308 Review Rifle

308 Review Rifle

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Triumph Twist Drill Wire Gauge Drills - Jobber Length - 15j .1800
Triumph Twist Drill Wire Gauge Drills - Jobber Length - 15j .1800"

A heavy-duty drill can make all the difference in the world in your work. The extra engineering and care in manufacture will help you to drill cleaner, more accurate holes, and many more of them at that. All the Drills we carry, Sets, Individuals, Jobber Length and Short Length, are made from High Speed Steel with a 135 self-centering point. Special point and surface treatments (Maxi-Set not treated) give easier, more wear-resistant drilling of the tough steels encountered in the gun shop. Mfg: Triumph Twist Drill Co. SPECS: High speed steel.Check price and Read more Detail At Triumph Twist Drill Co.

Browning Claymaster Shooting Glasses
Browning Claymaster Shooting Glasses

High-grade poly carbonate lenses 99% UV Protection Interchangeable lenses (5 colors of lenses included: clear, smoke, yellow, orange, and blue) Rubberized nose and temple pads &n Mfg: BrowningCheck price and Read more Detail At Browning

Sinclair Chamber Plug - 308 Family Chamber Plug
Sinclair Chamber Plug - 308 Family Chamber Plug

This unique product seals the chamber and bore toprevent solvents and oils from running back into theaction when the rifle is left in an upright position.For heavily fouled barrels, we use these plugs to sealthe chamber and then fill the barrel with our favoritesolvent. Then we let the barrel sit for a while. If leftovernight, you should seal the muzzle end with tapeto prevent evaporation. Make sure you fill the barrelall the way to the muzzle end. If storing guns for along time, these plugs can keep rust preventativeagents and oils from seeping down into the actionand trigger group area. Oil and debris washed inwith excess solvent harms more triggers than justabout anything. Re Mfg: Sinclair InternationalCheck price and Read more Detail At Sinclair International

Lehigh Defense 32 Caliber (0.311
Lehigh Defense 32 Caliber (0.311") Xtreme Cavitator Ftm Bullets - 32 Caliber (0.311") 50gr Xtreme Cavitator Ftm 50/Box

This Xtreme Cavitator Fluid Transfer Monolith bullet is designed to work as a 32 ACP cartridge. It is CNC machined from solid copper or brass, not formed or swaged. It has exceptional accuracy from the advanced manufacturing process. It is a barrier-blind projevtile with deep penetration for a large wound cavity. Mfg: Lehigh Defense, LlcCheck price and Read more Detail At Lehigh Defense, Llc

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