Faxon Firearms Magazine Marker Bands

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Easily determine what caliber your mag is by using these Faxon Firearms Magazine Marker Bands. Faxon Firearms designed these AR15 Accessories with bright, solid colors to help you organize your ammunition. These Faxon Firearms Magazine Cal. ID Marker Bands are made from rubber and come in packs of ten. Pick up some Faxon Firearms Magazine Caliber Identification Marker Bands to stay organized and ensure you always have the right ammo you need.

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Specifications for Faxon Firearms Magazine Marker Bands:

Gun Model: AR-15
Quantity: Pack of 10

Features of Faxon Firearms Magazine Marker Bands:

  • Bright, solid colors
  • Made from solid rubber
  • Sold in packs of 10

1-Faxon Firearms Magazine Marker Bands
2-Faxon Firearms Magazine Marker Bands
3-Faxon Firearms Magazine Marker Bands
4-Faxon Firearms Magazine Marker Bands
5-Faxon Firearms Magazine Marker Bands

  • PROS
  • quick access
  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • Color coded
  • Very strong
  • Stay in place
  • Easily washed
  • CONS
  • need to buy more guns so i can get more of these
  • Not sure of the long term durability
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Xander - Add Reply

Great way to know which mag you’re grabbing if your in a hurry. Especially if you have pmags in multiple calibers..these color coded rubber bands make it simple to ensure you’re using the right round for the right gun. Highly recommended if you have more than one caliber rifle!!

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Keyshawn - Add Reply

I purchased the Faxon Firearms Magazine Marker Bands to quickly identify with magazines belong to which rifle. Not that I have a ton of rifles, but with you use the magazines for most rifles, they begin to look alike. The last thing you want to do is grab the wrong magazine for the wrong rifle. These bands are a quick and simple way to identify your magazines when you need them. Simple, easy to use, and effective, what more could you want.

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Vince - Add Reply

Great product. Easy way to stay safe on the range. When you’re shooting multi caliber guns on the range with friends Even add a little grip to the magazine Will be ordering more for sure in the future

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Luigi - Add Reply

These marker bands are exactly what I was looking for! If you are like me, you have AR’s in multiple calibers, and mixing them up can be very dangerous as well as a huge risk if you are needing to reload in a home defense situation. A great way to instantly recognize which mag belongs in which gun. I put marker bands on the mags, as well as one on the handguard of each gun. Now don’t even have to read the markings- just match the color . . .

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Orrin - Add Reply

This is one of those great ideas that you wish you had thought of. I have now bought these for every caliber that uses AR style magazines. They are very strong, durable and highly elastic and they stay at the bottom of the mag where you want them to. They are easily washed if you get any oil or grease on them. I am extremely happy with them and have ordered multiple packages so that I have some for when I get more rifles. If only I had thought of it!

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