Review Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster Buy Guide.

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The Bianchi X15 Vertical Shoulder Holster is constructed of full grain vegetable tanned cowhide. The Bianchi X15 Vertical Carry Shoulder Holster features a dual spring design and secondary retention strap ensure weapon security without sacrificing speed. The Bianchi X15 Vertical Shoulder Leather Holster supports weight evenly on the shoulder making it a comfortable and secure choice.

92.25 /100
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  • Performance


  • Value for money


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Specifications for Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster:

Color: Tan
Fabric/Material: Leather
Holster Type: Shoulder Holster
Finish: Plain
Holster Application: Concealment
Concealable: Yes

Features of Bianchi X15 Vertical Carry Shoulder Holster:

  • Dual spring closure provides firearm retention and stability
  • Leather lined
  • Detachable retainer strap
  • Fully adjustable soft leather harness
  • Harness adjusts to 48" chest

1-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
2-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
3-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
4-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
5-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
6-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
7-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
8-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
9-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
10-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
11-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
12-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
13-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
14-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
15-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
16-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
17-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
18-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
19-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
20-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
21-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
22-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
23-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
24-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
25-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
26-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
27-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
28-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
29-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
30-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
31-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
32-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster
33-Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster

  • PROS
  • Quality & Craftsmanship
  • Very sturdy leather
  • Good connection to a belt
  • Adjustable to a degree
  • Can be used with several firearms
  • Excellent quality
  • Perfect Fit
  • rugged construction
  • CONS
  • wrong item shipped
  • Wish it covered the trigger
  • Wish it were even more adjustable

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Brice - Add Reply

I purchased the Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster from Optics Planet after researching other holsters and retailers. The holster is a vertical style leather rig with a thumb strap and spring retention system. This style fit my needs perfectly for use with a large caliber automatic when riding my ATV in the forest with my wife behind me. One of the requirements of a holster for this purpose was that it would not point at or sweep my rear passenger. One of the features I like is the fact that this one holster will hold four different handguns that I own. It is not a snug fit, but the spring tensioner takes up the slack. When put to use for conceal carry, under the appropriate clothing, the gun and holster is comfortable and easily accessible, even while driving. I would recommend this holster to a friend. Pros: Rides comfortably, fits several guns. Cons: Moderately difficult to set up,

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Jessy - Add Reply

This is a really good value for a top quality leather shoulder holseter that fits me and my 1911 very well. It's comfortable and conceals very well. I'm thin and a vertical carry conceals better for me than a horizontal carry. The 'spring keeper' relly keeps the pistol in until its needed and then it is easay to draw through. This is my second X-15 - got it for my 3 and 4 " barrel 1911's and I'm very pleased. Pros: Well made, good price, top leather, drapes/fits well under jacket, conceals well

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Fritz - Add Reply

This is an extremely good quality Holster. I have nothing bad to say about it, very comfortable and very concealable. i hid my .357 mag with an unzipped fall jacket for a whole day of hanging out with the friends to test it's true concealability and not a single one of them noticed a L-frame sized gun was stuck to my ribs all day. Of course they were extremely shocked when i revealed it, not a bad shock of course, they carry too. Pros: Comfort, Quality, Versatility Cons: none

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Olen - Add Reply

Read a ton of reviews on this holster...all mostly positive. One guy said "just buy won't be sorry". He was right. The holster does grip the weapon where it takes some breaking in. Slap a little "Draw EZ" from Galco on both lips of the holster and it's fine. The strong-side elastic strap doesn't bind under the arm pit like some. The strap secures to the holster and not the holster strap which brings it across the shoulder and below the arm pit across the middle of your back. Probably this elastic strap will wear out eventually as it is quite thin but some have replaced it with leather straps with buckles. Don't know about that though. But, for now, I'm glad I got it and thinking of buying another. Pros: Very comfortable Cons: none at this time

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Jaquan - Add Reply

This is an excellent holster for heavy hunting handguns. It is comfortable and does what it is supposed to do. The holster includes two retention straps. Each strap has three snaps so they can be used at two lengths. The long strap at the short length is good for the Kodiak 6" while the long strap at the long length works for the 6.5" 629. The short strap works for the 686. The spring tension is such that you really don't need the strap if you don't want it. The spring retention is so tight initially that it is hard to insert the firearms. Even after a couple weeks in the holster drawing the weapon almost requires two hands as the spring wants to grap the last inch of barrel. Overall I am very happy with the purchase although I'd prefer it if the holster wasn't stamped 'Made in Mexico'. Pros: Comfortable, Works Cons: Almost requires 2 hands for firearm removal

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Scotty - Add Reply

Great value, quick delivery Pros: Great value

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Reymundo - Add Reply

The purchase was very easy and convinent. Delivery was very quick and product was packaged nicely and easy too remove from. Pros: Very comfortable to wear, not busy and bulky like cheepper holsters that are out on the market. trust me Ive tried them. Cons: None that I have found at this time.

