Pocket Radar All Purpose Classic Speed Radar Gun PR1000

Bulky and expensive radar guns are now a thing of the past. The Pocket Radar Classic All-Purpose Speed Radar Gun can be used for measurement in traffic safety, radio controlled hobbies, motor sports, and much more. You decide what to measure and when, using one of 2 modes - snapshot or repeating - to accurately monitor the speed of runners, vehicles, radio controlled planes/cars and other large moving objects from 7-375 MPH (11-600 KPH).

These versatile Radar Guns from Pocket Radar are used by professionals and amateurs worldwide. Current Pocket Radar Classic Compact Personal K-Band Radar Gun owners include world-record holders, traffic engineers, hobbyists, parents and others interested in speed. It has received multiple industry awards including the Consumer Electronic Show's (CES) "Innovation Honoree in Personal Electronics" award. The Pocket Radar Classic Radar Gun allows anyone to gather the same accurate speed measurements as owners of other professional radar guns in a smaller, more convenient and affordable package. The hand-held size allows you to take measurements discreetly without alerting drivers or changing the behavior of athletes. Built from the same high-impact plastic as hockey helmets, the Pocket Radar Classic Personal Handheld Radar is rugged enough to perform well in even the most demanding environments.

If you are focused on measuring ball speeds in sports like baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse and cricket, we recommend you check out the Ball Coach radar from Pocket Radar, also available on OpticsPlanet.com.

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Features of Pocket Radar Classic Speed Radar PR1000:

  • Manual one-button operation.
  • Snapshot mode - TAP button for a single speed measurement.
  • Repeating mode - HOLD button down for a new speed measurement every 0.75 of a second.
  • Memory stores the previous 10 speed readings.
  • Powers off after 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • For concerned citizens interested in neighborhood street safety, discreetly measure the acceleration and deceleration of cars, vehicles and bikes.
  • Preferred radar gun used to measure the acceleration and deceleration of athletes (animals included) running. See the peak speed for: running/sprinting, ice skating, bicycling, skiing, skateboarding and many others, including winter sports.
  • Discover the top speeds of radio controlled cars, planes, boats and many more.
  • For tripod use, clamp-style smartphone mount is needed.
  • Not intended for measuring ball speeds. Not compatible with app.

1-Pocket Radar All Purpose Classic Speed Radar Gun PR1000
2-Pocket Radar All Purpose Classic Speed Radar Gun PR1000
3-Pocket Radar All Purpose Classic Speed Radar Gun PR1000
4-Pocket Radar All Purpose Classic Speed Radar Gun PR1000
5-Pocket Radar All Purpose Classic Speed Radar Gun PR1000
6-Pocket Radar All Purpose Classic Speed Radar Gun PR1000
7-Pocket Radar All Purpose Classic Speed Radar Gun PR1000

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  • the pocket radar gun is small and inconspicuous it's perfect
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Wilfredo - Add Reply

I'm a High School Baseball Coach in Tennessee and have been using the Pocket Radar for almost a year in my program. Every time the guys see me get it out the competition level of practice gets ratcheted up a few notches. The boys get intense! We use the radar in 2 major ways. The pitchers get their bullpens charted for max velocity and FB/CH differential. The OF loves it to compete with crow hops throws and most IF guys know that scouts are looking for 90+ across the diamond...everyone has a goal to shoot for. In the cages we have batted ball exit speed competitions off a tee and front toss. Guys start coming out of their shoes in order to hit the ball harder - it is great! Pros: Light weight, easy to carry, affordable, the kids love it! Cons: On occation it will miss a pitch.

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Humberto - Add Reply

I've had this device for about 14 months...to say that it has exceeded my expectation is an understatement. I compared its accuracy to a much more expensive gun; a friend of mine and I simultaneously tracked pitch speed...in each and every instance, we were pretty much dead on - he paid nearly $700 for his! Obviously this gun is easy to carry and just as easy to point-and-shoot to use. I think that, more than anything else, the thing that has impressed me is that I can use it from the stands and still get accurate reading...just didn't expect this level of quality in such a small package. I'm trying to be unbiased here and list some things that I don't really like about it, too. But to be honest, there just isn't much. Maybe the 2x the price of a Bushnell?...even at that, I feel it's more than worth that difference in portability alone. I highly recommend the Pocket Radar to anyone (everyone?) who'll listen. Pros: accuracy, portability, ease of use, range Cons: ...tough to say...

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Justen - Add Reply

I have used radar guns in baseball training for pitching and hitting for a long time and this is the best unit ever. It only weighs a few ounces and is accurate as any other out there. It does trigger different so you have to read the instructions or you won't know what you are doing, but it is a small price to pay for the convenience. The only downside is the 120 feet of range is not long enough to sit in the stands for scouting. If you want a long range scouting gun this is not it. If you want a great radar for use in training and coaching this is the best one out there. Pros: Fits in your Pocket Cons: Not for Scouting

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Amani - Add Reply

I was at a Perfect Game showcase where several scouts were using these. At first I thought it was a small video camera until I got closer and saw it was a radar. The readings were the same as the big Stalker gun they had on the backstop. I bought one to use with our team. It did take a little practice to get the triggering right, but now it seems so easy. We use it for pitching and hitting drills measuring the speed of the ball hit off a tee. It is great because you can clock a player without them even seeing it, so they arent throwing for the gun. Pros: Good for Hitting and Pitching

