Armasight IR810 Infrared Illuminator for Night Vision Monoculars

Armasight IR810 Infrared Illuminator for Night Vision Monoculars IAIR810IR000001 helps you attain optimum brightness levels from your night vision monocular. Despite operating in near-dark conditions, night vision monoculars still need ambient light to draw in and amplify in order to work, but this Armasight night vision accessory works well when there's no light for your monocular to use. The Arma Sight IR-810 Monocular IR Illuminator is an infrared light source that is only visible to your night vision device, not the naked eye, so the night vision accessory will help you see in pitch blackness without giving away your position to those without night vision. Armasight has built the infrared illuminator for a wide range of night vision monoculars, including the Prime, Spark, Sirius, Mini-NYX14, NYX-14, Discovery, and Vega. Obtain true night vision in any lighting conditions with the Arma-Sight IR810 Night Vision Monocular Infrared Illuminator.

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Features of Armasight NV Monocular IR810 Infra-Red Illuminator:

  • Infrared illuminator for night vision monoculars by Armasight
  • Improves brightness of night vision devices
  • Illumination invisible to the naked eye
  • Fits on night vision monoculars with Weaver-style base
  • Designed for the Armasight Prime, Spark, Sirius, mini-Nyx14, Nyx14, Discovery, and Vega night vision monoculars
  • Powerful 120 mW infrared diode
  • Effectively illuminates up to 100m
  • Adjustable infrared power helps save battery life
  • Can be aligned vertically or horizontally to match the axis of your night vision device

1-Armasight IR810 Infrared Illuminator for Night Vision Monoculars

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Mike - Add Reply

It advertises that its for Armasite Prime but doesn't say you need an adapter to fit Prime rail????? Pros: works Cons: Doesn't say adapter not included

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Rowland - Add Reply

Let me just say this is best suited for airsoft, not so much for real steel. The system works great in conjunction with my Sightmark ghost hunter 1x24 monocular. There were no notable differences when i used the 810 nm and the 850 nm variant. The focal beam diameter was decent at about 100 yards and illuminates only that part of where i am looking. The adjustable beam focus gave me a much farther range of detection compared to the monocular's built in IR light. It does seem a bit exaggerated, it does not transform a gen 1 unit into a gen 2 as it lights up only 1 spot of your peripheral vision dependent on where you would look, otherwise you would be better off with a gen 2 for better night viewing quality. But for me, at least i can see what's far out there with this IR light, and it gets the job done.

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