Magpul Industries MOE Slim Line Carbine Stock

Price Save Up to 35% from $71.99 to $48.99

Magpul Industries MOE Slim Line AR15/M4 Carbine Stocks are designed for the modern battlefield. These AR15 Stocks from Magpul Industries have an angled rubber butt-pad that is optimized to use with body armor or modular gear and to allow efficient shoulder transitions. The Magpul Industries MOE SL MAG347 Stock is an easy-to-install drop-in replacement for standard buttstocks. Add maneuverability to your platform with the Magpul Industries MOE Slim-Line Carbine Stock for AR15.

95.75 /100
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Specifications for Magpul Industries MOE Slim Line Carbine Stock:

Gun Model: M4, AR-15
Gun Type: Carbine
Gun Make: AR Platform

Features of Magpul Industries MOE Slim Line Carbine Stock, Fits AR-15/M4, Mil-Spec, Black MAG347-BLK:

  • Mounts on mil-spec sized carbine receiver extension tube not included from manufacturers such as Colt, LMT, Ruger, S&W, SIG, and others please see the note below
  • Sloping cheek weld combines a slim profile with user comfort
  • Dual-side release latch provides easy adjustment while remaining anti-snag
  • Premium chrome-silicon lock spring provides positive locking and long service life
  • Internal anti-rattle feature minimizes wobble on receiver extension tube
  • Rubber butt-pad offers an anti-slip surface and increases impact protection
  • Rollover on the toe allows for easier shoulder transitions and better fit when using body armor
  • Compatible with Magpul ASAP, ASAP QD, and other receiver-mount sling attachments
  • Sling Mounts
  • Rear - Integral push-button QD swivel sling mount accommodates up to 1.5 in swivels ambidextrous
  • Rear/Bottom - 1.25 in sling loop
  • NOTE: There are two basic sizes of M4 Carbine receiver extensions buffer tubes: mil-spec and commercial-spec. If you have a commercial-spec size extension on your rifle, make sure to order the Commercial-Spec MOE SL.

1-Magpul Industries MOE Slim Line Carbine Stock
2-Magpul Industries MOE Slim Line Carbine Stock
3-Magpul Industries MOE Slim Line Carbine Stock
4-Magpul Industries MOE Slim Line Carbine Stock
5-Magpul Industries MOE Slim Line Carbine Stock
6-Magpul Industries MOE Slim Line Carbine Stock
7-Magpul Industries MOE Slim Line Carbine Stock

  • PROS
  • Looks good
  • Solid fit
  • Good weight
  • good value
  • High quality
  • Fits very tight no movement
  • And its magpul
  • Fit , craftmanship, lightweight, price
  • Solid - Quality Feels Tough
  • simple and clean
  • very basic and easy
  • Solid feel, and fits my hand nicely
  • cheek weld
  • firm fit
  • tight and solid feel
  • Fits tighter than factory, no rattling stock.
  • Fits Panther 308 with commercial buffer tube.
  • Very versatile
  • fits great, easy to install, looks great, QD sling mount
  • Sturdy, looks nice, ease of use. Great price.
  • Fits tight
  • Works great
  • CONS
  • A very little hard to install
  • Can be difficult to adjust if buffer tube is painted
  • Optics Planet is the slowest
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Nathanial - Add Reply

I bought the OD green stock from Optics Planet. It goes without saying that the customer service from OP is top notch. The stock itself has a nice hefty weight to it, is made from very solid plastic, and functions as advertised. Good cheek weld. Nice options for sling attachments. Minimalist feel to it while still looking like a traditional AR stock. There are so many stocks to choose from and there may be a stock or two that is better than this Magpul SL, but this is option is a very safe bet.

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Chaim - Add Reply

Great stock with firm, yet smooth adjustment on a milspec tube. I purchased this with the intention of using on a thumper, and was able to test on a friend's .458 Socom upper. No movement, no shifting, no issues whatsoever. Before I could decide on a heavy hitting caliber of my own, however, I threw it into service on a Valkyrie build. Off the bench it is phenomenal, as it shoulders well, grips confidently, is solid and stable, and has a consistent cheekpiece angle for a comfortable cheek weld. I am still thinking about getting a stock with a few more points of adjustment for the bench gun, but in the mean time I'm not left wanting much with this stock, and would recommend it for any of a variety of builds.

