Review Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather Buy Guide.

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Designed to keep a large hunting handgun both comfortable and accessible, Galcos new Kodiak Shoulder Holster carries a magnum revolver diagonally across the torso. Using the same principles as modern backpacks, a padded shoulder strap is used in conjunction with a torso strap that allows for instant adjustments throughout a day spent afield. As the torso strap is tightened, weight is shifted off the shoulder strap, allowing for a full day of comfortable field carry. Actual placement and angle of the Kodiak holster on the front torso can be easily changed throughout the day to accommodate most field activities, including driving ATVs and trucks, without interfering with the normal range of motion. No screws or tools are needed to make adjustments to accommodate heavy winter clothes, wear under the coat, or simply over a shirt in warm weather. The Kodiak comes assembled and includes holster, shoulder strap and torso strap. The optional Kodiak Holster Bandolier may be purchased separately. Whether used to carry a primary hunting revolver, as backup for rifle or archery hunters, or for peace of mind in bear country, the Kodiak keeps a heavy revolver secure, accessible, and comfortable. Available in havana brown.

90 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather:

Color: Havana
Fabric/Material: Leather
Holster Type: Shoulder Holster
Included Accessories: Harness, Holster
Finish: Plain
Attachment/Mount Type: Shoulder Rig
Fastener/Closure Type: Strap, Safety Strap
Weight: 1.3 oz
Holster Application: Sporting
Concealable: Yes


  • Premium steerhide holster
  • Chest-style crossdraw carry
  • Comfortably padded adjustable leather/nylon shoulder strap
  • Adjustable nylon torso strap
  • Firearm retention strap with glove-friendly polymer release tab
  • The optional Kodiak Holster Bandolier may be purchased separately.

1-Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather
2-Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather
3-Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather
4-Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather
5-Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather
6-Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather
7-Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather
8-Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather
9-Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather
10-Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather
11-Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather
12-Galco Kodiak Shoulder Holster, Leather

  • PROS
  • Looks perfect
  • Weight Distribution
  • leather quality, functional
  • Fits well, great construction
  • Perfect Fit
  • CONS
  • expensive but worth it

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Emmett - Add Reply

This is a very nice holster and is made of the best quality materials that one can find. I bought it for my Ruger Super Redhawk 44 mag with a 7-1/2" barrel. It fits very nice, maybe a little too tight around the rear sight, but it will break in a little with some use and be just fine. I tried the Uncle Mikes Shoulder Holster and it is a piece of junk that is not comfortable to wear like this holster. If you can afford it, you will not be disappointed with this holster. Pros: Fits tightly and is comfortable Cons: A little more than I wanted to spend

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Chance - Add Reply

This is a great holster, very comfortable and makes carrying a large caliber handgun very easy. I would recommend this and of course optics planet has the best price on the internet. Pros: Outstanding Quality, Fit, and Looks Cons: None

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Juston - Add Reply

My wife purchased the KK130H for my ruger super redhawk 7.5" 454 casull. I absolutetly love it! Fits great, wears great,looks great. In my opinion, there's nothing else on the market that even comes close. I know, I reseached well before spending that much for a holster. It's worth every penny. Great job Galco! Pros: quality materials, comfortable, very satisfied Cons: None

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Mario - Add Reply

I recently purchased this holster for my 460 S&W with the 8 3/8 barrel. I use this weapon for hunting here in Vermont & prefer to keep my hands free when I'm moving through timber. This holster is extremely well made, tight fitting to the gun, & so comfortable your almost able to forget your carrying that cannon around. Beautifully made, easily adjustable, near perfect weight distribution, & the Havanna Brown color is just eye catching. This is definitely a case of you get what you pay for.

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Davon - Add Reply

bought this holster for a Super Blackhawk Hunter 44. First inspection showed no defects in material or workmanship. Came with a generous amount of straps for adjustment. Harness is easily adjusted and remained secure. Weapon retention was excellent, holster fit was like it was hand molded to the revolver. Once adjusted, this rig is very comfortable and made this big revolver easy to carry all day long while working at the cabin. Having a good revolver is handy since we have a bit of a hog problem.

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Deshawn - Add Reply

This holster fits my Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter 44 Magnum like a glove. Be sure to let the leather warm in the full sun for 15-20 minutes then firmly fit your saran-wrapped revolver inside. Let sit untouched for 3 days, remove the saran wrap and bam! -- you'll have a perfectly fit holster. Also, find a few 1" web strap keepers to add to this rig. This makes the rather long ends of the webbing easier to keep neat. Great holster for hoggin' or huntin' or just hikin' around the woods. Pros: Beautiful leather, high quality web straps Cons: A bit pricey but worth it!

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Cruz - Add Reply

My purchase was largely influenced by reviews, positive and negative, from previous purchasers. I do not hunt with my revolver. I use it as back-up during archery hunts. I found the Galco Kodiac Shoulder Holster a tight fit to my 7-1/2", 44 mag Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter (w/o a scope). But, I expected this, as I also expected the fit to ONLY get better with time as the break-in process takes place. Having a perfect fit, with leather, from the very onset does not seem reasonable to me. The fit may become looser with time and usage. I had no problems with the holster, even tho a review indicated the leather strap over the hammer, with a similar revolver, would not fit. Also, my preference for the nylon straps holding the rig to my body meets my expectations. Again, I'm not a handgun hunter, but as the nylon straps get wet thru inclement weather or sweat, I don't expect the fit to my body to change due to stretching, as I would with a full-leather rig. I believe I have found the best rig for my situation, with thanks to everyone else's experiences and comments. Additionally, the Galco bandolier was a perfect match and fit for the holster. Needless to say, I want things to go my when when it matters most. Thanks to Galco and the people who took the time to review this product(s). You all helped me make a better, informed decision and purchase.

