Tacfire AR15 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit

Price Save Up to 18% from $35 to $31.59


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1-Tacfire AR15 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit
2-Tacfire AR15 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit
3-Tacfire AR15 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit
4-Tacfire AR15 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit
5-Tacfire AR15 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit
6-Tacfire AR15 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit
7-Tacfire AR15 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit

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Juwan - Add Reply

I bought this kit for the buffer and spring since I have a custom buffer tube I am using. One review says this is 1/4" short, but it is the same length as my other two tubes. Since it is a pistol buffer tube, I can't imagine a variety in length, so I wonder if the ammo was the issue. Too many factors to tell in using AR pistols so I wouldn't say it is this product. Works fine for a 5.56 build it is currently used in, not like my 300BLK which has cycling issues with the subsonic bullets. However, that is a buffer issue that needs to equate to the heavier round. Works great with 110 grain though. I also needed a sling attachment so for the value, you get a great kit. The buffer tube has a pad on it, and also comes with the neoprene cover. That is not pictured unless the neoprene is over the pad, or doesn't indicate you get a sort of "double-padding". I agree with another review in that I don't know why these cost so much, they needn't. I use a variety of other Tacfire products and they all seem to give you a great value option for the money. Had I bought a sling attachment, or buffer and spring alone, I would have spent more money. I would rather have spare parts, so I like ordering kits when I can.

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Celestino - Add Reply

This was purchased for a low budget pistol build. All parts included seem high quality and a good value. The buffer and spring are a little noisy, but definitely not a deal breaker. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a low cost way to build a pistol lower.

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Cleo - Add Reply

My wife is building her first AR platform. she has done her research on every single part for this gun. Tacfire buffer tube is what she landed on. I was amazed by the quality and price of this pistol buffer tube.

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Florian - Add Reply

Received the shipment quickly. Is light weight and is the perfect way to finish off your pistol build. The attachment rings are very handy for carrying, just may sure you stake your tube properly. I would highly recommend this tube and I will be back to purchase another on my next build.

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Erik - Add Reply

I was looking for a inexpensive way to finish off my pistol build and this worked great. I don't know how long until I add a brace, but until then this will work. Resting the brace against the cheek to fire isn't nearly as cumbersome as I thought it would be. Easy to install.

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Edgar - Add Reply

Keep in mind this is a pistol buffer tube an you may need to play with the weight of the buffer to get it to cycle properly. This kit seems to be built well and is great for a budget build. The spring is a little noisy but it isn't intolerable. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

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Napoleon - Add Reply

Perfect kit to complete my first AR15 pistol build. Fit was perfect, finish same as the rest of the build. Small compact and functional. This build is to be used for home security. Price was a big factor. Quality is better than I expected for the price....great value.

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Reggie - Add Reply

Seems well built. I like the fact that you can order different sling attachments. My build is not complete so I have not had a chance to test it. If it works as good as it looks, which I believe that it will, then this is one of the best deals you can find anywhere. I will review again once my upper arrives. For the price, you really don't have anything to lose.

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Junior - Add Reply

Great5 quality pistol tube. Cheek pad is a neoprene type foam. The single point sling attachment stud does not swivel or move but still works well. Very happy with my purchase overall. A great product for the price, I don’t know why others are priced so much higher, what more would you want.

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