308 Rifle Auto

308 Rifle Auto

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Nosler Accubond 30 Caliber (0.308
Nosler Accubond 30 Caliber (0.308") Spitzer Bullets - 30 Caliber (0.308") 165gr Spitzer 50/Box

Nosler AccuBond bullets are built with a proprietary bonding process that eliminates voids in the bullet core. AccuBond marries Nosler's traditional copper alloy jacket with its special lead alloy core. The polymer tip improves accuracy and ballistic performance. The result is a hunting bullet that flies true, penetrates deep, retains its weight and won't cause extensive fouling. 50 count box. Mfg: Nosler, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Nosler, Inc.

Benelli U.S.A. Carrier, Dull
Benelli U.S.A. Carrier, Dull

CARRIER, DULL Mfg: Benelli U.S.A.Check price and Read more Detail At Benelli U.S.A.

Hornady Flash Hole Deburring Tool
Hornady Flash Hole Deburring Tool

The Hornady Flash Hole Deburring Tool is designed to be inserted into the case mouth and uses the web of the case as a safety stop. The tool is then given a couple of turns and it produces a small chamfer on the inside edge of the flash hole. This operation removes any burrs that might be present surrounding the flash hole insuring proper, uniform ignition. Flash hole deburring is a one-time operation and best used on brand new cases. For .224 caliber through 45 caliber cartridge cases. Stock# for handle is 749-012-872. Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Lyman Rifle  Target Front Sight 17 Aug - .584
Lyman Rifle Target Front Sight 17 Aug - .584" Target Front Sight 17 Aug Steel Black

Low silhouette, all steel front sight with eight interchangeable sight inserts that are locked into place by threaded cap. Sight includes insert set. Mfg: Lyman SPECS: Sight tube- 9/16" (14.3mm) dia.. Dovetail base is 3/8" (9.5mm) wide for standard dovetail. Use 17AML with 57SML Receiver sight. 17 ATC is for use with factory vernier tang sight on T/C muzzleloaders. 17AEU fits European 9mm (nominal .360Ó x .070Ó) dovetail. HEIGHT iCheck price and Read more Detail At Lyman

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