204 Ruger Rifle Canada

204 Ruger Rifle Canada

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Brownells Lapping Compounds - #800 Lapping Compound
Brownells Lapping Compounds - #800 Lapping Compound

The right abrasive for lapping the final fit between semi-auto slides and frames, rifle bolts and receiver raceways and any other application where a super-close fit or silk-smooth mecha- nism is required. #600 and #800 grit aluminum oxide abrasive crystals in a long lasting petroleum base that's water soluble for fast, easy cleanup in soap and water. Aluminum oxide crystals are smooth and rounded in shape, so they won't embed and continue to wear the part after cleanup. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Aluminum oxide. 4 fl. oz. (118ml). Available in #600 and #800 grit. Twin Pak contains one jar of each grit.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Merit Abrasive Products Sanding Discs - 12
Merit Abrasive Products Sanding Discs - 12" (30.5cm) Discs, 120 Grit

Lay flatter, stick smoother than glue-on type with no glue lumps, giving much longer disc life with no high spots to wear down first. Edges stay down stopping "catch-and-tear" problems. Much easier and faster to change, with no cleanup between grit changes, and no cleanup of the sander. Special surface, resin bonded to the heavy cloth backing, prevents loading up of disc and drag-off of grit, so stays cutting longer and faster without clogging. For coarse-to-fine metal finishing, and all wood finishing. Sold in packs of 3 discs each. Mfg: Merit Abrasive Products, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Merit Abrasive Products, Inc.

Bog Gear Bog-Pod Shooting Sticks - Camo Legged Devil Tripod
Bog Gear Bog-Pod Shooting Sticks - Camo Legged Devil Tripod

Lightweight aluminum legs and a high-strength polymer cradle combine to offer the ultimate shooting rest in the field or at the range. Cradle swivels 360 degrees for easy horizontal corrections without binding or twisting. Rubber feet prevent slippage or can be removed to expose carbide tips for a better grip on hard ground or ice. Telescoping legs stay open with a turn of the twist lock. Legs lock together for easy transport. Dense foam leg covers ensure a non-slip handhold. Sportsman Bipod is designed for kneeling and sitting positions only; lightweight for easy carry in the field. Red/Camo Legged Devil Tripod features three adjustable legs for a rock-steady platform. Adjusts for Mfg: Bog Gear Llc SPECS: Aluminum legs, anodized black, matte finish. Polymer cradle, rubber feet, steel hardware. Sportsman's Bipod - 22½" to 44" usable height, 25" OAL when retracted. 19 oz. (539g) wt. Red/Camo Legged Devil Tripod - 22" to 64" usable height, 33" OAL whenCheck price and Read more Detail At Bog Gear Llc

Lyman Universal Cleaning Rod System - Cleaning Rod(No Handle) 27-45 Cal-44
Lyman Universal Cleaning Rod System - Cleaning Rod(No Handle) 27-45 Cal-44"

One handle fits all rod lengths and calibers. Lyman's new Universal Cleaning Rod System covers all handguns and rifles with two 12" and two 36" rods that thread into the ergonomic swivel handle. Like the handle, the cleaning rods are chemical resistant. In addition, the rods are machined from spring steel and have a tough, non-abrasive proprietary epoxy coating. They are threaded to mount standard 8-32 jags and brushes like those in Lyman's new 26 Piece Complete Jag and Brush Set. The rods and Universal Handle are also available separately and a special .17 caliber rod is also offered. Mfg: LymanCheck price and Read more Detail At Lyman

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