Review Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope Buy Guide.

93.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


1-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
2-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
3-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
4-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
5-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
6-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
7-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
8-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
9-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
10-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
11-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
12-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
13-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
14-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope
15-Pulsar Apex XD50A Thermal Riflescope

  • PROS
  • magnification range
  • Value for the Money
  • works well
  • Excellent clarity once focused
  • Clear motion
  • PIP is good
  • CONS
  • menu is awkward at first
  • Expensive, but worth it for the optic
  • Limited features
  • custom battery connection
  • too many controls at first

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Toby - Add Reply

I was going back and forth between this unit, Apex 38A, and FLIR rs32. Ended up picking this one due to the larger objective lens, magnification range, and the ability to have multiple zeros for different loads / platforms. Had a little bit of an issue figuring out the menu settings but a call into their CS dept fixed all of that (Huge Help). Sighting it in is a little tricky as you need something hot or cold downrange to shoot. Once zeroed this thing has been a blast to shoot on my 300BLK using both super and sub sonic loads. Only had it for a few weeks but very happy with my purchase so far.

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Luis - Add Reply

I researched thermal scopes for several months. I have had a Pulsar N550 NV scope for years and love the features, function, and withstanding.308 recoil. It came down to the features of the Pulsar Thermal 50mm objective lens, other's reviews, Pulsar's You Tube actual in-field videos, and the PIP function. Have not figured which rifle I will mount it own. So far have been practicing the menu and functions at my sister's ranch. WOW! Getting very usable thermal signatures easily out to 400-500 yards with digital zoom. Will be perfect for coyotes and feral hogs that do a lot of damage in the local area. Works better than I ever thought. Again, Pulsar hits one out of the park.

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Mortimer - Add Reply

This scope has change my night hunting life forever. Wow! You will be well satisfied. What more could a more expensive unit offer? I am shooting and killing 300-400 yards out every night I go out. I see heards of deer at 600 yards no problem. Do not waste time with night vision. Thermal is it period. Nothing more to discuss. The game is changed forever. This thing actually made me consider the ethical issues of hunting. Rats, Bunnys, birds on roost. All life cannot hide. The spotlight can go in the garbage now.

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Lorenzo - Add Reply

This scope has opened up a whole new world of hunting for me. NOTHING CAN HIDE NOW!! I literally spotted a mouse at 75 yards traveling over a wood pile with it this weekend and took a hog out to 330 yards with it in pitch black darkness. I'm having so much fun at night that I don't know if I'll ever see the sun again when I'm hunting. You can easily spot coyotes out to 400 yards and the furthest that I've seen a deer so far is 700 yards. Truly amazing scope. I was honestly worried that I wouldn't enjoy it as much being that it's so expensive but not I know it was worth every penny. I used to hunt with night vision and now I'm wondering how many animals I haven't seen.

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Narciso - Add Reply

The Apex XD50A is an excellent thermal scope that focuses on quality instead of features. Most of my complaints are about the lack of features, but the performance is what I was looking for. The only feature that I consider a major negative is that the external battery pack is a custom connection. And the battery packs are currently out of stock. And they are relatively expensive. But the next gen battery packs are supposed to be coming out soon. I may buy a cheaper pack and move the connector over to a cheap quality LiPo pack since I have the tools and skills to do that. However, I've used the scope frequently for the past couple of weeks and I'm just now changing the internal batteries. On a side note - to get PIP you have to turn it on in the menu and then use the top middle push button to activate it. It doesn't come on automatically from the menu/knob button on the side. It took me a while to figure that one out.

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Dexter - Add Reply

Extremely happy with this scope!! This was our first purchase of a thermal optic scope and we couldn't be happier!!lots of fun times ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rodger - Add Reply

Works flawlessly and is really clear. I use it both day and night. I have no problems identifying pigs, deer and coyotes at distances well over 300 yards. All the controls on the scope took some getting used to, but once you use it for a while it becomes second nature. Pulsar did right on this one.

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