Review Bob Allen 398B "Absorb-A-Coil" Harness, Rifle Buy Guide.

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The Bob Allen 398B "Absorb-A-Coil" Harness for rifles is the perfect way to cushion the recoil of your favorite guns. The "Absorb-A-Coil" reduces the amount of felt recoil by up to 40%! There is no need for costly modifications to your favorite guns, the "Absorb-A-Coil" does all of the work. No barrel porting will ruin the feel of your favorite rifle. Adjustable to 56 inches, the Absorb A Coil is a must have recoil pad to shoot your best when hunting or target practicing.The "Absorb-A-Recoil" is constructed of 100% cotton, with suede pad and neoprene pad for recoil reduction. Bob Allen is a leading supplier of high quality hunting gear and accessories. Check out the Bob Allen Shooting Accessories page for other great products and our hunting store for all your hunting needs.

The following models of "Absorb-A-Coil" are available:

  • 398B-12701: Bob Allen "Absorb-A-Coil" Harness for Rifles Left Hand, SAGE
  • 398B-16662: Bob Allen "Absorb-A-Coil" Harness for Rifles Left Hand, KHAKI
  • 398B-14804: Bob Allen "Absorb-A-Coil" Harness for Rifles Right Hand, KHAKI

Features of Bob Allen - 398B - "Absorb-A-Coil" Harness for Rifles:

  • Reduces recoil by up to 40%
  • 100% Cotton, with suede pad and neoprene pad
  • Adjustable up to 56 inches

94.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Bob Allen 398B "Absorb-A-Coil" Harness, Rifle:

Color: Khaki
Gun Type: Rifle
Fabric/Material: 100% Cotton
Hand: Right

1-Bob Allen 398B "Absorb-A-Coil" Harness, Rifle

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