Troy OEM M4 Sling Mount

Price Save Up to 38% from $58.15 to $35.89

If you're looking to attach a gun sling to your AR platform rifle, go with the Troy OEM M4 Sling Mount. These AR15 Accessories crafted by the experts at Troy Industries replace the stock M4 carbine receiver end plate to bring you ambidextrous quick detach swivel mounts. They even include heavy-duty quick detach push button swivels. This Troy OEM AR Sling Mount is constructed out of hardened aircraft aluminum and has a stainless steel push button, bringing incredible durability to the field while still being very lightweight, allowing more mobility. When you need a sling on your M4 rifle, attach this Troy OEM AR Sling Mount.

96.25 /100
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Specifications for Troy OEM M4 Sling Mount:

Gun Model: AR-15
Fabric/Material: Aluminum/stainless steel push buttons

1-Troy OEM M4 Sling Mount
2-Troy OEM M4 Sling Mount
3-Troy OEM M4 Sling Mount

  • PROS
  • function and appearance
  • Well built.
  • High quality
  • ambidextrous attachment points
  • Ambidextrous Friendly
  • Anti-Rotation Design
  • CONS

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Jayme - Add Reply

As with all Troy products, this one is no exception, and is truly outstanding. I am a Tactical Medic/Sheriff's Deputy and rely on my weapons daily. I have this mounted on my LWRC M16A2 and it is the best sling mount that I have used to date, and have tried just about every other mount out there, including Daniel Defense, GG&G, etc.. Pros: Excellent finish, Rock solid mounting with absolutely no play whatsoever on rail Cons: Rotation arc of swivel could be a little better

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Lula - Add Reply

I saw another purchaser reviewing this product that it's "bulky" and hard to tighten the castle nut because of said bulk. No idea what that guy is talking about. I was able to not only install both the takedown pin detent and spring and the castle nut with absolutely no problem using a standard armorer's wrench. Troy products are outstanding and this sling mount is no less outstanding than anything I've purchased from Troy.

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Consuelo - Add Reply

Just installed the Troy Sling Mount on build AR-15 with Magpul accessories. FDE color was a perfect match and installation was easy. Highly recommend this product and OpticsPlanet quick delivery!! Quick detach sling adapters fit perfectly and work very smoothly.

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Manuela - Add Reply

Mounted this on a Bushmaster m4 with no problems at all.Wanted a qd side mount plate and this fit and looks nice.Seems strong and well built.My old plate attached from the bottom and caused the sling to rub and scratch the buffer tube after it rubbed a hole through the cover over the swivel clip.This moves the swivel further to the side so there won't be any contact.

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Oda - Add Reply

I bought this item to use on my AR pistol. The choice to get this one was because it was on sale and the company is reputable. I have used this for the past 6 months and it works like the day I installed it. I highly recommend this if your looking for a QD sling attachment butt plate with ambidextrous attachment points.

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Tyrel - Add Reply

the troy OEM sling mount is a very nice and well made sling mount. I love the ability to move side to side with the use of quick disconnect. the mount itself is a very nice thick peace of aluminum, one of the only things i have a issue with is, i would like it if you could purchase the OEM sling mount in different colors.

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Tyson - Add Reply

This is a great addition to my AR. The DE color was a good match with my other magpul accessories that are already on my gun , and utilizing it as a single point sling attachment or the rear attachment for a 2 point harness works extremely well. And it was a piece of cake to install.

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Maurice - Add Reply

Unlike other sling mounts for quick detach push button swivels, this mount does not allow the swivel to rotate a full 360 degrees. Instead, there are four weld points inside the cavity of the mount that allows the swivel to rotate only about 90 degrees. I thought maybe I had a lemon so I emailed TROY. Their response was "The Troy OEM sling mount will not rotate freely. This does have built in stops." I feel like that free rotation allows the sling to better sit in it's natural position when both slung and in firing positions. Or maybe I'm just an idiot. If the stop points are indeed there for a reason, I'd love to hear from somebody who can explain what those reasons are.

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Nathaniel - Add Reply

Possibly the best addition to my weapon. Easy assembly with Tapco armorer's tool. Troy is a little expensive until you see the superior quality of all their items. Black oxide finish takes a beating without showing also. Pros: 3 options for sling attachment Cons: none

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Dennis - Add Reply

the fit was great.Was easy to install. would recommend to anyone who wants an amby mount. Pros: crafstman ship was great. Cons: none

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Jay - Add Reply

Troy is a solid manufacturer. This is one of the examples of good workmanship. Fit perfect. Works great. Had no problems installing. Gives my AR that extra selection for attaching the sling. You can not go wrong with this mount.

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Nathanial - Add Reply

Fits perfect. Works well with my Magpul stock. Very low profile. I have these on all of my AR's. Love'em. You will not be disappointed, no joke!!!

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Jesse - Add Reply

Well made product the fit and finish is very good Troy Industries makes grade good products and machining and fit it's very good looks nice on the rifle it makes it good for a left-handed shooter I have three of these

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Barney - Add Reply

I have these installed on three of my AR builds. I'm a huge fan of the flexibility provided by the three connection points. For some reason the Optics Planet images for this part show only two connection points but in fact there are three connection points on this endplate. There is one on the left hand side lateral, one on the right hand side lateral oh, and there is one at the bottom of the end plate facing the rear stock of the gun. All three are QD anti rotation connection points. The only flaw that I can find to these and plates is they are not compatible with any of the "Featureless stock" designs I have found. The thickness of the bottom section of the endplate interferes with clearences when trying to install a "Featureless stock" such as those made in USA by Thorsten (any Gen, because I've used Gen.2 & Gen.3) or the German made by CQR.

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Tyrique - Add Reply

Easy to use, multiple mount locations for the quick release mount. Pros: Quality and Robustness Cons: Price

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