Review Leapers Model 47 Combat Butt Pad Buy Guide.

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Leapers Model 47 Rifle Butt Pad RB-K7BTP01 is a deluxe, combat-style butt pad that will make your firearm much more comfortable to shoot, especially when you're using high-caliber ammunition. These Leapers weapon accessories are designed to reduce recoil from your firearm. The smart slip-on sleeve design of the weapon accessory is easy to install, and its lip reinforcement improves the Leapers Model 47 Rubber Combat Butt Pad's hold on the butt stock of your rifle. Made from durable black rubber, Leapers has designed the butt pad to maintain the rifle's position while you fire. Reduce the recoil from your Model 47 firearm with the Leapers Model 47 Recoil Reduction Butt Pad.

91.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Leapers Model 47 Black Combat Butt Pad:

Material: Rubber
Extension Length: 1"
Weight: 8.5 oz
Color: Black
Compatibility: Model 47 firearms

Features of Leapers AK-47 Rubber Slip-On Butt Pad:

  • Easy to install butt pad by Leapers
  • Designed for Model 47 firearms, including the AK-47 and SKS-47
  • Rubber non-slip construction
  • Simple slip-on sleeve design with lip reinforcement for added stability
  • 1" extension
  • Black finish
  • Lightweight
  • Backed by the Leapers one-year limited warranty

1-Leapers Model 47 Combat Butt Pad

  • PROS
  • Very effective recoil mitigation
  • Comfortable, easy to install, looks good.
  • CONS
  • Can works its way loose

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Wyman - Add Reply

This recoil pad is the simplest and most effective upgrade one can make to their ak47 in order to decrease felt recoil. The rubber is heavy duty and not overly pliant, yet it absorbs recoil extraordinary well. The length of pull is also made more comfortable as it adds around 1 inch to the stock length. The pad can sometimes work its way loose, however, a piece of leather or paracord wound through the retention slit and laced to the rear sling swivel halts this.

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Hardy - Add Reply

I selected this product based upon other reviews for AK butt pads that fit WASR 10 rifle stocks. I received this item quickly, and it was exactly as described. The AK butt pad is well constructed, and does stretch to fit different size butt stocks. However, the inside surface of the butt pad is extremely smooth and slick, it only slips onto the buttstock about one inch, so it tended to slip off my WASR 10 stock when used. There are no screw holes or other method to secure the butt pad to a traditional wooden stock. I remedied the situation by cleaning/degreasing the inside of the butt pad, and roughing it up with 80 grit sandpaper. I then put a couple of one inch strips of double-backed tape on the comb and foot of the wooden stock. This has been working well.

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Harvey - Add Reply

The buttpad does what it's made to do (reduce some of the felt recoil), but it's not pretty and does not come with any screws and/or straps to secure it to your existing stock. If you absolutely need it or love the way it looks, then get one. If not, then wait for someone to design and distribute a well made but stock with a built in recoil pad. Pros: Relatively inexpensive and fits almost any AK buttstock Cons: No straps and sort of odd looking

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Jarod - Add Reply

I bought this to go on my Cetme. It's a tight fit but it goes on. Felt recoil is greatly reduced! Pros: Cost, durable

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Nash - Add Reply

Using pad on Yugo M70 underfolder and it works fine. Definitely more comfortable to shoot. The only negative is that it can slide off because the stock butt slides into grooves in the pad. I'm going to fix that with a little glue. Would buy again.

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Gerhard - Add Reply

It fits on a Warsaw stock AK just fine. It increased the length of pull about an inch, which makes the gun much more comfortable to shoulder. It's isn't super tight and can move a bit if you snag it on something but it won't come off easily either. I'd use a bit of adhesive if it was a permanent addition.

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