22lr Tactical Ammo Cci

22lr Tactical Ammo Cci

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Lee Precision Shotgun Slug Moulds - Shotgun Slug 1oz. 12ga
Lee Precision Shotgun Slug Moulds - Shotgun Slug 1oz. 12ga

Load slugs for less than standard trap loads. The Lee DRIVE KEY slug is loaded in a standard trap hull with standard wad and conventional folded crimp. Slug loads are produced with any standard shot shell reloading press. Lee Shotgun Slug Moulds feature the exclusive drive key. The drive key positively rotates the slug in rifled shotgun barrels. The key doubles as a support rib allowing use of a standard trap wad - no need for a support wad or base filler. Sabot wad design outperforms rifled slugs in rifled slug barrels. Velocity and accuracy meet and exceed expensive factory loaded rifled slugs. Molds feature self centering automatic core pins for maximum speed and convenience. Mold Mfg: Lee PrecisionCheck price and Read more Detail At Lee Precision

Nosler Varmageddon 17 Caliber (0.172
Nosler Varmageddon 17 Caliber (0.172") Hollow Point Flat Base Bullets - 17 Caliber (0.172") 20gr Hollow Point Flat Base 100/Box

Nosler's Varmageddon bullets are designed with the needs of high-volume varmint hunters in mind. The flat-based bullets feature an ultra-thin jacket mouth and specially designed jacket wall to ensure utmost integrity during flight, while delivering devastating fragmentation on impact. Mfg: Nosler, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Nosler, Inc.

Marble Arms Rifle  Barrel Mounted 3/32
Marble Arms Rifle Barrel Mounted 3/32" 45-W Front Sight - .450" Barrel Mounted 3/32" 45-W Front Sight Brass Gold

Precision-made sights for rifles, both with and without ramp bases. The blade is gracefully contoured, sloping toward the front. Made of steel and nicely blued to look good on any gun. The BARREL MOUNTED FRONT SIGHT has rounded base sides for guns with the front sight dovetail cut directly into the barrel. "W" sights have a 17/32" (13.5mm) wide base. Barrel front sights are available with three beads, Pope's Island Gold, flat faced gold available in 3/32" (2.4mm) diameter. Ivory, flat faced white polymer in 3/32" (2.4mm) diameter. Mfg: Marble Arms SPECS: Steel, blue, polished finish. .620" (15mm) long. ORDERING: Select the sight height required using the Marbles and/or Williams charts and determine which Sight Style, Bead Type and Width is needed from the info above. Using the chart beside this copy, find the correct Marbles Sight andCheck price and Read more Detail At Marble Arms

Galco International F.L.E.T.C.H. Belt Holster - F.L.E.T.C.H. Sig Sauer P232-Black-Right Hand
Galco International F.L.E.T.C.H. Belt Holster - F.L.E.T.C.H. Sig Sauer P232-Black-Right Hand

World famous, expertly crafted holsters and accessories provide superior fit, function and concealability for law enforcement, security and personal protection. Cut from the top 2% of the finest, "Number One" grade, U.S. vegetable tanned steer hides, then hand-molded to the specific firearm for a perfect fit. Horsehide models are constructed in the same, painstaking manner. Galco's naturally luminous, tan color is achieved with four to six, hand-rubbed applications of specially formulated oil. Havana brown is a deep, rich burgundy color produced through careful application of penetrating, aniline dyes that show the natural beauty of the leather. A final, transparent, pro Mfg: Galco International SPECS: Premium steer hide, tan. Right-hand. Fits belts up to 1¾" (4.4cm) wide.Check price and Read more Detail At Galco International

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