Laser Ball Baseball Speed Radar LB10

Primary Simulation Laser Ball Baseball Speed Radars LB10 gives you an opportunity to measure your pitching speed with in game or at your practice without using laser speed radar gun. These Laser Balls are accurate in speeds from 20 up to 120 MPH and they are cool addition to our wide selection of Sport Speed Radar Guns. The Laserballs are regular size and weight which means that they will give you precise measurement of your pitching.

Laser Ball Sports Radar Ball LB10 is a regulation-size and weight baseball with the amazing hand-sensing technology for pitching practice. The Laser-Ball Baseball LB-10 can sense if it is being held in your hand and you can hold the ball naturally. Once you pitch the Laser Ball Baseball Radar, it will notice immediately. When the Base Ball Laserball LB 10 is caught, the speed of the Laser Ball is displayed instantly.

The Laser Ball went through very thorough field testing by the Spalding Sports Worldwide, Inc. before mass production began. These Laser Ball Speed Radars are much more than toys and are being used as training aids by serious ball clubs and players.

Warning: Do not hit a Laser Ball with a bat or pitch against a hard wall. If the Laser Ball Radar gets wet, let it dry thoroughly before re-use! Soaking in water will damage the circuitry inside and/or shorten the battery life.

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Specifications for Laser Ball Speed Radars:

Model LB-10 Laser Baseball:   preset pitching distances of 20', 30', 40', 46', 50', 60 1/2', 70' and 80'. For adults and junior players. Displays speed in MPH. PVC skin.

Features of Baseball Laser Balls:

  • Amazing hand-sensing technology for pitching practice
  • Easy to operate and anyway you like to hold the ball
  • 4-digit LCD display
  • Display speed as mile/hour(MPH)
  • Readings are accurate from 20 to 120 MPH
  • Countdown immediately starts when the ball leaves hand and speed is displayed on LCD instantly upon impact
  • Automatic power shut-off after 2 minutes if not in use
  • Battery can last from 3 to 10 years
  • Laser balls are standard (size and weight)

1-Laser Ball Baseball Speed Radar LB10
2-Laser Ball Baseball Speed Radar LB10

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