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Johan - Add Reply

I love the Bianchi X15 shoulder holster. One of the best things about this holster unlike most shoulder holsters is you can use it for more than one pistol. I use this model for my Glock 19, Sig P228, S&W 45 auto, and my Beretta 84. Most other brands I would need 4 different holsters and would of had to spend 4 times the money. Also this holster lets you carry the pistol vertically for quick and easy access. I think it's absolutely the best shoulder holster out there for your money. Pros: comfortable, lightweight, easy to use, fast into action Cons: needs a jacket or cover garment

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Jamison - Add Reply

Conceals well if wearer is tall enough (I'm 6'1 does fine.) Comfortable, durable, easy to draw. All in all a good buy. Optics Planet got it to me in less than 48 hours after I had ordered it. Pros: Best concealment for this gun yet. Cons: Snap on trigger gaurd strap rubs metal when drawn.

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Ray - Add Reply

I received this holster in a timely manner but it is the wrong item. You can't ship the wrong item fast enough to make it good. The holster is excellent and the price was good. I ordered this holster for a 6 inch Ruger Security six. The holster I received is a MED size for 4 inch and 5 inch autos or 1911s. Since I have a basket full of 1911s I am keeping the holster, but I wish it would have been for the 6 inch Ruger which I still need a holster for. I will search else where.

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Fritz - Add Reply

The Bianch name & brand has been well known & respected in the shooting industry for many years & the company's Reputation, Even though this holster is made in Mexico, their leather craftsmen there do fantastic work, on leather goods as I have other leather product's that were made in Mexico also & they are not a dissiapointment by no means. Pros: Sturdy, great leather quality, & ease of use Cons: non that are reconizable

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Mckenzie - Add Reply

Overall a very good holster for the money. Solid, heavy-duty leather. As good of a holster as any that I own, and I have quite a few. Very fast shipping! Pros: well-made durable leather Cons: no easy-break break-away strap

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Anderson - Add Reply

With the X15, it is easier and faster to unholster your weapon than other shoulder holsters and it is comfortable for carrying heavy revolvers. Pros: Well made, great design, reasonable cost Cons: None

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Armando - Add Reply

It would be helpful if break-in help was provided to get the holster loosened up for a smooth draw. Pros: excellent fit and design Cons: very stiff

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Judge - Add Reply

Just received this to replace my original one that was recently stolen. I had purchased & used it since the 70's with no problems. Once I finally determined the correct number for the Large we were set. I just had it on with my 6", 357 mag. tucked in it as my primary, while hiking around the desert in Arizona for the last few days. Bianchi is smart not to deviate from a classic and their superb workmanship. Al alias:(Dirty Harry) Pros: Overall appearance and the stitching. Cons: none

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Jevon - Add Reply

I definitely like the holster, but would like to find a method to loosen the front of the barrel so it will come free easier in a hurried situation, hunting or otherwise. Overall, excellent product, just not as good as the first I had! Pros: Good fit, comfortable, easy access, comfortable carry Cons: The front of the barrel, unlike my first Bianchi, is too tight and difficult to get the pistol free in a hurry

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Blake - Add Reply

good fit, great leather Pros: great holster, great leather...

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Sheridan - Add Reply

beautifully made, quality materials, lays flat to my side Pros: very comfortable holding a 6" .357 Cons: fully extended, 1" short to my belt loop, am 6'2"

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Gilbert - Add Reply

I bought this holster for a S&W 617-6,4 inch bbl.This is for a hiking holster.I have used this holster in the past and it is high quality and I find it comfortable and protects my revolver,not only from scratches,but it always rains and is covered by my rain jacket.

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Gaylord - Add Reply

Had to pull sides open to get my Glock 21 into the holster, then it would not release the gun. Pulled open some more and then put silicone inside to get the gun to release easier. Holster should come with lubricant to help in getting gun in and out of holster. Spring inside leather is too tight to allow the gun to be released without bending open. Great holster. Covers the entire slide of the gun and allows plenty of room to grab the grip. Good leather on holster and straps. Quick opening snaps are a great, make operation easier. Pros: Great leather. Adjustable. Cons: Too tight out of package.

