JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System

Price Save Up to 13% from $143.99 to $132.95

JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Springs are available for long guns with a variety of calibers. These AR15 Lower Parts from JP Enterprises deliver quiet operation, solid feel, and improved reliability. JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring Units install easily and fit perfectly with no trimming or shimming needed. Feel the quality craftsmanship immediately when you upgrade to the JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring.

91.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System:

Color: Black
Model Generation: 2
Caliber: 9mm Luger

Features of JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System JPSCS2:

  • New aluminum guide rod cuts overall weight.
  • Heavier masses translate to more buffering mass and reduced chance of bolt bounce.
  • Full correspondence between SCS masses and H1, H2 and H3 buffers.
  • Additional mass added to for better, broader function.
  • Interchangeable bumpers allow conversion between AR-15 and AR-10 models (and vice versa).

1-JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System
2-JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System
3-JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System
4-JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System
5-JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System
6-JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System
7-JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System
8-JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System
9-JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System
10-JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System

  • PROS
  • very smooth
  • Very quiet
  • Drop-in installation
  • will last forever
  • smooths the recoil
  • smooth operation
  • Works as advertised.
  • easy to install
  • Heavy Duty
  • No more retention spring
  • It actually does everything jp claims it does to a tee.
  • It actually does everything jp claims it does to a tee
  • Great Fit
  • highly adjustable
  • Well constructed
  • highly durable
  • Ability to change weight on the fly
  • Smoother cycling
  • quiet on recoil
  • Build quality
  • Adjust Easily
  • Rifle shoots smoother
  • Preforms as advertised
  • much quieter
  • Self contained
  • Smooth Functioning
  • heavier than steel
  • installed easily
  • Rifles run so much smoother
  • Kills spring noise
  • Must-have for suppressor use
  • Great for competition rifles
  • well built
  • easy instalation
  • Smooth & Quiet
  • works well
  • Well constructed
  • rock solid
  • Drop in with no modification. Less than 5 minutes installation.
  • Super quiet
  • Extremely smooth operation, quite, well built
  • smooth ,easy to build,tun-ability
  • install easily
  • Ease and fit
  • reduces noise from buffer spring
  • no longer need buffer detent
  • Superior design
  • Sound Reduction
  • Recoil Impulse Mitigation
  • lite weight
  • low maintenance
  • Straightforward design
  • Quiets the buffer system
  • Very customizable/tunable
  • Easy to install
  • High qaulity
  • Hi quality, easy installation
  • Perfect Fit
  • It works great
  • Worth the price
  • Smooth & silent operation
  • When you operate the action manually you can feel immediatelythe difference, it feels much smoother
  • very well built
  • Simple, softer, quieter
  • Silent, smooth, decrease in felt recoil
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Ease of Install
  • smoother shooting
  • Smoother recoil
  • Changes balance of weight to optimal location
  • Amazing all metal, quality!
  • Customizable weights and springs
  • easy to use
  • reduced recoil
  • Quieter than standard buffer and spring
  • CONS
  • A little expensive
  • price point makes it tough to justify
  • priced a little high
  • hard to remove
  • a bit high in price
  • cost-but worth it
  • Not cheapest way to go
  • may require some fitting to install
  • More expensive but worth it
  • more expensive than others
  • make sure you read the product info to oreder the right weight,to heavy?? may need to buy the lower weight ring
  • slightly overpriced for what you get
  • Adds $100 to your build
  • More complex than standard buffer setup
  • Removal with the buffer detent pin can be difficult
  • pricey,but you get what you pay for.
  • Its expensive, but its worth it.
  • Falls out without retaining pin
  • difficult to remove/install with retaining pin
  • Kinda pricey
#JP Enterprises

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Adolph - Add Reply

The extra weight for the buffer system in my Maxim CQB stock was definitely needed when it came to tuning my 8" 300 BLK. With the added weight I was able to make it run reliably with subsonics/suppressed, supers/suppressed, and supers/unsuppressed without over-gassing the system in any of those situations. Ejecting at 3-4 o'clock in every instance without having to adjust the gas block between ammo types or can utilization. If you're buying the Maxim CQB or similar stock with the JP-SCS-XS for a similar build, either buy the "heavy" version or buy this. You won't be sorry. I'm a huge tinkerer so I'm actually happy to have "standard" and "heavy" capabilities for whatever builds may come.

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Kolby - Add Reply

Although it may not be important, I personally don't like hearing the AR "SPROING". The JPSC not only gets rid of that noise, it makes for a better recoil impulse and simply feels great. There's also an easy way to install this without removing the buffer tube and castle nut. Cut a small thin piece of aluminum that fits under the JPSC about 2" long. Keep that piece of aluminum between the JPSC and the detent, otherwise the detent will end up in between the weights (Which will be a pain in the >>) Slowly slide the JPSC while keeping the aluminum in place. I've done this a dozen times and takes about 60 seconds to install.

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Jocelyn - Add Reply

So first of all, I was extremely reluctant to buy this item for the longest time because of the price..... However, I am now glad I did. This thing is amazing. It changes the action of the AR so drastically, for the better. It will make the action so silky smooth. I absolutely love this product. Buy one! You will love it.

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Devan - Add Reply

Great upgrade for my AR. Helped with the recoil, even though it already has very minimal recoil as it is. No more spring pinging anymore as well. The only thing is the single spacer washer wasn’t enough for me. It may be fine for the stock buffer tube, but I have a Strike Industries buffer tube so I had to add another washer to make it fit perfectly. Overall though I highly recommend it.

