Review Versa-Pod Ruger Mini-14 and 30 Bipod Adapter Buy Guide.

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Enhance your accuracy in sighting your target with the Versa-Pod Ruger Mini-14 and 30 Bipod Adapter. This bipod adapter by the experts at Versa-Pod is all-steel and directly mounts to the M14 gas block with two Allen-head screws. With the Versa-Pod Ruger Mini-14 & 30 Bipod Adapter, you can turn your Mini-14 or 30 into an accurate target rifle.

94.25 /100
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Specifications for Versa-Pod Ruger Mini-14 and 30 Bipod Adapter:

Color: Matte Black

1-Versa-Pod Ruger Mini-14 and 30 Bipod Adapter

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Timothy - Add Reply

I bought this adapter for my Ruger Mini 14 as being the only really viable bipod mount design for the Ranch Rifle model. The kit is well designed and the hardware supplied is first-rate. However, the pin that engages the bipod mount on my particular adapter was oversized, not allowing the bipod to engage. Since my bipod kit came with the universal adapter, I was able to confirm that its pin engaged the bipod normally, which it did. To fix the issue I simply sanded the pin on the Mini 14 adapter down until it fit. I did this instead of returning as the return / replacement process would have taken a couple weeks and cost me more money shipping, etc. though sanding it destroyed the nice hardcoat finish on the pin, it's now fully functional and I didn't have a long delay waiting for a correct one. From what I have read, Versa-Pod products are top quality, and I believe it - the mount is sturdy and intelligently designed. Maybe I just got a bad one in this case.

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