22 Lr Cprn Ammo

22 Lr Cprn Ammo

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Cutting Edge Bullets 375 Caliber (0.375
Cutting Edge Bullets 375 Caliber (0.375") Single Feed Lazer Tipped Hp Bullets - 375 Caliber (0.375") 425gr Tipped Hollow Point 50/Box

The Cutting Edge LAZER line is a high BC, tipped hollow point hunting bullet designed for excellent long range accuracy and devastating terminal performance. These bullets are all manufactured out of lead-free, solid copper bar stock on a CNC Swiss style lathe. These bullets do not mushroom, but instead, fracture. After 1-2" of penetration, 3 large petals will break off and radiate outward in a star pattern while the base continues through for even deeper penetration. The LAZER line will function down to 1500fps. These bullets are single feed and will most likely be to long to fit into standard magazines. Mfg: Cutting Edge BulletsCheck price and Read more Detail At Cutting Edge Bullets

Pachmayr "presentation" Grips - Model Sj/Cs S&W "j" Frame

Neoprene rubber absorbs recoil, provides absolute, no-slip grip, wet or dry. Molded-in checkering makes grip even more secure. Extra thickness and/or length, plus filler material in critical areas. All have speed loader clearance. Mfg: Pachmayr SPECS: Molded, black, neoprene rubber. /S = small. /L = large. /C = compact round butt. /CS = compact square butt. Blackhawk fits New Model Blackhawk, New Model Single Six, and old, large frame Vaquero.Check price and Read more Detail At Pachmayr

Beretta Sp5 Trigger Guard
Beretta Sp5 Trigger Guard

BERETTA SP5 TRIGGER GUARD Mfg: Beretta UsaCheck price and Read more Detail At Beretta Usa

Forster Hand Held Outside Neck Turner Pilots - #416 Neck Turner Pilot For 0.416
Forster Hand Held Outside Neck Turner Pilots - #416 Neck Turner Pilot For 0.416" Bullets

Forster's easy-to-use hand-held neck turning tool helps you take the next step toward cartridge-to-cartridge consistency. It features a carbide cutter with a micrometer- style adjustment knob for precise material removal to give cases consistent wall thickness that improves bullet-to-bore alignment. The aluminum holder retains the case firmly with a simple turn of the knob; holds up to .592" base diameter. Large case holder available for cases from .593" to .812" base diameter. Requires a pilot that's specific to the case mouth diameter; sold separately, see table below. Pilots are precision-ground .002" to .0025" smaller than the bullet diameter. Mfg: ForsterCheck price and Read more Detail At Forster

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