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Michel - Add Reply

Ever charge your AR/M4 and hear that grating, sandy sound? No matter how much lube you put into it, no matter how many cleaning cloths you jam in and twist out, no matter how hard you try to clean it, it always has that sound. I'm weird and take pride in a clean weapon (on the inside), because that usually means it cycles and pews longer than everyone else. Like self-contained drop-in triggers, this is a self-contained buffer system. You pull out your spring and buffer, throw this in there and it's ready to go. You can even take the time to remove the retaining pin if you're bored enough. It's about as easy an installation as you can possibly get. Now as far as functionality, how can I put this... It's buttery smooth. If you've ever seen a cutaway of a car engine, watching the piston move in and out of such a tight space because it was made to be there, sexual stuff aside, this is about as close as you can get. You might be thinking it's a bit unnecessary or a solution in search of a problem. After all, what do you need besides a buffer and a spring? You'll think very differently after trying this. Put simply, it just makes cycling better. It's not perfectly silent, but it's quiet, very quiet, because the spring doesn't press up or move against the inside of the buffer tube. And the weights are held in line. While traditional buffer systems kind of flex and bend as they go through cycling, this moves in a straight line. It smooths out cycling and makes it very quiet. Grante... Read More...

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Wendell - Add Reply

The flexibility of the multiple spring choices is very good. It was easy to install. Having the spacer in the back, not to get the right length seems second class. Also, not using a retaining pin to keep it in the butt stock is a hassle during disassembly of the weapon. The firing experience is good and functionality is fine.

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Olen - Add Reply

I have an FN Herstal FN-15 in 300 BO. All stock with Mack Brothers suppressor from Dakota Silencer. I shoot the Hornady Subsonic 190 gr Sub-X bullet, sub-moa with this setup at 100 yards. Problem is, this ammo seems to leave a lot of scorched powder in the action. Looks like brown beads. Won't cycle correctly after 10 rounds or less when starting with a clean action. Ordered the H2 with 5 spring pack. Go ahead and take the retaining pin and spring out, will make it much easier to swap out and experiment with different springs. I needed no shimmimg or trimming, perfect fit. Found the white spring worked best for me of the 5, it is the weakest one. Ran 4 mags through the rifle, 20 rounds each. Cycled the action perfectly on all 80 rounds and locked the bolt open 3 of 4 times on empty mag. Rifle was still dirty but much, much cleaner than before. From what I understand the heavier buffer holds the bolt in place longer (dwell time) and reduces fouling. Noise level is noticeably quieter from this spring also when shooting suppressed. Price is kinda high but so is the quality, plus this thing worked really well for me. I liked it well enough to order a second one for another rifle.

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Tate - Add Reply

The silent capture spring isn't the least expensive piece on the market, but it works, and it works very well! Nicely machined and built to last, this will smooth out the BCG recoil and quiet the annoying rasp. Keep an eye out for sales and free shipping, this is a part worth investing in.

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Isaias - Add Reply

Few products truly change much about the AR platform. This buffer system, while very pricey, is one of those parts that is a real advancement to the platform. When advising upgrades to an AR, my first suggestion is to get a good muzzle device (can be had for $40+). Second would be a good trigger ($100+). After those two I would honestly say this is the third most important upgrade to my rifles. Eliminates the scraping of the buffer spring, smooths operation and recoil impulse, basically all-around improves the feel of the rifle's action. Easy to install, no buffer detent necessary. Modular, high quality, and simple. Personally I think this product should be more like $50 considering a buffer and spring is like $15, but since it's the only option on the market JP is smart and makes us cough up the gouda for real performance. If it were cheaper it'd be an easy 5-star, but I believe all AR-15s should have had this design in the first place so I have to wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who can afford it. Considering a cheap AK has a captured recoil spring, the AR should have its design upgraded to include a captured recoil spring. I think this product does a lot to help with people feeling like the AR feels too much like a toy. I personally never get that feeling but I have friends who prefer AK's and the like who really criticize the feeling of the buffer tube/spring scraping. Go figure.

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Emerson - Add Reply

I just purchased my 5th JP Enterprises Silent Captured Buffer Spring System. It is worth the expense for the results obtained with the AR platform. It really works extra well combined with an adjustable gas block and light weight BCG to get the lightest recoil possible.

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Miller - Add Reply

Works great and takes the thwaannngg out of the stock! It's a little pricy but if you are looking for a premium build go no further. Get the H2 because you can convert it to an h1 by taking one of the steel weights off. If you get the H1 then you'll have to buy separate tungsten weights. 1 tungsten equals 2 steel.

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Dagmar - Add Reply

Fixes vibration and twang and allows the rifle to operate more smooth. Works as advertised. Amazingly simple to install and you don't have to mess with the buffer retainer detent, you can just remove it. I would highly recommend this for any AR!

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Peter - Add Reply

Totally changes your shooting experience if you have a noisy AR. Just awesome. Military has documented hearing loss just from the spring vibrations on ARs when your face is pressed up against the stock. Shot it right away and performed flawless. Seems like less felt recoil also. The pin at the buffer tube is no longer needed so it is really easy to swap 1 spring between builds.

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Randy - Add Reply

Needed this system to help get a 300 BLK suppressed rifle to cycle reliably with subsonic ammo. Tried a couple different springs and got it dialed in perfectly. Would definitely by again in the future for other projects.

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Colt - Add Reply

JP makes great products and this is a great one at a great price value. Works as advertised, functions flawlessly. Very durable. Just what I was looking for. Priced competitively with other retailers.

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Finn - Add Reply

This product is fantastic in my 6.5 creedmoor AR10. The gun cycles very smoothly now and no longer slams the bolt carrier group in the buffer tube when combined with an adjustable gas block which helps eliminate some felt recoil. Combine this system with a good quality muzzle brake and you will end up with a light recoiling system.

