Review CMMG, Inc Chamber Adapter Assembly Buy Guide.

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The CMMG 22ARC Chamber Adapter Assembly was developed to be a great improvement to the weapon on almost any shooter. Thanks to the brass locking lug, the CMMG Chamber Adapter 22ARC Assembly will provide you with years of reliability. For an amazing way to make sure your weapon is outfitted with some of the best enhancements the shooting industry has to offer, choose the CMMG Chamber Adapter Assembly 22ARC.

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Specifications for CMMG 22ARC Chamber Adapter Assembly:

Type: Chamber Adapter Assembly

Features of CMMG Inc Chamber Adapter Assembly:

  • Chamber Adapter includes the Brass Locking Lug
  • The lug rotates and locks in the barrel extension
  • Eliminates play between the conversion and the receiver

1-CMMG, Inc Chamber Adapter Assembly

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Sigrid - Add Reply

I Cracked the original CMMG chamber adapter after having issues double feeding and not ejecting during first 60 rounds. This CMMG, Chamber Adapter Assembly wirks better than the original. I've ran 200+ rounds and have zero issues. I ran 30 rapid rounds with AR pistol no problems.

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