GG&G Benelli M4 Shotgun Looped Rear Sling Attachment

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GG&G Benelli M4 Shotgun Rear Looped Sling Attachment GGG-1460 allows you to use HK-style snap hooks and mash hooks with your Benelli M4 tactical shotgun. The Benelli M4 shotgun is one of the hottest shotguns in tactical circles. However, many tactical shotgun shooters needed improved Benelli accessories, such as a single point sling attachment located just behind the receiver that accepts HK style snap hooks or mash hooks. That's why GG&G Tactical developed the GG & G Benelli M4 Rear Looped Sling Attachment Point. Fully ambidextrous, this GG&G weapon accessory allows the operator to mount the weapon on either the primary or offside shoulder. Setting up the Benelli M4 sling attachment's single point/receiver end plate in this manner makes it easier to "cut the pie" at doorways and corners without telegraphing your position. Designed and manufactured for professional use, the weapon accessory is machined from 4140 ordinance steel and is manganese phosphated matte black per mil-spec. The low profile loop will accommodate almost all of the current hooks and clips. Get the greatest versatility when carrying your Benelli M4 tactical shotgun with the GG and G Benelli M4 Shotgun Snap / Mash Hook Rear Looped Sling Attach Point.

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Specifications for GGandG Rear Loop Sling Attachment for Benelli M4 Shotgun:

Gun Model: Benelli M4 shotguns - AR15
Finish: Matte black
Material: 4140 ordinance steel

Features of GG&G Benelli M-4 Steel Rear Looped Sling Connection:

  • Stable sling attachment mechanism by GG&G
  • Designed specifically for the Benelli M4 shotgun
  • Accepts HK-style quick clips and mash hooks
  • Machined from 4140 ordinance steel
  • Manganese phosphated matte black mil-spec finish
  • Low profile loop accommodates most current hooks and clips

1-GG&G Benelli M4 Shotgun Looped Rear Sling Attachment

  • PROS
  • seems sturdy
  • Allows one point sling
  • CONS
  • Install a bit difficult
  • leaves a gap between receiver and stock

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Jaycee - Add Reply

I installed this using enclosed instructions on my Benelli M4. No pics on instruction sheet and YouTube had nothing either. That wasn't a big issue, but removing the retaining locknut on the threaded rod inside the stock after you remove the buttpad was very difficult. Using the supplied tool that allows you to screw the rod out of the receiver about 3 turns was super hard. I had a hard time getting the set screw tight enough to prevent it from spinning, and once I was ready to remove the tool (leaving the small gap between the receiver and the stock required for the sling attachment), I thought I'd break the Allen wrench for sure trying to loosen the set screw. I ended having to use a "cheater" made of a 3/4 inch socket wrench with a small socket on the end of the Allen to break the set loose. The rest was easy. It did leave a gap between the receiver and the portion of the stock that should touch the curved part of the trigger guard, though. I figured it must but couldn't find any confirmation on that before buying it. This increases the length of pull of your trigger finger a bit but I have big hands so it's maybe more natural now. The gap doesn't look great but not too bad.

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Noel - Add Reply

A must have should have come from the factory like this accessory. Pros: Works great Cons: None

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