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Aron - Add Reply

I bought the JP Silent Captured Buffer Spring System for both the quieter action, and the ability to swap springs (and buffers, purchased separately), or use in either a carbine-length, or rifle-length system. I personally will always choose flexibility over a product that can only do one thing. Out of the box, this will perform well in my 16" and 20" AR's. JP recommends using the heavier H2 buffer (again, not included) with SBR's or suppressed. Once purchased, this product can run the gamut of your ammo in all scenarios. It is expensive, but otherwise you would have to purchase multiple buffers and springs, and find the right combo for your application. Or, I could use a heavier spring in a pinch if I needed in my SBR's (AR Pistols) currently, without the H2 buffer. Maybe not recommended for long-term use, but in a pinch it is a solution. I won't knock the JP System on it's high price as a negative, because quality costs money. It will serve you well for the price. This system allows total customization, which is what I prefer. I will find the combo that works both today, tomorrow and in the future. Not just for one AR, but all of them. For me, I can't go wrong with a system that is this flexible, especially to suit the needs of what I have built and what I choose to shoot out of each. If I have trouble with one AR, chances are that I can put the JP in and make it work, as well as using the other buffer system in another application I have and keep everything r... Read More...

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Donato - Add Reply

Great product. It cycles really well well and dampens almost all the noise in the stock. It feels really smooth and it is easy to change out the springs if you need different weights. It was very simple to install.

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Hal - Add Reply

Nice up grade to my 300 blackout AR. Much quieter than the normal spring noise. Very easy to install, plus it has the ability to adjust the weight and/or spring strength to fine tune your rifles cycling.

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Wilson - Add Reply

Follow the directions and it’s an awesome product the ability to fine tune your weapon makes this kit awesome. The only downfall I see is the kit only comes with H2 weights and I wish you could choose a kit that has 3 steel and 3 tungsten weights for ultra fine tuning

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Myron - Add Reply

You don't notice how loud and how ratcheting your standard buffer is until you get one of these. I bit the bullet on the hard to swallow price and man I didn't regret it. I know have them in 3 guns because once you have it in one, you will only shot that one.

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Clifford - Add Reply

bought the gen 2 heavy buffer for ar10 dpms classis with 22 inch barrel. have not used it suppressed yet. throws brass into a little pile 3 feet from the port. amazing. it doesn't reduce recoil, but it shortens the impulse so it is easier to manage.

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Jaren - Add Reply

Amazing product, smoother recoil. Don't get annoying sounding ,scratchy ,irritating , cheap sensation while pulling charging handle. It is expensive, go to JP website to get the right model . DI uses different model than piston. AR 10 uses beefed up model

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Devon - Add Reply

This buffer spring combination is pretty expensive, but well worth the price. You are spending money on a system that can be adjusted and fine tune to satisfy you specific rifle. Best of all no annoying twang when you fire.

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Roscoe - Add Reply

I installed this in my lr308 24in bull barre.308 win./7.62x51 nato.Best lil tune up around. fully adjustable worthwhile investment . Minimize felt recoil impulse and once you find its sweetspot it minimizes bolt bounce and sends spent cases much more uniformly in a single spot. Be diligent and work with the option at hand to tune it in and this will be an amazing asset. By itself you will improve your longevity of the bolt carrier group due to less bolt bounce and less stress from lower bolt return my opinion this item will ultimately lead to faster more accurate follow up shots in addition to greater longevity of the bolt carrier group . To date ive run it w surplus military 147gr ball 150 gr factory 165 grn factory and 180 gr factory ammo with out a single failure.

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Devante - Add Reply

I run jp scs in all my AR it’s the best setup you can have hands down! It’s a little costly then a buffer and spring but worth every Penny. H2 scs I run on all my sbr and regular H for rifle. Easy to install but I little tricky to remove due to the dent

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Cleve - Add Reply

The makers at JP Enterprises have put a lot of great care in their products. I have started with these silent capture springs since a friend recommended them to me and never went back! They are very easy to install and they are extremely reliable. So far I have not had one issue yet with their performance. I use these in all of my ar 15 and ar 10 firearms. These have interchangeable weights also and that helps depending on what triggers I use or if I am using a suppressor. I highly recommend using these buffer springs for anyone who uses and ar 15 or ar 10. They are great!

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Lonzo - Add Reply

Great product I can’t live without it now. Really helps with the metal rattling sound from a traditional buffer spring setup. The only problem I’d I need three more for the rest of my ARs and two for my AR10s.

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Tevin - Add Reply

I am very happy with this product. This unit has been completely reliable on my .300 BLK SBR. I went with the heavier buffer since this is a SBR. It also eliminated "Sprong" that standard buffering systems have. I highly recommend it.

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Gunner - Add Reply

Installed on a suppressed, piston driven AR because all I would hear is the buffer spring. Unbelievabley quiet with improved cycling! Highly recommended even if you're not shooting suppressed, I have since ordered another for another rifle.

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Johnson - Add Reply

After arround 100 rounds i really like the jp builder kit. I have in a rifle with a low mass carrier group and a non ajustable gas block choice of spring tension let me choose the best fit for my application.

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Vladimir - Add Reply

Product was lighter than my standard buffer and spring and much quieter. It also cane with many spring options for tuning to your rifle specs. Jp has very nice products. .................................................

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Randi - Add Reply

I was a bit hesitant but after doing exhaustive research and watching reviews after reviews, I sprung at it. I have to say, this thing is awesome! It cycles the gun so quietly, no more noise when the action cycles. It’s a great quality of life upgrade. Not necessary but if done, makes a world of difference. One more thing, most people say to remove the detent but I didn’t. Just use a flat head screw driver to push it down then slide the spring right out.