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Buster - Add Reply

I have been looking for the best shoulder holster for my H-K pistol and I think I found a good one. The quality is OK overall. The leather is great. Actually still smells like fine Italian shoes after 4 months use. It fits the gun after some stretching. Getting the belt loop around the belt to snap is difficult. The item was a little overpriced but Opticsplanet had the best price. Pros: It fits my gun Cons: A little overpriced

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Faustino - Add Reply

This holster is made of very good quality leather and is very stable for carrying full-size handguns. I use it with a Taurus PT-99 and a S&W 586. I'm a tall guy, so carrying a large gun is easier to conceal than for most people.

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Vinnie - Add Reply

Read the reviews and decided to purchase the Bianchi X15 shoulder holster for my 6" S&W 29-2 44 magnum revolver. According to the specification, it will holster my 6" revolver AND then some. It did what is suppose to do, holster my 6" although it will for an 8", so that leaves an extra 2" hanging. I'm not totally satisfied with that. It's like buying a size 12 shoes and I have size 10 feet.... The back straps are stretchable and over time, it will be overstretched..unlike leather straps which is more stabilize.

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Harry - Add Reply

It's strong and holds the guns firmly. The price is great and Optics Planet is excellent to do business with. Carrying a large heavy revolver in any holster is going to be uncomfortable but the shoulder holster does help but must be used under a coat. For me that means I start carrying in about November to April. I have other Bianchi holsters and find the workmanship great.

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Crawford - Add Reply

The x-15 shoulder rig holds the large 45s in a secure vertical position. It is the most comfortable rig for the l Large frame pistols. It distributes the weight across the entire shoulder and with the belt loop, it stays in position as you move. A+

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Erin - Add Reply

Holster is way too tight, too major effort to insert Sig P250, have left it in for a couple weeks and it is not rapidly getting better. No way could the firearm be drawn in a timely fashion. Pros: Typical Bianchi quality Cons: It was a bear inserting a Sig P250 into the holster

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Robert - Add Reply

bianchi is the number one holster maker of all time in my book, number one leather and the stiching is perfect. use a little saddle soap and the leather is nice all i can say is its worth the money for a top grade holster Pros: number one grade leather Cons: none

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Ignatius - Add Reply

I like 6" revolvers and have S&W M29, M629, M686+ and a couple of Ruger GP-100s. The Rugers and M686 are 6", the M29 is 6 1/2 and the M629 is 5 1/2. So I get this holster, size 4, model #12365 (right hand) which is supposed to fit up to 6 1/2 in barrels. When I first put a pistol into what I thought was the proper position in the holster, I had almost 3 inches of empty holster on the barrel end and the retention straps didn't work right. So I thought I had bought a holster that was too long. However the package label said it was for 6-6 1/2 barrels and I kept playing with it and discovered there is a leather edge inside the holster that caught the cylinder and made me think that was a far as the pistol should go but I eventually realized I needed to push the pistol past that edge and then it slid all the way down to where it was really supposed to seat. Then, perfect fit for all my revolvers and the retention straps fit also. It wasn't the holster that was wrong, it was my dumbass. With regard to the excessively tight fit, I left my M629 in it for a couple of days and the holster seemed to adjust to it and now it is perfect. These are excellent holster, hope this helps for others looking at them.

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Jordy - Add Reply

And each is great. Well made and rugged. I have had custom holsters that have not held up as well as the Bianchi X15 holster have. If you buy one shoulder holster, this is the one to buy! Well packaged and worth the price.

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Darren - Add Reply

what a great price! I had been shopping on line for the best price and found it with Opticsworld! Thanks for the customer service and speedy free shipping, I will buy from Opticsworld again! Pros: Product came quickly when it became available, and the shipping was free! Cons: Wasn't in stock when I ordered it

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Hudson - Add Reply

This holster only has leather on the one shoulder. The other shoulder is tied in with a narrow elastic strap. This strap rides up my neck and too tightly around my arm (reducing circulation). The belt connection is too short for me. I had to extend it to reach and I'm only 5'10. It does a really good job at securing my 1911 though. I am planning to use the holster part to make my own rig in the future. Pros: Vertical Spring Clip Holster Cons: Single Shoulder Harness

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