Review Tapco AR Armorer's Tool 16610 Buy Guide.

Tool used to build, customize or maintain your AR. Manufactured from heat treated alloy steel and powder coated with a matte Olive Drab finish. made in specialized factories. Comes with a lifetime warranty. Features include: Hammer, Barrel Nut, Muzzle Device, Spanner Wrench for old and new style castle nut, Beverage opener, Forearm Wrench, A2 Extension, 1/2 inch opening for socket wrench attachment, ergonomic handle, flat tip screwdriver.

95 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Tapco AR Armorer's Tool 16610:

Mfg Item Num:  16610
Master Model Header:  AR Armorer's Tool

1-Tapco AR Armorer

  • PROS
  • good fit and finish
  • solid construction
  • Durable (good luck breaking it)
  • CONS

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Gilberto - Add Reply

This Tapco armorer's tool is a really solid peace. I have wanted one of these for quite some time and now that I finally bought one it's and everything that I would have wanted and more. The barrel nut wrench works good for 4 hole Barrel nuts that are used on free floated 4 in. It has all kinds of other ranches and screwdrivers on it just a real Handy tool

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Jordi - Add Reply

I purchases this armorer's tool on the recommendation of a friend when I started my first AR build. This tool works great, it has close tolerances so it fits properly without rounding off the hardware. I have now build 2 full AR-15s with this tool without any problems.

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Murray - Add Reply

There are many different armorers tools out there, but you will quickly find that many of these tools can inadvertently strip your castle nut, or severely scratch your buffer tool. This tool is solid, and fits perfectly. Not as expensive as some of the $80-$100 tools out there but performs just as well.

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Warren - Add Reply

This is a solid AR tool, especially worth the extra few bucks. The coating is nice and helps to avoid scratching your gun. My 1/2 torque wrench fit perfect and I was able to use it in a multitude of ways to tighten pieces down. If you need a good armorer's tool, don't hesitate to grab this one.

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Marcus - Add Reply

Durable and dependable, it does the job well. Used it to install a 13" free floating rail kit on my AR-15. It seems very clear that without this tool, I would not have been able to perform the work myself. Definitely a must have, and the price is very reasonable.

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Aaron - Add Reply

Made really well. I'll be referring this to a friend. Extremely versatile tool. Very cost effective. I'll be purchasing more tapco products. Optics planet has outstanding customer service. It was packed and shipped on time. I'm satisfied with my purchase.

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