Review Versa-Pod AI Bipod Head Conversion Buy Guide.

Price Save 16% from $95.99 to $80.86

Mount your bipod to the Versa-Pod AI Bipod Upgrade Head Mount for better accuracy. This bipod head adapter from Versa-Pod can be used as either a Classic and 50 Series upgrade item, or for head replacement on your Versa-Pod AI Bipod. The Versa-Pod AI Bipod Head Conversion is easy to install and even better, no additional adapters needed.

91.25 /100
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Specifications for Versa-Pod AI Bipod Head Conversion:

Color: Matte Black

1-Versa-Pod AI Bipod Head Conversion

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Joany - Add Reply

Just received the Versa-Pod AI Bipod head conversion (#150-760). Swapped-out the original aluminum head on my Versa-Pod Classic bipod (#150-001) for this STEEL beauty. Which basically turned the bipod into an exact copy of the Parker-Hale bipod issued on the Arctic Warfare rifle and other British precision rifles. It locks solidly into the spigot on the AICS for a clean uncluttered look. The bipod has some cant built in, and tracks and preloads well. I was initially skeptical about purchasing a part of a bipod that costs nearly as much as a whole bipod of the same brand, but the quality of this head is BETTER than the head that originally came with the "Classic" bipod. I recommend it without reservation and would buy it again myself in an instant. I originally considered purchasing the Versa-Pod 150-808 AI adapter, which would have allowed me to use the remaining pieces that came with the Classic bipod on another rifle and switch the bipod between rifles, but I decided the 150-760 would be a lighter and more "integrated" solution. I'm glad I made that decision. If you're looking for a bipod for your AICS the combination of a Versa-Pod "Classic" bipod with this conversion head is an excellent alternative to the Atlas bipods so popular today. You can also sell the unused pieces of the "Classic" to bring the total cost down somewhat. So for half the price of an Atlas, you can have a sturdy, integrated, quick-detach bipod; win-win!

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