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Sylvester - Add Reply

I just put this on my lower and it was kind of hard to put on since its so tight, but when i did there is literally ZERO movement except for the kind you want. (Adjusting length). Its much better then my old magpul CTR stock because you dont need an extra lever tab to make it tight. This is my favorite stock out of the 5 or 6 ive tried. I'm only giving it 4 stars because opticsplanet shipped super slow, but its not that big of a deal. The stock itself is 5+ stars. Don't hesitate to get this stock!

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Gussie - Add Reply

Not being 100% happy with the furniture on my new rifle I did some hands on research and found that the Magpul MOE SL fit my needs very well. Nice trim stock that's not too heavy yet provides a good cheek weld and locks up solid. Installation was very simple and the stock has been working perfectly on my rifle. Would certainly buy this stock again if I ever need another AR stock.

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Kip - Add Reply

Put this on my Colt 6920 and it fits great! No slop and the cheek weld works well for me. My favorite part is just how secure the stock is, extremely sturdy. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a simple upgrade to a factory stock.

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Bernardo - Add Reply

Very simple and basic stock. Easy to install, very well made and easy to manipulate locking device to get to correct position on buffer tube. Cheek rest is large enough to get good sight picture, and an added plus is swivel quick release hole so you can hang weapon with ease.

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Wendell - Add Reply

Bought this hoping it would fix the wobble that came with the my rifle with the standard AR stock, and am more than pleased easy install, and nice tight fit. The price is right, and quality also seems good. Optics planet did a good job with shipping received the item in a timely manner.

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Kaden - Add Reply

I replaced the factory stock on a Colt AR6720 with this product. This stock has a very tight fit and requires a little more force during adjustments. It feels very comfortable and allows for a good hold. The QD mount works well with the Magpul QD swivel I have on my sling. I have yet to be disappointed with any of Magpul’s products and would trust them on any duty weapon.

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Cedrick - Add Reply

I have been looking for a AR adjustable stock with little to no rattle and this to date is the best found. On an SBR I used the SL-K and it is snug but the SL feels more secure with no slop. Hope to order another soon for a new build and highly recommend Magpul products to friends. Sincerely, James

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Jayde - Add Reply

This is a great stock. There is absolutely zero "slop" when it is mounted. The surface is smooth and makes for a nice cheek rest. Easy to install and extend with the ambi latch. Would highly recommend this stock for someone not looking to spend a fortune but still wanting the best bang for their buck. Optics Planet is always a please to do business with. Simple and fast shipping.

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Jacques - Add Reply

The Magpul MOE SL stock is a great stock for the money. It is very comfortable to shoulder and I like how snug it fits to my Aero Precision buffer tube. It wasn’t too difficult to instal and adjust easily but without any wiggle. I am using this for a 6.5 Grendel hunting build and love the quality of the product. Excellent fit and finish. No rough plastic edges. Feels durable and yet comfortable.

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Adriel - Add Reply

So far one of the best stocks I’ve owned or used on an ar15. Really like the leaf springs that keep tension up against the receiver extension(aka buffer tube). Wish many of my other stocks had this feature. I’m a big fan of MFT’s battlelink minimalist stock(which is tight fitting but over time develops some wobble and would of benefited with some sort of leaf spring feature like this magpul one does) but this one has now earned it’s spot also on future ar15’s also. If there was something I could say that could of been better(in my personal opinion) is put a little more curve to the bottom rear of the stock similar to the mft minimalist stock, and a softer rubber material on the butt pad but overall no real complaints.

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Jessie - Add Reply

What can I say, I got exactly what I ordered for the best price I could find it at. It ain't great and it ain't bad, it just is what it is; Magpul is Magpul and it ain't changing anytime soon!!! Shipping was quick and cheap!!!