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Erin - Add Reply

Very well built and much quieter than the typical spring system. Still makes noise though. Easy to disassemble for cleaning or to adjust the weights in case you needed to add another tungsten one. Cons are the price but you really do get what you pay for. The other con is the price of the weights sperate from the unit. It is nice to be have the ability to adjust the weight but that will yack in $$$ with a quickness.

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Leonard - Add Reply

On initial receipt of the JP Silent Captured Buffer Spring, I can tell you it feels good in the hand. Feels solid and appears to be very well thought out. All the research I did prior to purchasing paid off. I wanted to get rid of the "twangy-ness" in my ear when shooting (especially suppressed) on my 300 Blackout build and this definitely did the trick. A more smooth and soft recoil was a welcome bonus. Even my girlfriend commented on how smooth the gun felt. Ultimately it's not cheap but I can't imagine you'll buy it and regret it.

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Trace - Add Reply

High quality upgrade. From a very reputable company. Makes firearms easier to shoot and much more reliable system than the buffer and spring. Also eliminates the harsh recoil and spring sound a normal buffer makes.

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Cordelia - Add Reply

I purchased my first ar15 with mil-spec parts and very satisfied with the rifle. I got the bug to assemble a second rifle with parts I selected. I decided to try the JP Silent Spring after seeing reviews on forums and Youtube. So glad I did. You won't believe how much smoother your rifle will shoot without the standard buffer spring "sprong". I am happy I made the purchase and actually ordered another for my first rifle. You've gotta try one.

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Bradly - Add Reply

Was recommended this product from a LEO in Texas. Took has advise and purchased one for the heck of it. Dropped it right into my AR15. Operates reliably and efficiently. Way smoother than the stock spring and much quieter. Definitely worth it.

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Parker - Add Reply

This buffer was used on my AR 15 6.5 Grendel and it made a significant difference in the buffer tube noise. My rifle shoots far smoother and is quieter; there is no longer any of that Anyang rattle in the buffer tube when fired. Great product.

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Tad - Add Reply

Installs easily, eliminates spring noise and functions reliably as H2 carbine buffer system. Helps overgassed carbine gas systems, and since it does not need the buffer retainer detent, is easily interchanged between lowers.

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Murl - Add Reply

If you are building a high end AR rifle this is what you will need. This JP Spring System works great and dose every thing that is advertised. And I will use them in all my builds in the future. You won't be disappointed

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Scottie - Add Reply

This buffer spring is extremely quiet and very well built. The craftsmanship is impressive and was very easy to install. Shipping was fast and I would certainly recommend this product to anyone that uses a suppressor or that is looking to customize their build to next level status.

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Lucio - Add Reply

This does exactly what I wanted it to do and does it quietly! No spring sound at all! The only sound is the bolt lockup! I just wish I could afford more for my other rifles! It takes the ringing sound out of your ear while shooting.

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Walter - Add Reply

This sucker is expensive but if you can get over that the performance you will gain is well worth it. Your rifle will cycle smoother and quieter. As we all know one of the not so great designs for an AR are the buffer and spring. With this device all of that goes away!

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Kenneth - Add Reply

Wow!!! The entire rifle feels different, smooth and quiet for the ear against the stock. No more of the cheap tinty sproinging sound. It feels like my DPMS rifle is now a $2000 high end AR-15. I fired another AR-15 right after with the standard buffer system, and it confirmed that this is the thing to purchase for anybody that owns and shoots regularly such a rifle.

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Wilbert - Add Reply

Run this in a suppressed ddmk18. At first impression not sure it made a difference. Until until I visited the range this weekend. A gentleman ask me if I knew what was wrong with his AR. Upon talking with him he complained about a (Thong) sound when fired. I giggled a bit and said yup!! Here shoot mine. He was impressed! As was I. Iam not sure if it has anything to do with any other added performance. However it does in fact greatly reduce that all well to known (Thong) sound from your spring. I will purchase it again.

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Jayme - Add Reply

When I began building my first AR I heard a lot about the grinding noise of the regular spring/buffer system. I'd only bought my first AR a couple years prior and didn't really think about it that much. Well, that was until I bought a JP Silent Captured Spring system for my first build. On it's first range trip I took both rifles and when one would heat up a little I would swap them. It was at that time I began to realize how loud the regular system really is. There is a considerable, dramatic decrease in the noise level with the JP. I have since built another AR and equipped it with the JP. So that makes two. I'm building a 300 Blackout AR pistol and it will also be equipped with one as well as the AR that made so much noise before. I can't imagine I'll ever have another AR type rifle without a JP Silent Captured Buffer Spring System in it.

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Tommie - Add Reply

I had installed a JP Enterprise Silent Capture Buffer in my ar-10, 308 build. I used their standard weight setup per their website. First time I went to the range, failure to extract issues. I called up JP Enterprises and they said to run two heavier tungsten weights and the standard weight was for use with a low mass bolt carrier. So after putting two tungsten weights on the buffer in place of the lighter weight steel ones, no more extraction problems. Overall, it cost about the same buying two addition tungsten weights compared to buying the heavy weight version of the silent buffer from the get go. So long story short, the tungsten weights worked great and JP Enterprise needs to clarify on which buffer for which build.

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Jack - Add Reply

Worked great, looks nice on my new AR with my Daniel defense upper and a Juggernaut Tactical lower. Got the item quickly in the mail with no issues. Optics planet has been good to work with so far. fair prices

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Jacey - Add Reply

Just love this set up. I started with it in my three gun rifle. My rifle ran so much smoother. I was so impressed that I had to get another for my hunting rifle. Now I have two rifles that run awesome and feel I have to try the 9mm system now. Jp makes some awesome stuff and does not stop amazing me. everyone should own a few!

