12 Gauge Pistolized Shotgun

12 Gauge Pistolized Shotgun

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Crossbreed Holsters Holsters For Belly Bands - Hk Vp9 Modular Holster Rh Black
Crossbreed Holsters Holsters For Belly Bands - Hk Vp9 Modular Holster Rh Black

The Belly Band Holster provides positive retention and absolute stability for your firearm when mounted to CrossBreed's Belly Band. A nice bonus is that the Belly Band Holster can also be mounted on various surfaces such as the underside of a desk or the console of a car. This allows you to have your firearm discreetly and securely mounted wherever you are. The Belly Band holster includes one piece of loop Velcro Brand Fastener for placement of your holster. Additional Velcro Brand Fastener is available for purchase to secure your holster in several locations. Glock 42 w/ R5 ECR Reactor Laser Modular Holster RH Black: Viridian R5 ECR Reactor Laser Sig 320, S Mfg: Crossbreed HolstersCheck price and Read more Detail At Crossbreed Holsters

Warne Mfg. Company Maxima Grooved Receiver Line Tikka Rings - 1
Warne Mfg. Company Maxima Grooved Receiver Line Tikka Rings - 1" High Matte Black Qd Tikka Rings

Maxima Grooved Receiver Line of scope mounts are designed to fill the need of mounting scopes to rifles with an integrated receiver mounting rail. Because each manufacturer has their own proprietary mounting rail design, each ring model must be machined to exacting tolerances for proper fit and function. The Maxima Grooved Receiver line fulfills that need. The precision CNC machined Warne rings provide unsurpassed strength, durability and quality, and fit the Tikka Grooved Receiver Series. Available in both Quick Detach (QD) and Fixed models. Mfg: Warne Mfg. Company SPECS: MIM Steel, powder coated black, matte. Height measured from top of base (or integral dovetail) to the inside bottom of ring.Check price and Read more Detail At Warne Mfg. Company

Modlite Systems Tcc Tailcap
Modlite Systems Tcc Tailcap

The Modlite E-Series Tailcap Switch is Black HA Type III Anodized. It features a recessed shroud which helps to prevent accidental activation. It also uses a forward clicking McClicky switch for momentary and constant on operation. The Tailcap fits Surefire E-Series Bodies as well as Modlite 18650/18350 and Arisaka M300/600 Bodies. Mfg: Modlite SystemsCheck price and Read more Detail At Modlite Systems

Rcbs Steel Neck Sizing Bushings - 0.188
Rcbs Steel Neck Sizing Bushings - 0.188" Steel Neck Sizing Bushing

RCBS Steel Neck Bushings are interchangeable to let the reloader select a bushing that gives precisely the right amount of tension on the bullet when using RCBS Gold Medal Match sizing dies. Using a precisely fitted Steel Neck Bushing reduces work hardening of the case neck brass, prolonging case life and helping to improve accuracy. Self-centering for proper alignment with case neck For best results, the use of high-end brass with consistent neck thicknesses is recommended Bushings come "in-the-white" - bare steel - so traditional case lubrication is required For use ONLY with RCBS Gold Medal sizing dies RCBS recommends having neck bushings one t Mfg: RcbsCheck price and Read more Detail At Rcbs

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