223 Vs 556 Ammo Ballistics

223 Vs 556 Ammo Ballistics

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Brownells Gun Sock - Brownells 36
Brownells Gun Sock - Brownells 36" Gun Sock

Stretchy gun storage sock protects the gun from scratches and small dings. Cloth is treated with silicone that helps inhibit rust, and the fabric wicks moisture away from metal surfaces. A handy tag sewn into closed end provides a place to write down make, model and other information so you can identify the gun without removing the sock. Brownells logo features the classic Ram and shows everyone that you're "Serious About Firearms." Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Pro Mag Saiga 12 Gauge 10-Round Magazine
Pro Mag Saiga 12 Gauge 10-Round Magazine

Lightweight, molded polymer magazine has reinforced steel feed lips to ensure reliable delivery of all 10 rounds to the chamber of your 12 gauge Saiga shotgun. Ideal for the three-gun competition shooter, with deep, "waffle" texturing on the outside for a secure grasp during high-speed mag changes. Extra length ensures that even when fully loaded there's extra compressibility to the round stack so the magazine can be inserted with the bolt closed. Mfg: Pro Mag SPECS: Reinforced injection-molded polymer, black. 10-round capacity. Fits Saiga 12 gauge shotguns only.Check price and Read more Detail At Pro Mag

Brownells Extra Length Cotton Swabs - 16
Brownells Extra Length Cotton Swabs - 16" Swab, 100-Pak

Extra-length, Polypropylene handle gives you plenty to hang onto when reaching up inside short and magnum-length rifle actions and barrel chambers. Use the cotton applicator tip to clean, lubricate, touch-up bluing, and for countless other jobs around the gunsmith shop. Works great for stock finishing; gets into those hard to reach, inletted areas around the tang, trigger and magazine. Won't leave lint fibers, brush bristles or fingerprints behind. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Cotton tip, Polypropylene handle. 8" (20.3cm) or 16" (40.6cm) long. Sold in 100-Paks.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Brownells Standard Line Nylon Bore Brushes - 3, .50 Black Powder Rifle
Brownells Standard Line Nylon Bore Brushes - 3, .50 Black Powder Rifle

Since darn near as many bore brushes get used in the shop as get sold, we've packed these custom-made, top quality brushes in bulk paks to make them more convenient and less expensive. The shank is one-piece, looped and wound (not two, twisted together and chopped off). Nylon Bore Brush - New generation bore cleaners attack copper and bronze-based bullet jacket fouling aggressively and are just as hard on bronze cleaning brushes. Our nylon brushes stand up to these super cleaners and won't cause accuracy-ruining scratches. One-piece, looped and wound steel shanks (except Black Powder (BP) series, .17 caliber, and .20 caliber, which have brass shanks). Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Bristles: Available in nylon. Shank: Steel, looped and wound. Rifle: 3¼ (8.3cm) OAL, .17 and.20 caliber 5-40 threads, all others 8-32 thread. Pistol/Revolver: 2-1⁄8 (5.4cm) OAL, .17 caliber 5-40 thread, all others 8-32 thread. Shotgun: 2-7⁄8 (7.3cm) OAL, 5⁄16"Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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