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Jace - Add Reply

Purchased a JP SCS to get rid of the “sproing” noise when firing suppressed shots... 100% fixed the noise... Then I put one in my 3gun AR, using the White spring from their kit, and WOW! It completely kills the recoil impulse when paired with a low-mass carrier. 5.56 has very minimal recoil as-is, but when using a JPSCS, it is non-existent; making doubles super fast and accurate.

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Emmanuel - Add Reply

Works great. Smooth and quite. Very easy to install. The folks at Optics Planet are great to work with and its hard to beat their prices. I just can't say enough about the wonderful folks at Optics Planet

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Emanuel - Add Reply

This is not a cheap part/upgrade by any means and may seem extremely unnecessary to some people... However, if you want your rifle to reach it's maximum performance potential, you can't pass on this buffer spring system. There is nothing like it.

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Dallin - Add Reply

Shoots great, no pogo stick noises from my rifle. I deducted 1 star for two reasons: 1: I had to do some fiddling to get the overall length correct in my rifle length buffer tube. This involved about 45mins of hand sanding on the plastic spacer to get the overall length correct. 2: Price - They're billing a massive premium. There's just not much to this thing.

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Brody - Add Reply

Optic Planet offered very good price. This Silent Capture Buffer Spring makes my AR smoother and no more spring noise after every shot. Remember to remove the retaining pin prior to installing this buffer. It makes easier to install the buffer.

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Xander - Add Reply

This is such a nice addition. Makes the weapon run smoother and more efficiently. Absolutely LOVE it! Installs in a breeze. Make sure you read the directions, I SUGGEST you remove the detent spring as suggested for easier removal of the Buffer. It is not necessary, but advisable

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Burley - Add Reply

I already had a hydraulic buffer in this gun, but silent captured buffer makes it feel (and sound) like a entirely new gun. The gun also charges much smoother. It's a stiffer pull, but smooth and even. No longer does my AR sound or feel like a toy gun when charged or the bolt is released As soon as I can afford to upgrade my other guns I plan on doing so!

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Freddy - Add Reply

This spring cycles very reliably and makes the rifle crisp and quiet while it cycles. No grating, rattling, or scraping. Easy to install and the extra springs allow me customize my rifle even further for different bullet weights, BCG weights, and supressors.

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Keeley - Add Reply

Wrote a review earlier about putting this in all my AR-15 builds. It's also in my DPMS LAR-308 (AR-10). It works like nothing you've heard before! Seriously, the JP SCS works on every platform I own and have built: A2 (20" Barrel), M4, Carbine, Varmint (24" Barrel), Beowolf, and AR-10. You will not be disappointed. I will not build an AR again without it. Currently building a Beowolf pistol, and have ordered one for it as well.

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Consuelo - Add Reply

Seriously this buffer system is the best addition to every ar15 I currently own. Extremely smooth/quiet operation and in my personal experience I've had zero failure to eject since using this system. Yes it is expensive but for me it is very worth it. I only wish I could use this on my agency issued patrol rifle.

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Dale - Add Reply

This product is awesome. I put this into an AR i built for someone with a small frame. Really takes some of the recoil out of it. Easy to Install, took me about 2 minutes. Well worth the cost. Will be buying one for all of my ARs.

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Devante - Add Reply

Great product accidentally ordered the heavy weight with 2x tungsten but it went together really easily and the tuneabillity is really very far reaching so many combos can be ACHIEVED WITH THIS!! But mainly i can hear in the racking of the action how much smoother and quieter it is cant wait to take it to range and test it out hopefully it will perform as well as the reviews say it will... happy shooting

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Korey - Add Reply

Always a fan of primary arms, they have shipping down to a T. But the product is just amazing. IT DOES EVERYTHING IT ADVERTISES. This is a key and really made my 30p blackout shoot alot better. I k how longer hear that racketimg from the spring bouncing around.

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Dewayne - Add Reply

Bought this thinking it would eliminate the sproing and it did. It's probably not worth the money but I absolutely would buy it again. Also appears to be well made and well packaged, install was literally the simplest it could be

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Giovanny - Add Reply

It's a nice product but you shouldn't have to put anything down the Buffer tube to make it fit snug. For what it cost it should fit any milspec carbine buffer tube. I have 2 of these and they are both the same way. They work as they should and definitely get rid of that twang. It would have taken 2 quarters but I ended up finding an O-ring that worked well.

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Dagmar - Add Reply

Super easy install and the perfect upgrade for my 300b/o. Prior to install, it wouldn’t run all Ammo. After install I can run whatever I want in it. A low cost upgrade that made my gun run 1000x’s better. Highly recommend and will be going in all my AR’s

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Sedrick - Add Reply

As a former door kicker in the Army I can say this is hands down one of the best investments you can make. I have put many many rounds down range in the military and hated the stock mil spec set up. Old school works, but this new stuff is ballin. Just buy it.

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Zakary - Add Reply

Currently own three and will buy more in a heartbeat, if I buy another AR. Amazing product!!! It's helps to quieten things down, follow up shots are more accurate, the weapon cycles better.... I absolutely love it!!!

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Armand - Add Reply

If you are looking to have the smoothest cycling AR you can get then look no further. These silent captured spring assemblies I use and every one of my guns. They are completely worth the money and make your AR cycle like butter. Highly recommended and you definitely will not be disappointed.