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Maurice - Add Reply

What I love most about the Pocket Radar is it's convenient size. I had a bigger "pistol" radar gun, but it was so bulky and conspicuous, that I stopped taking it to games. With the Pocket Radar, many people think I'm using my cell phone. I can't tell you how many times people ask me what app I am using to record the pitching speeds. Pros: Accurate, easy to use, portable Cons: None

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Hermann - Add Reply

I was tired of lugging out my 2 pound gun and a buddy recommended I try this one. At first I was not sure how to get it to read until I watched the video on YouTube where they showed how to trigger it for a baseball. It triggers different than my other radar so it took some getting used to when to hit the button. Once I got it down it was dead on with the $800 gun. It is so tiny nobody knows that they are being clocked so I get a more true reading than when they are throwing for the big gun. Pros: Convenient, Very Accurate, Low Cost Cons: Have to learn how to trigger it

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Arjun - Add Reply

Very good product. I received my Pocket Radar on Thursday, and used it immediately at a softball tournament. The readings seemed accurate and were consistent. The device fits easily into my pocket which makes it very convenient. People do not realize it is a radar device, they think that I am just taking a picture. Pros: Size, Consistency of readings Cons: The timing of pressing the button takes a little getting used to.

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Eliezer - Add Reply

As a professional stuntman I find the Pocket Radar very useful tool. Whether designing stunts with vehicles that typically don't have speedometers, or calling out speeds to drivers of modified vehicles during stunt sequences, the Pocket Radar has proven to be very useful. It's size makes it perfect to take on location and always have with me on the set. Pros: Convenient, Low Cost, Accurate

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Kevin - Add Reply

After reading reviews, I decided this is just what I wanted for use at the Reno Air Races. The unit arrived within a few days and was packaged much like my Omega Speedmaster watch...very nice. It was a very solid little instrument. Batteries in and I was ready....except it did not "come on"...changed batteries..nothing. I had read some reviews that suggested the customer service was exceptional, so I guessed I would find out ! When I called Pocketradar in Santa Rosa, a gentleman by the name of Chris Stewart answered. He was very apologetic and asked me to do a very simple diagnostic....which confirmed a problem. He again apologized and advised he would get a new unit in the mail immediately......and with it would be return packaging for the defective unit. Within a day or two, a new unit arrived......and worked perfectly and just as advertised !! Not only did they quickly resolve the problem, but followed it up with an email, explaining exactly what the problem was with the first unit...which was not only very nice to know, but really tended to increase my feeling that this was truly a quality product. (a wire in the battery compartment was the problem) Pocketradar is certainly a very pleasant and conscientious company to do business with.... (and as it turned out, Chris Stewart, the gentleman that helped me....is the President of the company !!!!) Pros: quality product, customer service A+

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Theo - Add Reply

An excellent product from an excellent company, Pocket Radar is as accurate as any of the best in the markdet for a fraction of the cost. Excellent service if you should ever need it.

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Neal - Add Reply

The Pocket Radar has been the single most important tool in helping my son set, manage, and acheive pitching goals. The tool has enabled me, as a parent, to gauge progress with accuaracy that is parallel to or exceeds all more expensive radar devices on the market. The Pocket Radar staff has been reponsive and professional. Working with courteous people is refreshing and greatly appreciated. I highly recommend this product to parents and coaches that want a superior tool in developing their player's pitching, throwing, running, and batting skills. Pros: Size, ease of use, accuacy Cons: None

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Kory - Add Reply

My daughter plays fast pitch A travel softball, its important to know her speeds on her pitches. About 6 months ago i bought a cheaper hand held bulkier radar gun, it was horrible if she threw a pitch around 50 m.p.h. it could read 32 m.p.h. just NOT A GOOD PRODUCT, I heard so many good things about the pocket radar gun..needless to say the product is AWESOME..SPEEDS ARE RIGHT ON THE MONEY..IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A GREAT RADAR GUN THAT IS ACCURATE THE POCKET RADAR GUN IS THE PERFECT FIT...GRADE A+

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Toney - Add Reply

For a device so small and simple to use, I am very impressed with the capability and reliability of the Pocket Rader. I bought the device to measure the speed of my 13 year old daughter's serve (tennis) and monitor her progress over time. I have found the device to be very effective in doing so. My daughter has also found the device to be a great learning tool, in that now she can relate speed to the "feel" of the serve. In other words, if she uses more racquet speed, drives more with the legs, uses more body rotation.. she sees her serve speed jump. The result has been such that she is improving her technique and using her body more effectively. Bottom line, while I bought this to check her serve speed, I am finding it to provide her with valuable self-learning.

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Lonny - Add Reply

We use this today to help the team in performance drills from hitting, pitching, and throws from outfield. It is also use to have fun with drills. It is a team favorite. Thanks for the design and durability. Pros: Great tool for performance or even to have fun with drills Cons: I wish I had purchased the ball coach model

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Jacques - Add Reply

I like the compact size --- the only drawback is the sensitivity of having to be in front or back of item or person being clocked. The look is sharp. It provides multiple reads to give quick comparison.

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