Hexmag Tactical Rubber Grip, AR15 Accessories

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The Hexmag Tactical Grip (HTG) by SENTRY delivers an over molded rubber grip with the with the iconic SENTRY HEXTURE design pattern and ergonomically correct finger grooves for increased performance.

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96.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Hexmag Tactical Rubber Grip, AR15 Accessories:

Product Size: Small

1-Hexmag Tactical Rubber Grip, AR15 Accessories
2-Hexmag Tactical Rubber Grip, AR15 Accessories

  • PROS
  • Fit and finish
  • Feels good, no slip
  • Matches Hexmags and Feel
  • Reasonably priced
  • fit is supreme
  • goes great with hexmag brand mags
  • Trigger alingment
  • Well constructed
  • Easy to install
  • excellent grip
  • CONS
  • No storage
  • no washer
  • Fde does not match
  • No screw

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Presley - Add Reply

So I have used several different grips over the years and this is the first rubber overmolded grip I have used and I have to say that it feels sturdy, fits my hand well and certainly maintains a positive purchase under the light recoil of .308 (semi auto platform). This grip is nice and simple with no storage compartment or other frills but it does include a rubber piece to fill the gap when using a standard trigger guard. The texture and pattern are quite nice as well especially if you are using hexmags.

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Deven - Add Reply

I took off the standard pistol grip. I liked hexmag mags for the texture over pmags. I found out they had grips. It was easy to put on and helped me perform very well at the range. It feels like a hard rubber grip, my hand never slipped and I tried to squeeze it to see if it would collapse, never did.

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Juwan - Add Reply

Picked this up for my first ever AR build, and I'm completely happy with it. Grip is solid and comfortable, the ergo styled finger grooves and hexagonal pattern make it easy to find your ideal hand placement, plus it looks cool with the honeycomb style fluting on my barrel. Definitely recommend it!

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Winston - Add Reply

Looks awesome feels awesome ..one of my favorite AR grips it might be my favorite . I have problems 15 different AR variation grips it's in the top 3. You can tell it's made with quality in mind.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

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King - Add Reply

I purchased this to compliment my Hexmag magazines on my AR10. This grip basically has the shape and feel of a ERGO brand tactical grip but with the Hex pattern on it, thus changing the end feel with a bit more handgrip/stability. Fit and functioned perfectly. Matches the Hexmags perfectly also.

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Gardner - Add Reply

First off, I love the design and looks of the new Hexmag Hexgrip. The overmold feature provides great grip and the ergonomics provide for a great feel. This will be my second Hexmag grip for my latest ar15.

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Winston - Add Reply

I originally purchased another name-brand rubber grip to replace the hard plastic grip that came on my AR-15. After seeing and holding a rifle with the Hexmag Tactical Grip, I decided to purchase two of these to replace that other brand. These grips have a much better feel and fit and adds a unique appearance to your rifle. Definitely recommend if your looking for a new grip for your AR platform

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Torey - Add Reply

This grip fits my hand like a glove, to me it has just the right width, I also like how it extends up, really comfortable on the area between my thumb and pointer finger. The hex pattern gives a bit of extra grip as well. Only improvements would be if it matched the rest of my FDE gun a little better, rubber could be a little softer and it would be nice if it came with an extended Allen wrench as I had to use a 3/8” socket wrench with an extension and a 5/32 Allen head socket. Also there was no washer included.

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Johan - Add Reply

I made the transition after buying hogue for countless years, this grip has an amzing fit. All hardware is included for those with those concerns, looks great, feels great, easy to maneuver with. I will be a returning customer for sure!

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Ola - Add Reply

One of the most comfortable grips I have used. The rubber is firm but not overly hard like others. Very slip resistant with out the grip tape. Rock solid with it. Like the way it alinged my hand with the gun and trigger. Fit perfectly on my Ruger Precision.

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Stevie - Add Reply

I absolutely love this grip! It has the perfect amount of rubber where it’s just comfortable to shoot and not bulky... even for shooters with small hands. Perfect nonslip texture for in wet conditions. I have one on every one of my AR platforms.

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Troy - Add Reply

Purchased this to complete my AR-15 pistol build. Hexmag delivers a sure solid grip for the price. Adding the grip tape gave me a full fit in my hand, you can feel the hexprint in your hand. I know this pistol from my other rifles simply because of this grip.

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Monserrate - Add Reply

Best grip I have tried so far, sticks like glue in my hand. Super comfortable. Fits perfect on the lower receiver, I did not have to use the gap piece. Does not come with installation screw, which I did not have since my build is from scratch. Definitely going to buy another one ASAP. I just wish hexmag made a stock to match.

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