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Personal information you provide or use through the processing of all websites, you agree and agree that the Website can use such information, which website will use best efforts to protect such personal information by the website, asking that the website currently uses international security systems to protect such information. However, for the security of your personal information. You must comply with the terms and conditions. Strictly use of services and websites

In the event that you have been damaged by the loss or damage of personal information or why, it is not limited to. It is caused by espionage by electronic means (hack) or caused by force majeure, or whether any case. The Company reserves the right to refuse. All liability from such incidents and website is not responsible for any damages incurred.

for your personal information and other users and for order. To use the Services, you agree that you will not commit any violationof the privacy or other rights of third parties, as well as not to act in accordance with the laws and/or morality of the people without sending content, including improper submission of messages, images or animations. Disrespectful It has a satire, causing conflict, confidentiality or false, as well as text and images that are contrary to the laws or morality of the people. disseminated through the Services or any other action that may cause loss or damage to the website and/or third parties. If it turns out that the content is sent, including the removal of the message, the message will be sent. Images that have a contrary characteristic violate the law according to the text in paragraphs.

Member User's Rights

The website has a policy to respect the privacy of members, the website will not conduct an audit. Unless
the website has a good belief that such actions are necessary in order to

Failure To Represent Information, Disclaimer Policy

Information received from the website will be developed, improved, to provide services to our website effectively and make the most of the user's benefits.

Presentation of information, news This is only providing information, knowledge, academic databases, and knowledge, as well as as a forum to comment or exchange information between users Any articles or messages appear through the Services and on this website are accurate, complete, free of any particular defects, corruption or benefits.

the website asks that the website is not an agent. partner or have any legal ties to the information company. Any articles or messages contained on the website ask that this website is just a medium used to transmit information between the user and the information owner. the website cannot verify or know the source and/or details of all of the Website's content, so the refore is offered such information if it damages the User or third parties, thus not providing the right, liability and/or obligations. law in any case between the website the owner of the information. Users, members of the Website and third parties

the website reserves the right to amend, update, and change this legal text at any time, as may see appropriately without notice.