22 Long Rifle Breakdown

22 Long Rifle Breakdown

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Lehigh Defense 9mm (0.355
Lehigh Defense 9mm (0.355") Xtreme Penetrator Ftm Bullets - 9mm (0.355") 115gr Extreme Penetrator Ftm 50/Box

The progressive nose geometry of the Xtreme Penetrator allows for deep, straight penetration while creating a permanent wound cavity diameter exceeding that of most expanding bullets. To top it off, the bullet is solid Copper and/or Brass able to overcome barriers to penetration; environmentally friendly, target unfriendly, very unfriendly, downright obnoxiously unfriendly. Progressive nose geometry for deep, straight penetration CNC machined from solid Copper and/or Brass to overcome barriers to penetration Radial flutes that force the hydraulic energy inward to build pressure Exceptional acceleration that creates high pressure energy spikes Minimal surfac Mfg: Lehigh Defense, LlcCheck price and Read more Detail At Lehigh Defense, Llc

Zermatt Arms Tl3 Short Action Receiver - Tl3 Sa Right Hand Tactical Knob Aics, Standard Boltface
Zermatt Arms Tl3 Short Action Receiver - Tl3 Sa Right Hand Tactical Knob Aics, Standard Boltface

The signature product from Zermatt Arms, the TL3 Short Action Receiver is everything you need in a high-end rifle action. Each rifle receiver is machined from hardened 416 stainless steel and features an integral recoil lug, Savage small-shank thread tenon, floating, interchangeable bolt head, controlled-round feed action, spiral-fluted bolt, mechanical ejector and a bayonet-style firing-pin assembly. Available in 2 mag cut options for either AICS type or AW type magazines. The AICS cut will accept all AICS-pattern magazines loaded with rounds that have a COAL of up to 2.980. AW cut actions will also accept both AW and AICS-pattern magazines. Zermatt warns users that running AICS-maga Mfg: Zermatt ArmsCheck price and Read more Detail At Zermatt Arms

Spuhr Isms Picatinny Mounts - 30mm 0 Moa 1.89
Spuhr Isms Picatinny Mounts - 30mm 0 Moa 1.89" Isms Scope Mount

The ISMS (Ideal Scope Mount System) is an extremely sturdy scope mount, with the possibility to attach multiple optical accessories directly to the mount. Built-in scope level and 45-degree split of the rings provides unobstructed view of your optics knobs. The durable design of the mounts prevents damage to the scope due to flexing during heavy recoil. The rings are grooved on the inside for better grip and the mount base is milled from a sinlge billet of aluminum. Mounts include an innovative tool to index your scope properly to the mount and gun. Mounts have a minimum of 7 interfaces for accessories to be mounted. The rings are cut at a 45 degree angle instead of horizontally, prov Mfg: SpuhrCheck price and Read more Detail At Spuhr

Novak 1911 Rear Sights - P/B 1911/Lm Uses Front .175
Novak 1911 Rear Sights - P/B 1911/Lm Uses Front .175"-.200",Rear Blade .700"x.340"

Competition (Comp) plain, target style, undercut blade with protected notch. Hangs over the rear of the slide and extends sight radius for quicker, more precise sighting. Lo-Mount (LM) has an angled top surface with mitered edges that won't snag on holsters or clothes. Rebated blade fights glare. Wide Notch (WN) has enlarged, .140" notch to provide more light around the front sight for a clearer sight picture and faster target acquisition. Super Wide Notch (SWN) has .170" wide notch for even faster target acquisition; helps aging eyes see the front sight more easily. Mfg: Novak SPECS: Machined steel, matte black finish. .125" (3.1mm) wide notch. Available in plain black (P/B). Wide Notch (WN) has .140" (3.6mm) notch. Super Wide Notch (SWN) has .170" (4.3mm) wide notch. 1911 LM requires milling of slide, use 65° x.495" dovetail cutter.Check price and Read more Detail At Novak

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