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Braeden - Add Reply

The jp enterprise product is a nice upgrade. It noticeably reduces the noise, however, another big benefit is not needing the buffer retainer any longer as the silent capture system does not require it (actually causes issues). I am happy with the product and service I received from optics planet. I will end though with saying this is definitely a luxury item and not a necessity for any personal builds if you are deciding on purchasing. That is why I gave it 4 stars but great product for what it does.

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Giovanni - Add Reply

Put SCS in M&P lower with A2 stock and RR predator pursuit upper and wow did it smooth things out. Only noise is report and the bolt. All spring noise is gone. All vibration in stock from cycling is gone. Rifle runs very smooth. All brass is nice little pile about five feet away. Highly recommended this setup. Delivery was very fast. Installation was simple. Great product!

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Reece - Add Reply

Like everything else designed and manufactured by JP, the silent captured spring is functional perfection. Put the H2 heavy system in my Knights CQB Mod 2. Runs perfectly with all ammo I have put through it from 42gr frangible to 77gr SMKs both suppressed and unsuppressed. No more internal "sprong" from bolt reciprocation and the recoil impulse is vastly tamed, though, with the MAMS brake, recoil was negligible to begin with. It is more a question of the feel; a soft push vs a sudden impulse.

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Paolo - Add Reply

Jp make some awesome parts. There scs is a must have for all AR15 ! The bcg moved so smooth and quite. The gen 2 unit is also so lite! The felt recoil is also reduced you can actually tell a difference. I like there scs so much I change all my standard buffer and spring to JP scs!

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Gilberto - Add Reply

I have been shooting my AR for about three years now and it's always been "ok". I have slowly been upgrading with a better trigger, barrel, hand guard and some other extras. I have always enjoyed it and more so with the aftermarket parts but something was always bugging me whenever I shot it. I finally realized it was the dang buffer spring shaking my jaw bone and having to listen to it slide right by my ear. I found this buffer system and I finally truly love shooting my rifle. It feels a lot more solid on recoil much more like a bolt gun. I would recommend this to anyone even if the buffer spring noise doesn't bother you. It just makes the rifle feel so much solid.

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Brant - Add Reply

This is all I put in my AR builds anymore. It's about $100 more expensive than the standard buffer and spring, but I can usually save that money somewhere else in the build or in my optics selection. Being able to easily and quickly tune the buffer spring rates and buffer weights with interchangeable parts in all of my AR rifles is a nice place to be. More importantly the rick-rack grinding noise is gone from my buffer tube when I shoot now. This noise is just a distraction and I do get used to it after I shoot a bit, but it's an annoying distraction that is out of my life now. That's worth more than $100 to me.

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Zion - Add Reply

Very easy to nstall and eliminated the cheese grater sound of my buffer spring on my 300 blackout with a suppressor. I was very impressed with how much it made a difference only sound I hear noe is the bolt cycling.

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Alphonso - Add Reply

I put together my first ar this past year and have been in love with the platform ever since. I went a little over budget on the gun but ended up with an extremely accurate and reliable gun. I put in the papers for my suppressor and while I was doing research on which I wanted i came across the JP Silent Capture buffer. When I started to look into it I thought there was no way that it would make a difference. I decided to give it a try despite my doubts and once I got it in I could immediately tell a difference. The standard buffer and buffer spring that is put into most wars is noisy and doesn't have a high quality feel in my opinion. This silent capture buffer was both quite and gave the gun a nice high quality feel when charging it. I have to receive my tax stamp for the suppressor but even shooting unsuppressed I could tell a huge difference not only in sound but also the feel. So I can only imagine what it will be like suppressed. I would definitely recommend putting this in your build (suppressed or unsuppressed) and the adjustment for buffer weights is as easy as changing the weights out. Not to mention the make one for CQB stocks and pistol braces.

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Zechariah - Add Reply

Works as advertised. My 10.5 sbr is so much quieter it’s worth the money. Installation is a breeze. Cycling so far is 100 percent. I went with the H2 weight spring which is recommended for sbr so far so great.

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Dedrick - Add Reply

Great product. Dramatically quieted action noise down on my ar and much smoother operating. Installed on my three gun rifle. Will definitely look to put one in my next build. Definitely a quality product. Great price and fast shipping.

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Marvin - Add Reply

I have to tell you the JP Enterprises Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System, this has been one of the best products and value for the price I paid and you can only get that at Optics Planet give them a call and try this product I`m sure you will agree!

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Demond - Add Reply

I just receive this spring for a new build, it has not been installed yet. I have heard such great things about this system, I am looking forward to trying it. I was a little concerned about the weight when I ordered this system. Although it is heavier than the standard spring the weight is not bad. The quality of the product looks great. I will update once my build is complete.

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Hardy - Add Reply

Works great. Very light weight. Easy to install. Much smoother and faster with reduced spring recoil and noise. Installed in my wife's AS and she is very happy. I will definitely but one for my AR soon.

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Royal - Add Reply

I did a side by side comparison of a standard buffer spring and this product and was impressed beyond belief. I tested it as well as a friend. He noticed significant reduction in spring noise. I noticed reduction in recoil, which isn't much for 223, which aided in quick shot acquisition. Great product.

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Jay - Add Reply

Saw these about 5 years ago, and thought about trying one. The price was a bit higher, and it was a hard buy due to the price. I really didn't like the sound of the buffer and spring against the buffer tube, and finally caved in and bought one. MAN OH MAN WHAT A DIFFERENCE! After the first round I was sold! I've built over a dozen AR-15's (A2's, carbines, and M4's) for myself and for friends, and I won't build one without the JP Enterprises Silent Capture Spring system. Several friends who already own AR-15's converted over as well after one round out of mine. This is even installed on an Alexander Arms Beowolf. I also like the fact that you can buy the spring pack, and change out for different recoil spring weights to dial it in for your personal preference. The silent capture spring system is the best upgrade you can do to your weapon, hands down.

