HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 Boot w/ Side Zipper

Whether you're on or off-duty, you're prepared for any mission you encounter when you're sporting the HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 Boot with Side Zipper. Made to sustain long days of running and athletic activity, these Men's Shoes devised by HAIX provide all of the cushioning and heel support you need to perform your very best. With excellent airflow and the HAIX climate system, the HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 Zip Up Boot keep your feet cool and dry. The rubber sole provides top notch anti-slip technology and is non-marking, making it easy to stay hidden on tough terrains when you explore the world in your HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 Running Boot w/ Side Zipper.

93.5 /100
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Specifications for HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 Cushioned Boot w/ Side Zipper:

Material: Microfiber/Textile
Sole: BLACK EAGLE 01 Sole

Features of HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 Boot w/ Zipper:

  • Upper is all black; microfiber/textile combination
  • Inner Lining is abrasion resistant and highly breathable
  • HAIX Climate System with Micro-Dry lining at top of leg
  • Comfortable, cushioning, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial insert. Separate heel shape for good cushioning and foot insertion. "AIRFLOW" channels
  • Running sole is made of rubber, resistant to oil and gasoline, non-marking
  • Anti Slip technology offers very good grip on different terrains by profile configuration and use of a special rubber
  • Durable Sole made from rubber mixture for long durability
  • Double Hole Frame/Stone Shield stabilizes the shoe and guides the foot during unwinding movements, prevents uneven surfaces from pressing through to the foot
  • Inner sole is made of different EVA/TPU materials, light, cushioning, supporting
  • Absorbing permanent cushioning in heel area by special EVA material in the inner sole
  • Energy Return/Supination Support in inner sole in the front part of the foot made of a strong spring-back material for effective use of energy
  • Pronation Support supports the center of the heel, prevents overpronation (arch collapsing inward) by using a harder EVA material
  • Asymmetrical TPU for stabilizing the heel
  • Patented 2-Zone Lacing System for quick and optimal lacing adjustment and correct fit of the boot
  • Low weight, ankle protection, metal-free

1-HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 Boot w/ Side Zipper
2-HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 Boot w/ Side Zipper
3-HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 Boot w/ Side Zipper

  • PROS
  • stylish design
  • comfortable to wear
  • Rugged but not Stiff
  • Quiet running
  • CONS

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Grover - Add Reply

Have been wearing these for about 2 weeks now. I am a correctional officer and do quite a bit of walking when on duty. These boots are holding up very good, still comfortable and rugged in all the right places. One thing I really like about them is they have a sole that doesn't squeak when walking or running. Plus they have a great warranty on them through the manufacturer. All around, awesome buy if you got the cash for it!

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Monty - Add Reply

Good boots and the fit was spot on. I would've given it five stars if the inner lining by the arch inside one shoe wasn't so rough. So, I had to cut a little patch away from the lining that was rubbing up against my foot and once I did that the boots were very comfortable. The other boot was very smooth inside. Note to the maker, that quality control needs to be stepped up just a little bit.

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Kole - Add Reply

These are great boots and very comfortable fit. Had to wear them for a few days to work them in but now are great boots and will buy another pair to have 2 to alternate. These are the best boots I have purchased in a long time.

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Jerry - Add Reply

I've tried many brands of tactical boot for my job as a firefighter and these are absolutely the most comfortable. The side zip makes them very easy to kick on and off. They feel like running shoes while doing PT. The only thing I wish was different about this brand is that they don't make the gortex model with a side zip. Hopefully they will last!

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