Vanguard GMP3 Monopod - 61in

The Vanguard GMP-3 Monopod - 61in 330608 has a U-shaped yoke that swivels 360° with no-slip texture so you can safely position your gun. This Shooting Monopod manufactured by Vanguard is made of heavy-gauge, lightweight aluminum alloy construction allowing the GMP3 Shooting Monopod by Vanguard to be easily portable. The leg locks on this Vanguard Shooting Stick rotate with a simple twist.

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Specifications for Vanguard GMP-3 Shooting Monopod:

Extended Height: 1565mm
Color Black
Folded Height: 710mm
Weight: 380g
Extended Height: 61.5in
Folded Height: 28in
Weight: 0.84lbs
Yoke Type: U-Shaped
Swivel Range: 360°
Main Material: Aluminum Alloy Leg

Features of Vanguard GMP-3, 61.5in Gunpod:

  • U-Shaped Yoke provides safe positioning
  • 360° range of swivel

1-Vanguard GMP3 Monopod - 61in
2-Vanguard GMP3 Monopod - 61in

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Wilton - Add Reply

I only hunt once or twice a year, so this product is perfect for me - low cost, easy to use, light, etc. If I spent a lot more time in the woods, or if my life depended on my gear, I'd be looking for something sturdier yet still light weight...likely made of more exotic materials at much greater cost. Pros: Light weight, easy to use Cons: Doesn't seem like it would survive frequent use

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