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Ellsworth - Add Reply

just another great product from Magpul. swapped out my old c.t.r stock for this one and couldn't be more pleased. Its built well and I like the slight cheek rise, makes it nice for me anyway as its running on a ruger sr 7.62mm. 150 rounds down range and it seems to be hanging in just fine. I also like the rubber pad/grip if you will as the butt plate, doesn't slip around and the angle at the end is nice to use when wearing a carrier.

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Demond - Add Reply

Great product by MagPul, really like the enhanced cheek weld. this particular stock has the optional fitting to use a quick release swivel. Will work great on my new lightweight carbine build Optics Planet has great pricing and service, fast shipping

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Adelbert - Add Reply

This stock is made to very tight tolerance and has zero play. It adjust very easily to the length required, though is difficult to move if buffer tube is painted. The slope of the cheek weld is near perfect for me, though mileage may vary.

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Javier - Add Reply

Took a lot of research to find out if this fits a Panther 308 because they only advertise it for an ar15 with a commercial tube. But ya, it fits and it took all the slop out of the crappy factory stock, so it doesn't rattle, giving my LR308 an overall more solid feel.

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Anastacio - Add Reply

The quality of second to none. I recommend this stock. Fits snug and looks great. It is way better that the cheap stock that you get from the manufacturer. This is a great product. Magpul stands for quality.

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Moshe - Add Reply

Fits perfectly to my shoulder and would recommend to anyone who competes. I was told about this product through a friend. It is easy to install and can adjust to your length that is comfortable to ise in any situation

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Omari - Add Reply

Great little stock here. Fits snug, with no wobble! Easily adjustable, and feels great on your shoulder. Great stock for a lightweight rifle or SBR. I bought one, and put it on my 10.5 SBR. Looks great and feels great, I would definitely recommend this stock to anyone looking for a lightweight quality stock. I will be buying more for sure! Great stock at an even better price!

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Wilhelm - Add Reply

Another great product by magpul. Optics planet was great too with updates on delivery and what/when items were delivered or being restocked. Timeline was accurate as well. Will definitely be coming back!

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Sedrick - Add Reply

I purchased this for a gift, and ended up getting one for myself I liked it so much. You get the expected Magpul quality, but even better this stock has a really nice fit and doesn't rattle like typical mil speck stocks do.

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Timmothy - Add Reply

It's a great price for this product!I used the Aero Precision AR15 Carbine Buffer Kit to install this stock onto my Ruger 556. It is a very nice and snug fit with no rattles at all! It's a very good upgrade! I personally love shopping at Optics Planet over the "other guy's" They are great on the price's & discounts on shipping. They have a great selection of merchandise to entice you with!! Thanks Optics Planet,y'all came through again!!

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Orrin - Add Reply

I was deciding on this and a B5 Bravo stock. I chose this because it was more innovative and I also like Magpul products. It does not disappoint. It locks up solid, does its job and looks good doing it!

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Clemens - Add Reply

As most Magpul products, a functional design. Where this excels is overcoming one of my pet gripes about collapsible butts, sloppy fit. A stock shouldn't move and most collapsibles move, some more, some less, but cheek weld is iffy, and along with it repeatability Some would say, 'So What, it's a one or two min. rifle', OK, One, it doesn't have to be, two, why make that worse? Since this stock has simple internal spring steel strips that grip the buffer tube and take play out it fits solid. I have come to use ATG/Leapers buffer tubes, U.S. made, Mil Spec thread, undercut past threading, then they step back up to max diameter so this stock does not move unless you pull it. Yeah, NO slop. I have 2 issue SOPMOD stocks, if this had the same battery storage I might prefer it. This Magpul has a good cheek weld surface, not quite as wide as the SOPMOD but plenty, and it is the tightest collapsible I have encountered. It IS worth the money

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Ole - Add Reply

Slapped on an AR74 build. Very snug fit; had to grease it up a bit but works well. No wobble at all. With a 10.5in barrel adds good balance to the build. Keeps the recoil low, nice snug cheek wield as well.

