30 30 Ammo

30 30 Ammo

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Savage Sear Pin
Savage Sear Pin

SEAR PIN Mfg: SavageCheck price and Read more Detail At Savage

Sierra Bullets Gameking 6mm (0.243
Sierra Bullets Gameking 6mm (0.243") Bullets - 243 Caliber, 6mm (0.243") 90gr Tipped Gameking 50/Box

GameKing bullets are designed for hunting at long range, where their extra margin of performance can make the critical difference. GameKing bullets feature a boat tail design to bring hunters the ballistic advantage of match bullets. The streamlined tapered base of the boat tail bullet greatly reduces drag, which results in higher retained velocity, greater striking energy, a flatter trajectory and less wind drift than comparable flat base bullets. Mfg: Sierra Bullets, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Sierra Bullets, Inc.

Brownells Poly Bags - 5's - 5
Brownells Poly Bags - 5's - 5" X 8", 25 Bags

With this assortment you can quit hoarding every poly bag that comes into the shop! The assortment will give you the right size with a good closure - and enough on hand to take care of your needs. Their use is as extensive as your imagination...for carrying different weight handloads when hunting or test-firing...shotshell loads and hulls...smallest bags are great for pins, parts, springs, sights, screws...in the bluing room for storing parts after polishing and prior to bluing...bigger ones for larger gun parts and the largest will hold pistols and actions. Drop in one of our Rust-Blox™, zip shut and you can store things for years without loss or messing up - and in full vi Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Heavy 2 mil. 6 sizes. Mini-Assortment contains 20 - 2's; 20 - 3's; 10 - 4's; 8 - 5's; 5 - 6's; 3 - 9's. Maxi-Assortment contains all sizes in quantities shown below, 165 Bags in all.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Novak Taurus 24/7 Oss X-Model Rear Sights - Taurus 24/7 F/O Rear Sight, Green
Novak Taurus 24/7 Oss X-Model Rear Sights - Taurus 24/7 F/O Rear Sight, Green

Low-profile, fixed sights for Taurus 24/7 OSS pistols have glowing fiber optic or Tritium inserts that help you see the sights and get on target fast, even in low-light or high-stress situations. Same height as original factory sights, and cut for drop-in fit to factory dovetails. Streamlined design combines the compact profile of Novak's Lo-Mount rear sights with a recessed rear face and wide notch that guide your eye quickly to the front sight. Precision-machined steel construction, with non-glare matte black finish, handles the rigors of tactical operations and daily carry. Sloping top surface, rounded corners, and beveled edges won't snag on clothing or holster. Horizontal Mfg: Novak SPECS: Machined steel, matte black finish, with fiber optic (F/O) or Tritium inserts. Fits factory dovetails on Taurus 24/7 OSS pistols with 5¼" barrel; minor fitting may be needed. .95" (2.4cm) long, .615" (1.6cm) wide, with .135" (3.4mm) wide notch.Check price and Read more Detail At Novak

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