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Woodrow - Add Reply

Fits and looks great, my pistol is very heavy and I barely know its there after a while.the only thing I didnt like was no bullit loops! The leather is very top notch and the stitching was close and tight, my friends like how it looks and I know it wil last past my sons lifetime!

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Russ - Add Reply

Great holster for my super blackhawk 44 mag. It works well with backpacks and you can drive with it on. The only fault is th leather where it wraps around the barrel-it came with some stress cracking. It looks like when they form the holster, they pull it tight around the barrel and stretch the wet leather. When it dries, th cracks happen. It is cosmetic, not functional and I am not sure if this is on every one or just mine. Mine is lefty and it took about a month to get- they informed me of that ahead of time. Tip- put powder on the area that shoulder and waist straps loop around holster to prevent moist as you move around.

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Chance - Add Reply

This holster is of high quality and very versatile. I am a very big man and it fits with ease and comfort. Plenty of room for adjustments for a comfortable and safe fit. Great price versus the gun manufactures pricing of it. Buy with confidence.

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Walker - Add Reply

Would buy again, very nice quality! Pros: Comfortable carry , better than crossdraw belt holster; doesn'tdig in to your leg or seat when stand hunting, great for still hinting too! Cons: Needs to have some sort of fastening device on the muzzle end,; holster tends to twist from original postion when walking alot

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Blaise - Add Reply

I read all the reviews. I agree with them. The workmanship and material is top notch. I stuck the 460 S&W (5") in the holster couple weeks ago, and it fits perfect now. Looks a little long for the 5" barrel, but, it gives it room to breathe.

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Quentin - Add Reply

Great holster. Well worth the money Only complaint is body strap is a little short. High quality leather and snaps. Opens easily to access handgun. Gallo is the best you can buy. Will definitely do business again with Optics Planet. Ted in ky.

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Eladio - Add Reply

A heavy gun like a 460 S&W requires a great holster. This Galco is made of the finest leather with great craftsmanship and fit for functional use. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for the finest holster available for a heavy gun.

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Mitchel - Add Reply

Had a hip holster for my 44 mag, 71/2" barrel until I read an article in a recent NRA American Hunter about shoulder/chest holsters. The shoulder holster is indeed a more comfortable way to carry a big pistol with the benefit of easy and quick access. You don't have to worry about sitting down in a vehicle, tree stand, or blind with a chest/shoulder holster and your pants stay up. Your shoulders bear the weight of the pistol so it is more comfortable. You can also sling a rifle on your shoulder without banging into a hip holster. Wearing a pack is not a problem either. Highly recommend this alternative to the cowboy look.

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Manuel - Add Reply

I got this holster for a S&W 500. It was a very tight fit so I did like the other reviewers and at it out in the sun for a few hours. Then I wrapped the gun in a plastic bag and jammed it into the holster to rest for a couple days. It's still a snug fit but you can just get it snapped shut. the only other thing I wish the holster done differently is to be able to tie it to your belt. with the gun fitting so tightly you have to use one hand to pull down on the holster or it will just pull up with the gun. Fit and finish is otherwise excellent.

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Turner - Add Reply

The holster is very high quality. The leather looks great and is very sturdy. I have a SW 500 with a 6 inch barrel and the holster works great. I also purchased the bandolier. It too is high quality. I don't think I will ever have to replace this holster. Of course my wife thinks it looks ridiculous, but as I told her, at least I will be prepared for the bears on our mountain hikes.

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Ahmad - Add Reply

Great quality holster, and it fits my Freedom Arms .454 Casull revolver like a glove!! This holster can be set up as an under clothing (concealed), or, there is enough adjustment in the straps, to fit over a coat..! Love it!!!

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Jakob - Add Reply

I was pleasantly surprised when the holster was delivered so quickly. Pros: Better than expected Cons: NONE

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Jarrod - Add Reply

Very well made, good craftsmanship for leather holster, little stiff getting revolver in at first, hey it's new leather, after 3 day of leaving revolver in holster it finally got broke in. Would recommend this holster to anyone who has 500 with 8 3/8 inch barrel. Very satisfied.

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Wayne - Add Reply

When I received the holster, I was elated with the quality of the product. I mistakenly thought the rig came with the 5 round carrier on the add. Then I ordered the double 5 round carrier and had to figure it out on my own, but it worked out well. Pros: comfortable, adjustable, compliant and fits the weapon better with use Cons: accessaries do not have explicit enough directions for installation

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Garret - Add Reply

Great holster that does its job with the quality that Galco is know for. Pros: Quality

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Gerhard - Add Reply

The quality of the holster exceeded my expectations. The service of Optics Planet was excellent. Pros: Good leather, nicely stitched, good fit to pistol, harness is a simple design Cons: an extra web for the harness to keep the holster in position and the muzzle from excess separation from torso/hip

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Ellis - Add Reply

I purchased this holster for my S&W 500 Magnum. The holster is expensive to say the least, but it is a work of art. Flawless in all aspects and the fit and finish are top shelf. If you purchase this holster be sure to buy the ammo bandolier to go with it. It installs easily on the holster and besides its functionality adds to the overall commanding presence of the holster and firearm. It also eliminates the need to carry loose shells in your pocket. You will not be disappointed in this rig.

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