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Erick - Add Reply

This product should be the norm for all AR builds. It provides less wear, radically reduced noise in operation and it is simple, easy to install. Smart design, great function. One will be in all of my AR rifles and carbines.

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Tanner - Add Reply

The JP Silent Captured Buffer Spring System is great. Installed it in my AR-10 and it runs without issue. Very quiet, easy to install, and no more annoying sound from the original buffer spring when shooting. Extremely quiet when shooting suppressed! Highly recommend it!

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Magnus - Add Reply

I like this spring system very much. It makes shooting AR-15 so much more pleasant by getting rid of spring noise away ! Works well with any caliber. But effect it much more pronounced with quieter setups like 300 Blackout or 22LR.

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Loyal - Add Reply

So far it is good. You can tell the difference from the factory spring. Hadn't had any problems. Very easy to install. I didn't even have to take the pin out on my DPMS, just pushed the pin down and slide it right in.

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Mortimer - Add Reply

this is an excellent upgrade for your ar, i swapped out my h buffer for a h2 buffer and the weapon is smooth operating like glass, plus felt recoil is down and the weapon just feels better overall, it just functions better.

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Zachary - Add Reply

I am using this in combination with an Aero M5E upper, JP full mass BCG and JP supermatch barrel. This makes for a tried and tested system. I like the adjustability that that captured spring offers should I need to tune the system.

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Sterling - Add Reply

I highly recommend this if your looking to quiet the rattle and noises produced from just holding and walking with your gun. It does an excellent job. Gun operates beautifully with it. Just a slight modification with the plug they include and your ready to role

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Ronaldo - Add Reply

Silent but deadly! A whole new way of looking at it. I really like it so far. No issues for 200 rounds. Will be running this in a few more rifles. Dropped in the AR with no issues and works right out of the box.

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Rylan - Add Reply

Works as advertised. The JP Enterprises Dilent Capture Buffer Spring system is a fantastic drop in replacement for your standard buffer and spring. I threw one down the pipe of my VLTOR stock. The size was off some, so as the directions specified I trimmed the plastic filler down a bit and added a coin to make the fitment perfect and BAM. No noise.

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Cornell - Add Reply

Excellent product: reduces perceived recoil and eliminate the clanking noise produced by traditional buffer/spring set up.Very easy to install. Make sure you visit jp website to select the correct model for your rifle.

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Jamie - Add Reply

No more spring sounds when you shoot. Definitely an improvement over the standard spring / buffer. Have had zero malfunctions. Works exactly as you would think it should. If i build another lower, I will definitely get another one.

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Buddy - Add Reply

I read all the reviews on the JP Silent Captured Buffer Spring System and I was impressed. I purchased one for my Ruger AR 556 and it fit perfect and now it works smooth as butter. I have installed the JP trigger springs also and JP products will make any AR better.

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Agustin - Add Reply

need I say more it makes the action so much quieter and easier to clean..................................................................................................................................................

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Jorge - Add Reply

Delivered quickly and arrived complete and no damage. Very easy to replace original buffer with the Silent Buffer. No need to remove buffer retention pin. A noticeable difference in weapon performance.

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Rene - Add Reply

It certainly installed easily. I recommend removing the buffer retention spring before installing and greasing the scs before installing. I don’t know why I expected complete silence when compressing, but it definitely gets rid of the springy twang and sounds more solid. I notice it most when charging the rifle. Unfortunately, I haven’t shot it yet but I expect to be impressed. I will update later. My only real complaint was how long it took to receive the component—3 weeks..

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Timmothy - Add Reply

The JP Silent capture spring was installed in my lantac .223 wyld 7.5 barrel build. Limits recoil with very smooth function and cycle. No FTF or jams expended 400 rounds .223 Hornady Tap 55 grain. Best buffer on the market worth the extra money.

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Sean - Add Reply

Ones you experience a jp scs buffer you will not go back to a regular buffer and spring setup! The jp setup is as good as it get. You will tell less felt recoil and your bcg will run like butter! No more springy noise, no more buffer moving. Setup cost a little more but it well worth it! I like it so must I put them all in my ar and furture Build.

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Henderson - Add Reply

Well worth the expense. Quiet, self contained, simple. I like the option to use different springs to customize the system for the optimum action. I also like the design that eliminates the need for the retainer in the buffer tube. I've purchased two so far.

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Kris - Add Reply

I recently added the JP Enterprises silent captured spring to my AR15. I have been adding various upgrades to help minimize normal wear and tear on the rifle. The design of the silent captured spring eliminates the wear caused by the steel spring against the aluminum buffer tube. This spring system also allows easily changing the mass of the buffer as part of my efforts to reduce the mass of the bcg and reduce recoil.

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Juwan - Add Reply

This was a great product fit great into a CAV-15 MKII stock. No issues with instal or operation. I would recommend to anyone. Installed a KE Arms trigger and ambidextrous selector. Quite operation and good reliability. I will try it next with a .224 Valkyrie to see the operation.

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Rodrick - Add Reply

I have the basic spring installed on my .223 and i like it. So far it's been very reliable with over 500 rds shot. Install was easy, although I don't like the ideal of not having the buffer detent in place, i can still install old buffer and spring as a backup. The recoil is smooth with crisp return. No more twang noise, yay..

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Abdiel - Add Reply

No more clang of a spring. Better buffering for my subsonic.300 blackout. We liked it so much we ended up buying them for our other rifles as well. I wear ear plugs only when not shooting subsonic and could always hear that clingy noise, not anymore.