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Kyleigh - Add Reply

This MOE stock fits the buffer tube like a glove. There is absolutely no rattling. It adjust just like you want it to. It is just tight enough so that it requires a little muscle but that is what you want so that it remains tight. It is very comfortable to the shoulder!

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Juwan - Add Reply

The stock is well built, comfortable, sturdy and looks great. No locking mechanism needed, rattle free with all my guns. I have one of these for each one of my ARs. I have tried different stocks in the past but this one is definitely my favorite.

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Kenny - Add Reply

Magpul puts out a lot of high quality product. This stock is one of many great stocks, I actually decided on the Magpul STR stock... Both are great and are a lot like the highly sought after B5 Sopmod/bravo stock. I believe the Magpul stocks are better, especially the STR !

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Dominic - Add Reply

I have 4 of these stocks on several of my AR's and love them.well made and look great.They fit tight and right and have a great feel,and you can get them in mil spec or commercial.I got a great price at the planet

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Archibald - Add Reply

Good quality, locks in place with no movement like other stocks and the rubber pad is really comfortable. It will be a little stiff when you first put it on but just until it breaks in and even after it breaks in its still locks in place solid.

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Khalil - Add Reply

Nice Magpul stock. The slim line design adds a nice sleek look to the gun. Ordered black and like all other Magpul accessories the color matches my Magpul grip and handguard. Installation is like any of stock on an AR platform, very easy.

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Morris - Add Reply

I purchased these for my carbines that previously had the mil-spec 6 position stock. The MOE stock fits better, doesn't rattle when locked into position, is comfortable on the shoulder and the check, and has great styling. Simple one of the best.

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Florian - Add Reply

I found this item to be of high quality, easy to install and easy to use. Range of adjustment will easily work for any size shooter. The finish has held up well and I have since ordered another one for a build I am working on.

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Jarrod - Add Reply

This magpul stock is great. No wobble at all and a fantastic upgrade for my M&P. By the way, M&P is mil spec diameter. Easy to install. But, you may want to buy it from some place that ships faster. Every order takes at least a week or more to arrive

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Eldon - Add Reply

Excellent fit just what I was looking for! Finish and looks are great! It makes my rifle look good over the old stock. Magpul makes really great product. Get it you will not regret it and have fun plinking at the range

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Doris - Add Reply

I have been a fan of Magpul for a while and this did not disappoint. This stock is lightweight, sturdy, nice cheek well, easy to install, and has no play after it is installed. It is everything I wanted in a stock.

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Richard - Add Reply

It's a Magpul stock which means it's top notch quality. Decades from now we will look back and see that Magpul nailed it. Like a 1911, it's just timeless with ideal ergonomics. I have yet to own a Magpul item that was a waste of money. It's one of the the first upgrades to get for a new rifle!

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Pedro - Add Reply

I own several of these now and they look and function great on everything from carbine to full rifle length builds. It fits impossibly tight and nearly has the rigidity of an A2 stock. Yet it somehow is able to adjust with a surprising amount of ease. Very impressed with the quality.

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Amani - Add Reply

I have Magpul on most of my rifles and came across this on a buddies rifle. Ordered one since I like the slim feel. Fit tight on my Mil-Spec buffer and works flawless. Knocked off one star due to a pretty good size burr from the molding and was not shaved down very well. As usual, fast shipping from optics planet!

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Tremaine - Add Reply

I had to work the stock in on my m&p sport ii. It now works great. The anchor points for the sling on each side of the stock is awesome. The stock fits comfortable against the shoulder. The adjustment lever is strong and precise.

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Otto - Add Reply

I have a few other Magpul produts that function well. In this review I will repeat the fact they Magpul has quality products. The packaging is second to non. I really like the look and quality of this Magpul stock..Very solid piece for your AR. Easy to install and FDE color is awesome. Thank you for making qualaity parts for the consumer to purchase.

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Brendon - Add Reply

Very awesome stock! Fits a Mil-spec tube very tight. No play at all which I really like. Slim profile yet very comfortable cheek weld. Goes well with SL pistol grip. Minimalist setup. Just what I was looking for

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