of KeyMod slots for add-on rail segments and accessories. Built-in Picatinny top rail is supplemented by KeyMod slots at - and between - the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions. Fits standard AR-15 upper receiver Lightweight yet robust aluminum construction, reinforced with non-reflective hardcoat anodized finish 1.5" O.D., measured flat-to-flat, 1.3" I.D. Proprietary barrel nut and mounting hardware INCLUDED Comes with one KeyMod rail segment - more rail segments sold separately The Bravo C Mfg: Bravo CompanyCheck price and Read more Detail At Bravo Company

Hornady Ftx Bullets - 44 Caliber (0.430
Hornady Ftx Bullets - 44 Caliber (0.430") 225gr Flex Tip Expanding 100/Box

The Hornady FTX bullets have the patented Flex Tip design rendering them safe in tubular magazines found on most lever action guns. The Flex Tip technology delivers excellent terminal performance and controlled expansion across a broad range of velocities. Upon impact, the soft tip compresses into the bullet, initiating immediate expansion that transfers energy to the target for quick kills. The famous Interlock feature, locks the core and jacket, eliminating core and jacket expansion. The Hornady FTX delivers the flattest trajectories from both lever guns and revolvers alike. Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

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