Decatur Doppler Hand Held Traffic Radar Speed Gun

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The Decatur Radar Gun Traffic Scout is a battery-operated handheld radar unit, which uses NiMH rechargeable AA batteries instead of expensive batteries. The Decatur Scout traffic scout speed gun also charges from the vehicle's 12V power source, keeping the Decatur Scout always ready with the power you need to keep your streets safe. Its portability makes the Scout handheld radar a flexible police radar gun whether in the car or on patrol.

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Specifications for Decatur Doppler Hand Held Traffic Radar Speed Gun:

Color: Black
Finish: Black
Fabric/Material: Rugged ABS Polycarbonate Blend
Frequency Band: Kband-24.150 Ghz Nominal
Units: 1
Length: 7.25 in
Width: 3 in
Height: 10.25 in
Weight: 2.1 lb
Battery Quantity: 6
Operating Temperature: 22 - 158 Fahrenheit
Included Accessories: Batteries
General Application: Law Enforcement

Features of Decatur Speed Radar Speed Gun:

  • Directional radar to ensure tracking history
  • Isolate a single direction of traffic
  • Catch only the target you want
  • FASTER mode catches the vehicle going faster than the stronger target
  • Easily replaceable batteries
  • Toward, Away or Bi-Directional Mode
  • Power: Batteries or cig plug cord
  • Re-chargeable batteries
  • Detection Distance: 12 MPH - 210 MPH
  • Low Water Resistance Level

1-Decatur Doppler Hand Held Traffic Radar Speed Gun

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Cletus - Add Reply

The truth is I am quite satisfied with this product, it helps me a lot in my work, it is an indispensable tool if we want to measure the precise speed. The quality of the product is very good, has good components and durable, the attention at the time of purchase was excellent and what I got was precisely what I expected. If they ask me if I recommend it? .......................................... Yes,

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Cornell - Add Reply

This Handheld speed gun is an easy-to-use, affordable radar unit. It is extremely effective, targeting traffic traveling in both directions and catching the faster target. The portable, flexible handheld design works in any vehicle. It easily locks in the speed of the target vehicle. Would highly recommend this unit for any department.

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