Review Hornady Gun Cheek Piece Buy Guide.

Price Save Up to 22% from $53.99 to $41.99

The Hornady Gun Cheek Piece with exterior elastic loops for 5 additional cartridges keeps rounds clean, secure and easily accessible. Features adjustable Velcro straps and Hornady logo. The Hornady Padded Cheek Piece will also accommodate most centerfire rifle cartridges.

91.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Hornady Padded Cheek Piece:

  • Color options: Black, Tan
  • Right or Left Hand
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Hornady logo

1-Hornady Gun Cheek Piece
2-Hornady Gun Cheek Piece
3-Hornady Gun Cheek Piece
4-Hornady Gun Cheek Piece
5-Hornady Gun Cheek Piece

  • PROS
  • Style and comfort
  • well made
  • easily adjustable
  • securely fastens to stock
  • Ammo easily accessible.
  • Cheek Riser
  • Handy, warm, keeps you organized, light, stays in place, looks good and great price point
  • Every thing you need and comfortable
  • Fits well. Easy installation
  • CONS
  • Wish it could be adjustable for height. But for standard rifles is about right.

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Jessy - Add Reply

It has a solid, firm fit. It forms a good cheek weld. Waiting on scope mount to check how well it can handle the stock being built under the fit. Appears that it will work like a charm! Zippered compartment will hold index cards and a pen along with small tools.

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Leonardo - Add Reply

Title says it all. This is a must have for any serious hunting rifle. Not only does it provide shooting and shock support for the serious shooter, but it also provides storage for a number of other readily available essential items

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Destin - Add Reply

This cheek rest is very adjustable and does not interfere with shooting. The storage pocket has plenty of room for more ammo too. It is easily adjustable to any stock whether it is a Monte Carlo or straight stock.

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Zechariah - Add Reply

Built well and serves a purpose. Zippers are good also. Stays secure to the stock after install and is adjustable. It is a little bulky but you can remove the inner linner and that will slim it down. This will work well for carrying extra ammo that’s easily accessible.

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Brycen - Add Reply

Slapped this on my Savage 110 FCP 25-06. Takes some time dealing with the velcro to get the fit just right, but once it's all adjusted, the thing is rock solid! Suede feel to the cheek rest. Could easily be built up with some foam or pads.

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Hester - Add Reply

A recent Remington 700 bolt gun project with a Hogue overmolded stock, a scope and low mount scope rings got me looking for a cheek riser. I needed just about a quarter of an inch on the cheek weld to get my eye aligned properly and I wasn’t willing to drill through the stock for one of the kydex adjustable type. I looked at too many to count and read more reviews than I can recall. In the end, I leaned on the credibility of Hornady products and in the end, I’m glad I did. The install took a few minutes to get “fine tuned”, but once it was set, it makes for a quick and comfortable cheek weld. It clears the bolt, feels good, looks good and is good for a few small items. I ended up putting five extra rounds, a Real Avid .30 caliber rifle cleaning kit, a small rag and a small tube of gun oil in the storage area.

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Rahul - Add Reply

I bought this because I needed a cheek riser for a scoped lever action rifle. This was one of the few options and it works great. It's adjustable to get the perfect fit on a butt stock and solid. The cartridge loops hold my 45-70 rounds securely, are easily accessible and the storage pouch is good for keeping a few essentials handy (tactical skittles fit perfectly). It does add a little bulk to your rifle but it's easy enough to take on and off for storage in a crammed gun safe.

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Dion - Add Reply

I used to use another brand that holds 10 cartridges and would cut them in half and use it to hold 4 cartridges. On those the bullets are exposed and not very well protected. This cheek piece holds the cartridges much better and has a zippered pouch that is padded and you car put other cartridges in there, elk calls, your license all kinds of stuff. In the other side the cheek piece is so comfortable and warm in cold weather. The velcro straps hold this baby in place. It fits like a glove and I will never go back to the old "other" brand.I am ordering more for my other rifles. You'll love it!!

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Abdiel - Add Reply

I needed a cheek piece because my setup required high rings. The Hornady cheek piece is perfect plus it provides some extra storage. The inside of the pad is soft so it will not scratch a wood finish. I highly recommend this product.

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Sedrick - Add Reply

Great product part that your cheek rests on is vary comfortable. the only reason it didint get 5 stars is because the actule pad its self was a little small for my gun. great product will definitely buy again and recommend to my friends and family.

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Kobe - Add Reply

This pouch is great I have extra ammo and also pack my knife with removable blades that I use to skin and gut the animals. This way no matter what when you jump out quick for hunting you always have the important items. Also keep a lighter just in case. It is extremely comfortable and holds the ammo tight they do not fall out

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Noah - Add Reply

Very pleased with this product. The quality is really good and the fit as well. I recieved it surprisingly fast and as always Opticsplanet didn't let me down. I haven't been able to try it out yet because I am waiting on my scope and rings. Thanks Opticsplanet

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Abdiel - Add Reply

This cheek piece fit my stock very nice. It provided support when shooting, and aligned my eye with the scope. The brown color goes very well with my stock. The zippered pouch is very useful for keeping license and permits in and the ammo carriers keeps extra ammo handy.

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Orion - Add Reply

Amazingly easy to use. Comfortable, and consistent. Snug fit, looks great, would definitely recommend for somebody looking for a cheek piece. I have added this to an AR-15 platform and also to my RPR. Worked on both.

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Donnell - Add Reply

This item was exactly what I was looking for for the Elk gun I'm putting together. The fit is great and easy to put on and adjust. Holds 5 extra loose shells as well as items in the pocket, which I'll be putting an extra magazine and some small tools.

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Jarred - Add Reply

Installed on my AK 47. Fit's great, velcro strap adjustments. Sturdy, has bullet style carrier and a zip pouch for small tools. It serves it's purpose. It gives me the cheek rest I wanted for my rifle.

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Jimmy - Add Reply

I have a Ruger American Predator and needed to raise the stock comb height so I Could see through my large scope and get a good cheek weld. This stock pac did exactly that. I did add a small piece of foam under the pac to raise comb height even higher. It is also extremely well made and does not move when securely strapped down. It is well worth the money.

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Milton - Add Reply

This is an excellent accessory for your rifle. The cheek piece provides a comfortable pad and a pouch for small items you may need in the field. Not to mention it also looks sharp on the the rifle. This product would make a great gift for any hunter in your family.

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