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Colin - Add Reply

I put this in my gen 2 DDISR and its a pretty nice improvement over the stock buffer and spring which were pretty loud shooting subs. I will get at least one more of these and I don't think there's any better recommendation than that. Also I eliminated the buffer detent and spring which can allegedly break though I've never seen it.

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Jamel - Add Reply

Great upgrade for my AR builds. Helped with the recoil and no more spring twang noise anymore. This fit the carbine length buffer tube without any extra spacers needed (V Seven Buffer tube). Cleaning is super easy and just a solid feel. Overall, I highly recommend it.

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Abdiel - Add Reply

Installed the H2 on a PSA PA10 Gen III lower. Have used both the Gen III .308 & 6.5 creedmoor uppers. Both uppers cycle so much more smoothly now, also noticeable reduction in felt recoil. And silence from the buffer tube.. Can not recommend this product enough! Will definitely be purchasing for other ARs.

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Bernard - Add Reply

This review is for the JP silent capture spring that I will be using in my AR-15 carbine. Shipping took I little longer than I was hopping and the other half took even longer to receive. I haven't had a chance to get out to the range yet to feel the difference, but I can hear the difference right away. Not as loud as before, so far so good.

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Demarco - Add Reply

Optics planet sent my spring quickly, didnt charge me shipping, and talked with me about the best option for my needs.. Fitted the system into an ar platform and instant gratification... huge improvemnt.. buy one and dont look back. Service was fantastic, advice was right on the money, product was perfect as with all jp products.. Definitely buy fro OP again..! Some negative reviews on here but my experience was all positive..

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Hailey - Add Reply

Easy to install, I immediately noticed the lack of the spring noise usually heard through the stock and my hearing protection. Rifle shoots well and seems to be an improved ability to stay on target for multiple shots. It appears well made, machined and executed! I also like that it came with the spacer for a full stock application - so right out of the box it should fit without having to order extra parts.

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Fletcher - Add Reply

For your USPSA PCC build, this is by far the best recoil system. Even compared to spring configurations with hydraulic buffers, the JP system is better. It makes the recoil cycle smoother, thereby completely changing the feel. Plus the weight placement is moved behind the bolt rather than in the bolt. I was hesitant till I tried, but now this is my first choice. I've been hit or miss with parts in my PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine). Basically what fixed it was going to the JP Barrel, Bolt, and Gen2 Captured Buffer Spring System. Not only is it flat and solid dot stability, but it actually runs 100%.

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Jefferey - Add Reply

Outstanding allowed my 9mm carbine to opperate extremely smooth no spring noise or misfuctions. I pair this with a JP enhanced bolt group assembly. I would recommended this product to anyone looking for a competitive 9mm carbine.

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Douglas - Add Reply

I researched the silent captured spring for the AR system and thought I would give it a shot.... I was absolutely stunned at the feel inside my AR! I haven’t fired it yet, as I’m still working on this build (need money to start my upper receiver) however I attached another upper receiver to my now completed lower and pulled the charging handle and the feel inside my buffer tube is phenomenal, to say the least. Such a smooth and remotely silent action that I’m excited to feel it during live fire when my rifle is completed! It does feel slightly more stiff than a normal buffer and spring would feel, but I don’t believe it is a drawback in any way. A little pricey, but I can also feel the quality that goes into the craftsmanship of this piece. The directions for install will give you the option to remove the buffer retaining pin from your lower, which is a really easy process. However, I chose to reinstall it to keep the buffer in my lower. Prior to pressing the silent buffer into your buffer tube if you have NOT removed the retaining pin and spring, ensure you have a small punch or something to keep the retaining pin pressed or it will wedge between the weights and will be difficult to press later. I personally put the silent buffer in the tube while it was loose and then put in the spring and retaining pin before tightening the castellated nut. This will need to be done for cleaning or as mentioned earlier, if you have a small punch that will hold the pin down while removing a... Read More...

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Armando - Add Reply

Installed it in rifle a couple of weekend ago and it has eliminated all of the spring noise we have come to dread with AR rifles. I love it's ability to be able to changes out the weights and springs for optimum performance

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Hiram - Add Reply

JP Enterprises makes innovative top-quality products my ar-15 charges smother no bolt bounce when you drop the bolt It tamed down the recoil and made the rifle cycle much smoother and quieter The gun runs flawlessly both supressed and unsuppressed

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Benjamin - Add Reply

I can't believe the difference this made in my 300 blk pistol. Couple the JP Silent Captured Spring H2 with a Cryptic Coatings BCG and Superlative Arms adjustable gas block and once it was dialed in it shot like a .22 rifle. Very soft shooting, I love it.

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Lon - Add Reply

No modifications needed, a little difficult to get in but I've it's in it works perfectly. Sounds way better and cycles as it should. Definitely worth it for any are and I plan to use it in any more that I build. I just ordered another for my ar9.

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Clark - Add Reply

The shipping was very fast and free,I received my order with in 2 days. The JP Enterprises gen 2 silent captured buffer spring system is a great product that was fast and easy to install. It came with every thing needed.

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Monroe - Add Reply

I bought this to upgrade my buffer on my Smith & Wesson M&P10 Sport. This product is well worth the money. It's a quality of life thing. I don't know how else to describe it. The noise reduction is amazing and very different from a normal spring. The sound of this thing is just so buttery smooth when you pull that charging handle. The noise reduction when shooting is honestly surprising the first time you shoot. No twang leftover at all. Everyone I have shown this to has been in awe of the quality and function. I would add this buffer to any AR, and recommend it to everyone who's wants to reduce noise, and friction in their rifles.

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